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23. September 2007 / Bernhard


I was covering a wedding two weeks ago which was – by far – the best. I’ll just post some random snaps as there are too many pictures. Also, I suck when it comes to making a selection.

Curing hangover with flash.


Oh, last but not least at all:

3 freaking handsome guys.

Hope you enjoyed the photos. Have a nice Sunday and stuff.



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  1. Linus / Sep 23 2007 21:52

    musste da doch etwas schmunzeln.

    und das ist nun aber wirklich ein waschechter kommunistennazi

    cooles kleid

  2. Suzan / Sep 23 2007 22:28

    I think it shows in your photos how awesome that wedding must have been. It oozes with spontaneity. I can’t really put my finger on it why, but they all have a very good feel to them. So, although it’s hard to judge from this distance, I think you did a great job covering that day.
    I very much like the photo of the kids with the wings. They’re facial expressions look like they took their job very seriously :D
    And the second one from the bottom… I love that frame.
    The colours in all the shots look fantastic as ever too. Good stuff. I enjoyed viewing these a lot.

  3. artis / Sep 24 2007 07:33

    good work with this, fun stuff!! you’ve managed to make great memories for them to last for a lifetime.

  4. kira / Sep 24 2007 09:39

    You must have REALLY enjoyed this one since there are absolutely no Bernardish rants in the whole post!:))

    What can i add? awesomeness is all over the place here.
    Wishing you to have such fun and playful brides and grooms!

  5. Sebastian / Sep 24 2007 12:06


    Ure schen! Weißt ja eh schon wie ma die gfallen $: .. wenn ich dir die Links noch mal posten würde wärs besser ich verlinke den Ordner ^^;

    Wir werdens auch so schön haben wenn wir mal heiraten <3

  6. christian / Sep 24 2007 15:21

    nice with colours for a change.. I like.

  7. fabian / Sep 25 2007 13:58

    Sehr schön!
    Im Ernst, ich bin beeindruckt

  8. shiftis / Sep 27 2007 02:53

    What flash unit were you using?

  9. Maxyme / Sep 27 2007 19:50

    I think our flashes could make out while were eating the cake..

  10. christoph / Oct 3 2007 20:06

    sehr sehr geil, gefällt mir =)) sehr sehr gut

  11. cha / Oct 4 2007 09:48

    hahaaa.. great. same toughts as suz as usual. :)

  12. kinderbanned / Oct 8 2007 19:22

    hammer hochzeit, hammer photos !!!

    das letzte… lol !!


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