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11. October 2007 / Bernhard

Highly Dedicated

Some quality time passed since my last blog entry. Well, before jumping to conclusions: No, I haven’t been highly inspired nor am I going through some artistic crises. I’m not pondering about exhibition, publications or what iMac to get. No, in fact, I haven’t done anything of relevance in the past weeks.  And honestely, this entry is going to proof – why am I posting then? Because I just finished a book and didn’t feel like starting the next. Plus, don’t I feel like going to bed.

I do more feel like stealing your time. And bandwidth.

So, what happened in good old Vienna in the last two weeks. Well, well, for starters Sebastian and I had the wonderful idea of developing some color negative film. We tested it on some fantastic Kodak Farbwelt200 film which came out fine except some green tinct. Course, we mixed the stab with tab water resulting in some lime-stone stains. And some scratching. Ha, scratching, yes, I’ve been a fine artist with the squeegee.

Yes, it’s fall here.

My compositions always follow the same idea. Quite gay.

Check out that beardy grandpa.

Since we have no processor but a rotation tube system, we had to keep the temperature with a very dedicated self-assembled machine. Not sure how far the RC is meant to be used that way but yeah, it did it’s job well. Or not. Dunno. What matters is more Sebs pose and that stain on his pants. No questions.

See that scratch? YES? YOU DO? FINE ART THERE. Seriously, I have no clue how it happened because I treated Sebs negatives the same way as mine and yes, here we go: Fine Art Scratch in the house.

And YES, there is more. MORE.

Can it get any better?

YOU BET! ;wackeltastic!

Alex summing up my thoughts.

“Du und deine Scheißkamera. Gib mal weg, das Ding.”

Taken while assisting. I heart Mamiya 645AFD and Leaf back.

Mate talking to some friend. Neopan1600. Turned out like shit. Nice. No scratches tho.


Bar. Johnnys.

This frame is boring. Very boring. Yet it’s one of the few decent frames on that roll. Nice, huh?

May I introduce: Funny-face. This was taken at the Roxy club.  I think I lost my blithesomeness in the bar we were before.

Neopan1600 can be beautiful. Last frame, right before development. Guess I stored the film badly or something. Then again, no important frames were ruined.

Quick and dirty Blog. Almost no ranting for my standards. But sub-standard photos. Does that compensate? Well, I had my first lecture at university today and yes, I guess it’s time to sum up things: Got myself about 20 rolls of color negative film – shot about 3. Got myself about 60 rolls ISO100 B/W film – shot about 10. However,  I exposed about 30 rolls of 400TX. And took almost 30,000 digital frames. What do those figures say? I don’t know. Photographically (not sure if that word actually exists) it was a tiring summer. At least, my bank account recovered. Capitalism is one of the most beautiful things mankind ever introduced. Or was it around before us? Not sure. And in the end, it doesn’t matter to me. Because it doesn’t make me and my Leica more dedicated. Because in the real end, it’s all about that red dot. It’s attitude and how to sell oneself. Art schools and all that shite.

Did I mention that my socks smell?

Great week and weekend, I mean, it’s almost Friday here,


Something random:

From this years last wedding. Hah, I like this one.


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  1. Sebastian / Oct 12 2007 00:22


  2. RYan Marr / Oct 12 2007 00:47

    a lot of great frames there. This is my favorite

  3. Wid / Oct 12 2007 03:35

    Romantic. Aww.

    And I love the fall pictures. Perhaps it has something to do with how we don’t get it in this part of of the world. Nice colors.

  4. kheoh yee wei / Oct 12 2007 08:20

    Your photos are great and lively !

  5. Suzan / Oct 12 2007 08:53

    Oh, the colourscans don’t look half bad! They look pretty nice! Ha, about the compositions… I feel the same. I think I’m getting a bit repetitive with my 50mm, perhaps I should go 35mm DX
    Anywho, as ever really enjoying this entry. Really dig the colour one with Sebas in the bokeh.
    And I love the eyecontact in this one

  6. Tanya / Oct 12 2007 09:16

    You should start a taking-self-portraits-in-public-toilets club.

  7. Fabian / Oct 12 2007 15:42

    is the one friend, (the one on the neopan), per any chance waiter in a bar I visited just 2 days ago?

    btw: i do not think the neopan1600 looks so bad.

  8. stelios / Oct 13 2007 03:09

    finally you can scratch your own colour negatives. at least you got a machine to do the aggitating

  9. Rebecca / Oct 13 2007 20:29

    Some nice frames Bern, I won’t get into detailed and well founded criticism ^^

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