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15. October 2007 / Bernhard

Monday Morning

I have class tomorrow at 8 am. Nice. Anyone telling me that this is coincidence may shut up. Anywho, guess I’ll be sick tomorrow then.

And frankly, it’s not that important.

Someone found their way back to this boring city. Nice.

Public transport. Wasting time.

OK. We were talking about my fantastic hair style. She said it’s somewhat cute – I told her that the term she might want to use is “wicked/lustful”. Whatever, her face says it all.

No improvement in the joke department. Too bad.

She didn’t know that one. OK, that’s summing up 2 months of no nice lady photos.



So I had to take care of my sisters on afternoon. We agreed on going to the park. Yes.

Her friends were somewhat ignoring her. And it made me somewhat sad. Park blues.

She couldn’t care less.

Watching and swinging – can it get any better?

It can.

More watching. This time twice.

I guess people thought I’m a perv or something… roughly around 20, taking pictures of kids with a toy camera. Definitely some weirdo.

Guess that’s proof enough, right?

Story of a raven. Sadly, the scanner decided exposing on the sky is a good thing.

Emo blues. In front of a Schlecker. Emo Schlecker – guess that will bring me some fancy search terms, right Suzan?

Courtyard blues.

Moron blues.

COLOR. Again, developed with a Tetenal kit. No ICE – in your face fucking Foto Leutner. Film was Fuji Superia100.

Subway blues.

S-Bahn blues.

More S-Bahn blues.

Kids and their Ipods. Cute.

Staying with the family. Yes, I fucked up cropping here. Thanks for telling me.

Toy camera face.

These frames have the exact same exposure, yet the scanner managed to give each of them a very unique color theme. Quite lovely.

Apple pie blues.

Homo sapiens becoming homo sapiens sapiens.


She almost ate that poor piece of straw.

“For momy.”

Branches. I can’t understand how people prefer some muddy brown leafes to fresh green. Fall is not my thing.

The famous in the wood blues.

Those two frames belong together. Heh.

Been there last week. Leafes were all gone. Bet all the romantic lovers feel very <3 now.

Classic “I’m too young for that game blues”. Oh yes, some lime stone there. Thanks for sharing. Next time distilled water for stabilisator.

I was getting a bottle of water… but that lady decided to pay with her not-so-working credit card. Classic.

So I was waiting for  a friend. Stared in the sea of lights.

Story ends… as often in front of the darkroom. Besides, that’s my fabulous bike in the background.

Not many words this time. Well, at least I’m sparing you some ridiculous ranting and lame-ass jokes. I think that the color frames look quite decent and match the stuff I get from the lab. And actually surpasses them considering that there are still a couple of stupid mistakes.

Anyway, it’s almost half past 2 in the morning, guess I’ll get some fantastic sleep and see what this lovely week will bring. Take care and yadda-yadda,



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  1. Sebastian / Oct 15 2007 01:34

    haha that bum in the last frame, hilarious <3

  2. tw / Oct 15 2007 08:53

    All nice and pretty pictures.. this

    i thought was particularly street-y. I liked that one.

  3. James / Oct 15 2007 12:46

    I like nice lady’s hat.

  4. Fabian / Oct 15 2007 16:25

    also farbe nun auch selbst.
    übrigens verstehe ich nun warum du in den sebastian verliebt bist :)

  5. Linus / Oct 16 2007 09:51

    ha finds lustig dass du die anna mit dem konstantin in der sandkiste getroffen hast (:
    wobei eurer wohnsitzentfernung müssts euch ja eh oft über den weg laufen…

    ad color entw: nice oder pain in the ass?

  6. Harrison / Oct 16 2007 13:18

    Enjoyable and inspiring stuff as usual, fantastic composition and timing in every frame.

  7. sunni / Oct 16 2007 14:29

    i love your b&w work but the colour film turned out really really nicely. photos of your little sisters are just even cuter when you can see their blue eyes and rosy cheeks. and i noticed all the kids including the little boy have the same jacket :O cult fashion for the under 5s.

  8. kira / Oct 16 2007 20:23

    i adore the genuine documentary of your little sisters,but you already know that.
    these two just broke my heart:

  9. ana / Oct 17 2007 05:31

    Nice lady has a great smile.

  10. Jose Florentino / Oct 17 2007 12:04

    The most photographed (nice) lady is back. Lets wait for new episodes.

    btw, in this photo from your last entry,, she is definitely giving you “the eyes”, whomever she is… (altouh she looks like 10 years older than you

  11. m. happyhill / Oct 25 2007 13:52

    mann, deine schwester hab ich ja sowas von sofort erkannt auf den s-bahn fotos. die wolf’sche nase. aber holla.

  12. Suzan / Nov 1 2007 12:29

    The photos of your sisters at the playground are fantastic. The ones of your sis and mom with similar expressions are great too!
    This one must be my fav:
    Such cuteness it’s almost killing me.

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