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23. October 2007 / Bernhard

Und jetz tumma ganz viel gscheit reden.

As there is nothing to say I’ll go straight for some weather-talk: Here in Vienna it’s cold. Temperatures ranging from 5°C to 10°C. Good times. Oh, forgot to say that I really really ruhhhhlleaaay hope that you are all very really well very.


Photos. Schnapsschüsse.

Oh, before I forget: These frames were a pain in the ass to scan. I guess it’s because of the ridiculously dense carrier (think that’s the right term) that the Coolscan added a lot of noise and other funny stuff. Anywho, first one to guess the development time, developer and film gets a print or something – deadline until the next blog post. Of course, this does exclude Seb, Tomé and Sev. But seriously, I’m curious about your guesses so post them in the comments or mail or whatever. SO YEAH THIS IS A VERY IMPORTANT CONTEST. THANKS FOR YOUR ATTENTION. Am I a good guy now? PLEASE SAY YES. Thanks.

It’s a classic Seb.

The pussy shot glass.

He’s an alco-aida terrorist. That will bring me very precious search results. Yes.

Alex being happy.

Vodka and a shot of Red Bull. Dedicated stuff!

And then it started spinning.

The circle of a night.

“The termite’s way”

Shooting old people and kids. Very brave.

Aww… fall.

OK. Next roll is 400TX in XTOL again. This time with a shitload of scratches – I have no FUCKING clue why. I developed a roll for Seb as well which is perfectly fine… mine, well, see for yourself. Some quite fantastic art there.

Vienna. Weird guys. Yes.

Obviously, two good friends. When they were woke up, their face was covered with special toothpaste. Funny guys. I mean, how TOTALLY CRAZY IS THAT?

Just messing around. Scratches.

Nice lady enjoying some freedom fries.

Obviously, there was something wrong.



More university.

And more. Mind the lovely white dots. Keep it coming – this film is definitely special.

It was raining. Quite a boring photograph, yet i find it appealing in a way.

Uhm German… saying Jesus rode a donkey while the pope a Mercedes.

No idea what the guy was doing…

Baaam… Döner. One has to love the smell.

Different mirror, different pose. Wait – done this before. Sorry. Nice dots, huh? Art!

Penis pump? Vodka pump? Who cares – things are related.


This is again at the cafe with nice lady. Just this time with Neopan1600.

And obviously, changing film didn’t make the conversation any more interesting.

Good thing that Firefox doesn’t support color profiles – viewed in Photoshop the shadows look very nice. Who cares for shadows.

Most handsome man in the world feeding cancer.

Watch out – a kid. Won’t be the last one.

1/4, f/2 – quite a dark place.

Bratwurst and beer – can it get much better? I’d say no.

At the World Press Photo thingy. Again, little fellow.

Nice lady. wee(

Nice Lady Sister.

That’s no mirror.

Sister talk > General Lady Talk

Quite droolsque contrast.

No comment.

Now I have tree of them – time to make a fine arts limited edition series signed very nice archieval. Have to be red.

Alex was having birthday.

Random shots. I want f/1.0 glass. Ladies take their time on the toilet. Honestely, don’t see the point here as Johnnys is basically known for getting heavi(n)ly drunk.



I’m quite happy with that roll of Neopan. Exciting. Glad to know that my camera is not a notorious film scratcher… but then again, you never know. Those red-dot-cameras… oh they do live, breath and quite often shit. On your film. I guess. You never know – or did you ever watch taking a fly a dump? For me, I didn’t and honestely, I’m not that much into flies taking a dump. So, summing up: I’m giving away a print. On special request, I use urine as stop/fix. Or any other liquid – it’s customized printing and very unique.

Anywho. Bed’s calling so I guess I’ll see you on the other side. Until then, take it easy as ever,



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  1. Sebastian / Oct 23 2007 01:00

    Ich hab mich hinten eingewurzelt dass niemand aus dem Stammbuch purzelt! <3

  2. Laith / Oct 23 2007 01:13

    The picture at the world photo press caught my attention, thought that it was my friend tanya’s work from lebanon. Was it Pellegrin?

    its the same woman and the same moment from the pic in the bottom of the worldpress photo thingy. weird.

  3. mattaustin / Oct 23 2007 02:46

    good post, man. for the important contest, i’d guess tri-x in rodinal. hope things are well with you, take care.


  4. oye / Oct 23 2007 08:38

    Man, number 6003 absolutely mögliched me up… i f**** love it. Wish i could guess your shit to win the print but i aint know nothing about analog. I GUESS THAT YOUR COMPUTER HAS 1GB OF RAM. Did i win anything ?

  5. Drooper / Oct 23 2007 08:52

    Yeah, has to be Tri-X 400 (+3) in Rodinal 1:250, umm, 45 minutes and, umm… I have no effing clue.

    Anyways, whenever I scratch my films like that, I blame the water which includes those tiny little rocks, atleast at my present location where I live and develop. Didn’t have that problem back at home. (Tiny rocks + squeegee = nightmare)

    So just start using Evian or Voss’ bottled water for your rinsing and so on. I know I will. That’s very cheap and very artsy.

  6. joshcphotography / Oct 23 2007 08:54

    Tri-X @ 3200 in Rodinal for 45 mins.

  7. joshcphotography / Oct 23 2007 08:55

    (I take competitions very seriously.)

  8. christian / Oct 23 2007 10:04

    trix +3 in rodinal (schaut jetzt irgendwie blöd aus wo ich die ganzen andern kommentare seh…)
    wurst, sindn paar hübsche fotos dabei.

  9. miauzz / Oct 23 2007 10:49

    First, a contest in which one has to guess the dev time is not easy. Not saying that one of your prints dont worth the try though. So, here is my guess:
    Neopan 1600@3200 for 10minuts in XTOL (1+1).
    Everybody is saying tx anyway.

    see ya!

  10. miauzz / Oct 23 2007 12:11

    My guess is either Neopan 400 @ 3200 in XTOL or Neopan 1600 @ 6400 in XTOL. Good blog, they would be a bitch to scan!

  11. melvinkobe / Oct 23 2007 12:24

    Sorry for not taking a wild guess, let alone a calculated one. I don’t like to guess, I like to know :-)

    Best entry I’ve seen from you so far, hands down. It’s got everything. It even beats your September 25th entry. This one even has a (sort of) landscape/scenery shot, hah!

    Loads of middle fingers, nice. Maybe it means something different in Austria.

    Keep up the sarcasm, it’s on the mediocre side in this particular blog entry. You must be getting soft.

  12. artis / Oct 23 2007 13:26

    entertaining photos, as usual.
    alright, just to show my profanity I’ll jump in the contest and guess it’s Trix@3200 asa/24 minutes/21C°/xtol 1:1

  13. James Kelly / Oct 23 2007 14:24

    mega contrast,
    love this frame

    25mins? xtol, trix 3200?
    meh havent got a clue. something whacked.

  14. Ryan Marr / Oct 23 2007 15:08

    Like this frame a lot!

  15. Fabian / Oct 23 2007 17:33

    70min rodinal 1+50 trix@3200

  16. flipo / Oct 23 2007 19:06

    schon aus prinzip sage ich Ilford Delta3200 in Rodinal

  17. dave / Oct 23 2007 19:31

    neopan 1600 @ 3200 in x-tol 1:1 or straight.

  18. boulette / Oct 25 2007 16:30

    TriX in… uh… Rodinal… And the time… Too much, really too much, nothing more (that’s not today I’ll win prints… I’d better show my boops instead, pretty to win things I guess).

  19. Maxyme / Oct 25 2007 17:09

    hum.. tell your sister it smells like vagina in her room.. I mean FRESH vagina!

  20. spanishjohnny / Oct 25 2007 20:06

    tolle bilder mal wieder. das von den zwei komischen wienern ist super und besonders das crunshy nut bild – haha

  21. stelios / Oct 27 2007 03:40

    and i always wondered wether piss would work as a stop bath

  22. nachopereira / Oct 27 2007 18:05

    I always knew your secret ingredient for your uber prints was urine

  23. kip / Oct 29 2007 06:37

    Hi. I’m thinking also tri-x, xtol 1:1, 24 minutes 21C. The bar scenes look very pushed tri-x xtol to me.

  24. Suzan / Nov 1 2007 12:44

    Fantastic entry. Lots of nice frames. I’m so tired that I can’t write a decent comment. I’M GONNA TAKE A NAP!

  25. teresa / Jan 16 2008 12:38

    have been checking your blog quite frequently and i adore it :D great photos showing the lifestyle where you’re living. and also b&w photos rule. haha

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