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1. November 2007 / Bernhard

Wien erwartet sie!

First things first. The contest: I was quite surprised about the huge amount of “entries”! So thanks for all your comments and guesses but to be honest, you were quite off. 150 mins, Rodinal 1+50, 20°C, Kodak Tri-X400 rated at ISO3200 – that’d have been the right answer. So, accoding to the comments Fabian was closest – Kudos Fabian.
But again: Thank you guys, it’s cool that there are plenty of people participating.

On a side-note: I usually try to answer most comments via Email but apparently WordPress “forgot” about a few comments. So, Vincent: Thanks a lot. Glad you check out this blog!

Vienna awaits you. Seriously, I laughed out loud when I saw the negative.


Quite a boring photograph but as I’m working on a series of reading people on public transport (which definitely has never been done before) it’s quite remarkable. Needs more red.

The other day. Alex doing his I’m-fucking-hungry-face. “Oida, Ich hab an Gaachen deluxe.”

Bus. 400TX and 1/30, f/2 – oh Summer, where did you go?

OK. National Holiday. He’s guarding something. Not sure what but it’s something important for sure because that mean face is definitely guarding something very important. Oh, the rifle wasn’t loaded.

I’m afraid this is the only frame that I like from that day.

There are photographers and there are protographers.

Some drunk bloke talking to some military personal. Fantastic.

Good couple: Big black monster comera and shiny you-know-what.

Some absolutely useless soldier doing nothing.

He’s been well trained in doing so.

“Haaße und Mäubraka.”

Some Kevins taking pictures of a disgusting Langosch (wie schreibt man den Mist eigentlich?). I suppose eating that stuff is for them is like some Euro-guy having spiders with cream.

Stupid photograph. But his face is quite special.

Kid with rocket-launcher. We live in a sad world. (emocut

May I introduce: A family portrait. Neopan1600.

The little fatty.

Ever considered a bar keeper as a coach? I guess it’s time.

Some ladies having “Sprühwein nach Art des Hauses”.

I know, it’s pretentious but the negatives looks absolutely stunning. Too bad they’ll never see their picture. Oh well. Nice tones and grain still. (ha)

Coach at work.


So the next day I met two nice ladies from Czechia. We had some coffee because I definitely needed one after all that training (with that fantastic coach) previous night… oh well. So this is Eva by the way.

And this is some random lady that is vomitting in my face. I suppose this is because of my very not-so-vital look.

And this is Suzie. Like I always say: Good thing they ended the USSR…

Almost all people I meet are photographers. Or try to be.

Home is where your heart is.

Some bokehing.

Beer and cocktails.

OK. Once more mediocre photograph. But the guy’s reading so it’s part of my important series.

So, it’s Sunday and I had tickets for some Chinese movie which was part of the Viennale (film festival).


Toy camera face.

Funny scanner exposing for the shadows. Fantastic.

I think I like Neopan1600.

So this is Besma. Shooting only ladies lately, eh?

And Lorant. One more lady.

Besma, wie hoch sprint die deutsche Schäferkatze?

“Du spinnst.”

Holy fuck: Two guys and a fence.

So, ok. Some philosophical blahblah. I really think this frame has some sort – excuse – potential. When I look at that photo I don’t see 72dpi rastered pixel-grain but a deep black print. Yes. Important. Gscheit reden. Whatever.

This photograph was taken yesterday, 31st of October and they are already opening the christmas market. Am I the only one who thinks that this is highly fucked up? Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a big fan of christmas in general but why so early? Why can’t we have a one-week-christmas-over-kill. Shops open 24/7, every 10 m a cash machine, public transport going directly to the shopping lanes and lots of crying kids. That’d be sweet.

Those tones.

On the tram.

Somewhat overexposed. Oh well. Some business guy playing some card game on some palm top on some tram. Some times some photos make more sense when you add some not so important information that give the general impression of importance.

Hey, thanks for reading once again and I hope you have a fantastic weekend. Tomorrow, I’m going to be a fine promotor telling people to get a Nikon D80… hm, guess it’s no good idea having the toycamera round my neck then. Oh well.



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  1. Sebastian / Nov 1 2007 23:11

    weiß nicht ob ich das gscheite reden suppe oder specktisch finden soll. aber HUND und


  2. pHeela / Nov 1 2007 23:27

    Hey man, thanks for makin this boring night interestin.
    Im sure if u ate the right Langosh you would love it. In Tschechien haben wir tolle ones:). You should come over… Might sound lil wierd but the coolest seem the shots of your beloved one… How unexpected… thanks for all of em, for sure… ur blog hasnt disappointed.

  3. James / Nov 1 2007 23:53

    I knew it was Tri-X and rodinal. That’s it though!

    He looks like a cartoon character.

  4. Xupa Cabras / Nov 2 2007 01:28

    pic of the month yea yea, very nozolino-ish:

    love the “ZOO” on the background.

    now, ok.

  5. stelios / Nov 2 2007 02:07

    So, you actually tried developing for 150 mins? agitating 5secs/5mins? I think I preferred the 45mins version. This weekend I’ll be developing some of mine and I was thinking I’d go for 45 mins. I wouldn’t tell the difference anyway I guess.

  6. christian / Nov 2 2007 10:41

    auf 150 min wär ich bestimmt nicht gekommen…aber wurst, hab ja eh vergessen dir zu antworten.
    ich mach grad meine ersten versuche mit trix. rollt der sich immer so stark ein wenn er trocken is? das war beim hp5 nie der fall.
    sind wieder einige schöne fotos dabei. der zaun gefällt mir besonders gut. artistic very.

  7. dersunde / Nov 2 2007 10:45

    think she’s imagining herself cupping his balls?

  8. dersunde / Nov 2 2007 10:46

    addendum: i think, in fact, she’s giving them a pretty good squeeze. no wonder that look on his face.

  9. mrks / Nov 2 2007 12:38

    sehr wilder eintrag, wie ich finde…

  10. apixx / Nov 2 2007 13:38

    Ich finde deine bilder immer ausgesprochen tollig. <3
    aber … 150min ? Ist dir fad? Hast du keine freunde?

    ja sind ein paar schöne töne dabei bei den bildern!

  11. Simon / Nov 2 2007 14:17

    150 min
    du bist verrückt

  12. Suzan / Nov 2 2007 17:47

    I love the frames you shot at the National Holiday. Your fav of them is indeed great.
    The ones of Besma on the elevator are excellent too!
    Seeing makes my neck hurt. Your photos are awakening EMOtions in me. Fantastic.
    I like this frame alot too. It seems so nicely random.
    I agree on the Christmas rant. Tadaaa. That’s it. I got photos to show you! Stop working, jackass.

  13. Suzan / Nov 2 2007 17:50

    P.s. “I think I like Neopan1600.” HOW LONG HAVE I BEEN TELLING YOU THAT?!
    Hmm… perhaps as long as you’re telling me that tri-x is nice ^^;

  14. miauzz / Nov 2 2007 17:53

    good luck with the D80 thing… im sure you will do a great job, Nikon does fantastic webcams, although i think they are a little bit bulky. But hey, is a 10Mpx webcam! It has to be good! I even heard that you can use it as a backup camera of you backup camera (when both your camera and backup camera fails).

  15. Jose Florentino / Nov 3 2007 03:34

    of course you did…. a webcam is a “must have” periferic in a computer nowdays!

  16. kip / Nov 3 2007 11:52

    The zoo neck photo is amazing, really great moment.

  17. sev / Nov 3 2007 16:03

    blog gelesen. hat gut geschmeckt !

  18. kip / Nov 9 2007 11:36

    I just got a 35 Biogon, it has a VERY distinct look.

  19. Adam / Nov 17 2007 08:33

    amazing shots as always.
    sexy blog with sexy photos.

  20. ras / Nov 17 2007 10:20

    nice reading and the photos are great too. I like the way you met the czech girls. and sure, I like them as well:)

  21. James Kelly / Nov 19 2007 12:29

    love this frame!

  22. Ricardo Jorge Carvalho / Nov 23 2007 04:41

    i have to agree with you on this: ‘This photograph was taken yesterday, 31st of October and they are already opening the christmas market. Am I the only one who thinks that this is highly fucked up? Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a big fan of christmas in general but why so early? Why can’t we have a one-week-christmas-over-kill. Shops open 24/7, every 10 m a cash machine, public transport going directly to the shopping lanes and lots of crying kids.’

    it makes me sick.

    btw, are you one of those fucks who are asking your national football team to quit european cup because they don’t have enough potencial? that’s just stupid.

    nice photos anyway.

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