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25. November 2007 / Bernhard

Alive. Almost.

So, actually, I could rant quite nicely. Very nicely. But I’ll spare you that. I didn’t have the toy camera for two weeks and most likely won’t have it for some time again. Vienna is definitely photography’s ass. No, no, it’s all that shit that gets stuck in the ass hair – the toilet paper and what the fuck else. That’s Vienna photographywise. A horrendous piece of shit.

Anywho, time some very mediocre photos. Seriously, I said this before but this time it’s true: Skip them. Do yourself a favor. Read a book. Jerk off. Check out the Daily Deviations on Deviantart. Check Flickr. Anything.

Dark. Boring. Neopan1600.

Dreamy eyes.

Dedicated to Florian.

Lady reading newspaper with a loupe at McDonalds.

Next frames taken with the ridiculously bad Nikon FA and the impressively soft Nikon 50/1,8. It’s quite a dream combo for available light photography. Especially the fantastic not illuminated lightmeter that meters only in full f-stops makes it quite top-notch.

Without doubt the only decent frame.

Course, as long it doesn’t move it’s a fine combo.

Focus is off. Impossible to focus in that kind of light. Fantastic camera.



Hairy arms. No comment.

Wer hören will, muss fühlen.

Lots of nice lady photos. For some not so obvious reasons, the scanner decided that the shadows are +fav and exposed for them resulting in rather not pleasing skintones. Well.

What’s my motivation to post these frames? I guess for everyone else except me they are moderately esthetically pleasing. But then again…

Watching the TV-show dirty sexy money.

Because I’m gay and very dedicated I did plenty of focus tests with various lenses (Voigtländer 40/1,4 Nokton, Zeiss 35/2, Leica 35/2 3rd Gen). Frankly, I’m stunned by the performance of the Zeiss. Although there are plenty of reviewers out there claiming the Zeiss is quite soft wide-open I think of it as a solid performer. I used expired Tmax400, exposed at ISO200 and developed for ISO400 – not the best choice but it’s okay for judging focus and – more or less – testing resolution. Anywho, long story short: I’m glad I went for the Zeiss.



Ok. Now it’s getting slightly ridiculous.

Do you know this guy?

University. Mind the scratch. Yes.

The left part of the scan is blurry because the negative was curling. Lovely.

I heart old Viennese people.

The composition! Horror! No rules of thirds. Horrible! Hang the photographer.

Jerk with camera is visiting. Scratchy.

Schaffnerlos. The tram was about to leave so I had to hurry up.

Not sure about this frame. I tend to like it.

It’s hard to dislike the bokeh of the 35/2 Biogon…

Waiting for the tram.

On the tram.

Taken inside a bus! Wow, fantastic stuff.

And waiting FOR the bus.

More waiting. I’d love to have a 50 mm for the toy camera.

Heck, even more waiting. Yes.

Only god knows why I was too retarded for holding the camera straight.

Look, it’s happy Sebastian. Weird tones. I blame the scanner.

Anywho, after a long break I finally posted a quite boring entry. Still, it’s great to have the toy camera back. Snob that I’m I wondering how I could ever take decent photos with the Nikon FA. It’s just one hell of a fucked up camera – the lightmeter is ridiculous at best (no half f-stops, not illuminated). Of course, the 50/1,8 Nikon is a remarkable lens – it’s so soft at f/1,8 that it’s hard to make out the focus.

Anyways, I should work on that wedding album but it’s just a pain in my ass… so I guess I’ll just finish that roll of 400TX and head to the darkroom. Or read some Harry Potter. Or, yeah, course, I could also study. Well. Too many option and it’s still Sunday afternoon despite the fact that it’s pitch black outside. I heart winter.

Take care,



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  1. Ryan Marr / Nov 25 2007 17:41

    It’s nice to be alive eh!

  2. Ryan Marr / Nov 25 2007 17:41

    great looking meal by the way. very phallic.

  3. andrei / Nov 25 2007 18:53

    you should photography’s inside of the ass. that’s where I live ;)

  4. joshcphotography / Nov 25 2007 19:01

    I rather like that frame.

    But yes, being alive is great. I want a 35/2 Biogon. I can’t afford one, which is the great thing about cameras. Lovely.

  5. stelios / Nov 25 2007 21:01

    old ladies are giving you those looks I wonder how you’re still alive and not frozen or petrified. at least you have someone too blame (the scanner)

  6. fabian / Nov 25 2007 22:19

    ich mag die bilder, die auf die tram warten

  7. kipkeston / Nov 26 2007 06:12

    Hey Bernhard, love the frames. So have you concluded that the biogon is sharper than the other two you’ve tested? I’m still crazy about mine. People are really impressed with the bokeh of the biogon when I show them prints. You should go for that planar! even if it’s 700.

    I also tried a few trix@3200 in xtol 1:1. I tried 24 mins 21C, 20mins 20C, 1830, 21C, 1730 21C and 1730 20C with different rolls. I think I like 1730 and 21C the best. I was thinking of taking it down to 16mins and 20C to see what happens. Thanks for responding to quickly. Do you use rodinal for pushing now?

  8. marius / Nov 26 2007 10:23

    good to see that you are alive and kicking.

  9. Suzan / Nov 26 2007 10:58

    The nice lady dinnershots have some fantastic tones I think. Then again I have no clue, since this screen is… erhm… not calibrated? Not what I’m used to? Yeah.

    I do know this is a killer frame:
    One of the best streetshots you did recently I think. Her pose and expression are so good! I also like figruing out what’s in the reflection.

  10. han / Nov 26 2007 11:25

    oh wenn du die fa scheiße findest, solltest du mal meine xd7 in die hand nehmen. ich mag sie, war aber damals etwas erschrocken als ich durch ne fm gesehen hab. mattscheibe und das prisma sind da netter wie ich finde. zum belichtungsmesser kann ich nix sagen.
    na, macht aber so ne kinderkamera interessant.

    schöne fotos, besonder das von dem hund !
    was ist mit der leica los ?

  11. andrei / Nov 26 2007 14:16

    Long story short. I live in Romania. But I guess since you lived in one place your whole life it very hard for that place to stimulate you in any way…since you find everything there very ordinary.

  12. nachopereira / Nov 28 2007 17:27

    you’re an angry man!
    besides that I would never, ever, waste time checking out DA daily deviations or anything of that stuff.
    And what’s flickr?? (irony).

    take care

  13. shiftis / Dec 17 2007 06:46

    Which lenses were used for which nice-lady photos?

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