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6. December 2007 / Bernhard

Mediocre pictures inside!

Actually, there is not much to say except that all following frames were taken on Kodak Tri-X 400 film.

God help us – it’s about to get boring.

Well, wait: That’s Nice Lady drinking. Guess we haven’t had that in quite some time.

Nice Lady in a very serious mission.

When there is nothing else to shoot just take a frame for the sake of some nice bokeh.

Or fall asleep. Man, how I miss those times.

Lame composition… next time better look through the viewfinder as I’m obviously not cool enough for semi-hipshots.

At the book store. Always.

Some fellow look for some book. I suppose. Quite fantastic observation skills.

I’m quite happy that I somehow managed to scratch these few going-out frames. Besides, I like that frame. A lot. Heh.

So this was taken at Johnnys on a Saturday-night. When I cut the film I thought this frame was an “accident” thus the fantastic fingerprint. However, now it’s a highly artistic frame.

Guess she had a fantastic Sunday morning.

Alex told me someone’s having a fantastic pukelicious time on the toilet. Later, when I went for an important piss I saw the piece of art. Massive. Seriousky, what the fuck? Did I – at last – grow up? It’s boring. Getting wasted that is.

Anyway, back to serious business.

We were talking about the Kindergarden.

Coffee and TV.

One of those frames: I don’t know why but there is something that attracts me here. Thus I’m posting.

“0.7 m closest focus distance? That cam is ridiculous.”

Awesome. More food for my fantastic series.

Running noses everywhere!

At the university. Fooling around… as ever.

One more. Hah, mind that girl in the background: Bet she thinks I’m some kind of child molester.

And more. It keeps growing.

Snazzy. (ha)

Ok. “Freu Dich! Gott liebt Dich!” – Be happy! God loves you!



Those two look very nice in Photoshop but as Firefox doesn’t support color profiles, the shadows got all lost. Fantastic.

Dog. Dogs tend to be awesome for most people. There you go. I hate dogs.

Some serious business going on at McDonalds. Had some fantastic food there.

Nice Lady being nice.

I heart this frame.

That’s how I see Vienna. A Haaße. (Dedicated to Tomé as I had to think about his shadow-series.)

For Jules: Three guys – three backs. Awesome.


Oh, I met Sophie.

We had coffee and if there is just one thing I want to say: Either the waiter is 24/7 stoned/drunk or just a fucking retard. End of story.

I’m a cheapskate and love to waste frames. Yes. (switched film here)

Obviously, she tried to apply her “death face” on me. Well, didn’t work.

“I am not listening.”


Because I’m shooting a rangefinder this frame has to be overexposed. Goddamnit.

Tram. Light. Faces. Boring. Awesome.

More light and shadows and stuff.

Diagnose: Kranke Reform. Diagnosis: Sick Reformation (Haha, marvelous translation.)

Including a tram in a decisive moment requires lots of important talking. (gscheit reden)

This frame wasted about 150 kb… but now you can enjoy some bokeh. How does that make you feel?

Österreich aktuell. f/2. I like it.

Lorant doing the happy face. Wee…

She’s the lady from the 14 mm D3 frames. I forgot – of course her name… well, wait, I guess we haven’t been introduced at all. Fuck, what do I know? Really. it’s decisive moment time here.

Aunt was taking a frame with some Ricoh Zoom f/awesome camera. With flash. Course.

The light was incredibly nice. It’s a pity that cameras set on automatic act like complete retards.

Even an f/awesome camera could have taken nice frames here.

I finally reached the point where they fully ignore me. They act as if there was neither me nor my camera.

I’d have to yell at them in order to get their attention. Then again, my presence is not helping with boredom.

Because for some not so obvious reasons there was a gelatine string on the negative strip meaning I had to treat it with some wetting agent solution again… resulting in the additional dust.

At the bar.

I guess that everyone who follows that blog longer than a few weeks knows that I’m not a blind Leica – or generally rangefinder – jerk… but 1/8th is super-smooth.

Karl Moik?

Too many DVDs, too little time.

A map.

Sushi. I was rinsing some prints and preparing them for drying.

Is there anything more beautiful than wet streets? Maybe a lens and camera that focus correctly. Maybe 400TX. But not too many things.

Hmm, really, I like that kind of frames. They are cheesy, I know.

One of those you gotta shoot, what you gotta shoot frames even though they turn out boring.

So were yet again at fuckDonalds having some way too fat food (it’s way too close to the university. Fucking Americans). Anywho. We were sitting there, enjoying our last freedom fries when a friend of nice lady (not friend, but collegue from class) showed up – we agree on not having him join us… and is there any easier way than faking an important call?

Es heißt Juniortüte, verdammt nochmal.


Awesome. More reading.

Scanner exposing for the shadows. I like it.

Mark the approriate symbol.

Awesome. Nikoloh.

Dimmed light.

It’s not getting boring. Not yet.

So yeah, that’s it. Four rolls of precious Kodak Tri-X. Hope you enjoyed, if not, well, awesome I guess. Take it easy, I’m feeling older now. But not wiser. Yes!



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  1. Sebastian / Dec 6 2007 01:27

    Die Nati hat ja ur viel tolle Anziehsachen!!! Und ich hab das Post noch ned glesen aber ich kommentier besser mal!!11!! Fiiiiirst!!!111

  2. Suzan / Dec 6 2007 01:50

    I wish my mediocre frames were half as good as your mediocre frames (fag).
    Enjoyable entry once again. I can’t tell what I like most. Too many photos. But such nice tones generally. And fucking spot on focus all the time. Goddamnit.
    Till next time, old fart!

  3. Ryan Marr / Dec 6 2007 06:05

    like this frame/

  4. christian / Dec 6 2007 10:08

    erstmal alles gute. (hab irgendwo gelesen, dass es wieder so weit is…und was im internet steht, stimmt immer!)
    schöne fotos wie immer.
    find ich lustig, dass auf der hauptuni jetzt zettel wegen der verwesenden sachen in den kästen hängen…

    PS: juniortüte for president!

  5. Mamadou / Dec 6 2007 11:59

    Great pictures.

    Try Safari for windows (still buggy), it can read and convert the embedded color profile in each picture… Magic !

  6. Miauzz / Dec 6 2007 13:05

    Britney Spears?

  7. kipkeston / Dec 6 2007 13:06


    I’m in safari, for the sole reason of viewing profiles correctly. No worries your images look great. Like Ryan above said, that photo has some nice light.

    I don’t use the public transport where I live, it’s just the way it is here, so I don’t get to see nice transport photos. Keep them coming.

    Nice lady, always nice in your blog…

  8. Charles / Dec 6 2007 13:18

    Happy Birthday awesome man!
    Nice very looking photos, it was quite a bit since last entry!
    Post some photos of the drunken party, will you?

  9. Linus / Dec 6 2007 20:38

    bei dem hab ich wirklich sehr lachen müssen. danke (:
    frohe ostern

  10. Jeremiah / Dec 7 2007 00:12

    one day i hope you publish a book of your work.. and let it be entitled: “More light and shadows and stuff. Awesome

  11. tw / Dec 8 2007 08:26

    I enjoyed.

    .. and I have a friend who does that as well, that deathface thing, but with huge bulging eyes.. we call it her ‘death stare’. Bah, so much for being original!

  12. Spencer / Dec 11 2007 10:00

    Nice man, happy birthday. I agree with Suzan your focus on all of these is absolutey spot on, lucky git.
    Take care friend.

  13. picturesofpassingcars / Dec 12 2007 03:35

    what brand of bw film do you use?
    I really like your pictures=)

  14. matt / Jan 3 2008 17:56

    Beautiful. I particularly like these two:

    What developer are you using for these?

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