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24. December 2007 / Bernhard

Dear Christchild!

Please help people realize that using B/W-film doesn’t necessarily lead to interesting photography.

Thank you.

I could make an entire exhibition about that very bus station.

What a hair-cut… and that bag.

Decisive moment.

I’ve seen the light. Again, could make a show featuring pictures taken in that park.

Take the picture, damnit.

Red wine. Way to go.

The scratch… actually, it fits because it’s sort of a connection… a surreal… expressive… oh!

China town.

Hey, remember that place? Just this time it’s pouring like hell. Lacks of an umbrella though.

Hmm… a chair on the sidewalk. Well, at least the tones are very <3.

We were having food at some chinese restaurant. Most of the time I’m fine with the 0.7 m minimum distance but this time 0.5 m would have been perfect. Oh well. (INTERESTING STORY THX4SHARING!)

A guy from the US was sitting next to us, when he heard that we were kind of celebrating my birthday he bought us a drink. Well, good boy I am I finished her beer as well… “inhalieren”.

His name’s Stacey and he’s a basketball trainer here in Austria. We had a great time talking about Chinese military personal, smoking pot in Hawaii and the diversity of European countries.

Enrique “wet pants” Iglesias.

One of her birthday presents was Women by Bukowski. Sweet.

Next morning. “No funny stuff.” (Big Lebowski)


Zeiss. I like it.


The frame is boring but the bokeh… the bokeh! If there is nothing special I just drool over the bokeh or the tones or awesome +fav

At the cinema.

A rather creepy McDonalds self.

Taking pictures for the sake of it. It’s fun after all.


Am umbrella. For Stefan.

400TX. <3

It was raining like freaking hell. On my way picking up some Kodak 400TX.

Tram station blues. Wee…

Mit Buch!



Das Zuckermännchen Stefan.

Der Alte. Extra Trocken.


Cell phone. Awesome!

“Geh scheißn.”

A self-portrait. Reflecting the suffering of an artist. An artist that gets denied. Denied and taunted for his talents. Talents yet to be appreciated and aspired. Oh well, oh well.

Serious conversations about serious business.

That scene is kind of surreal – don’t you think? IT’S ART!

The very last frame on that roll. I’m a cheapskate and use every mm of my films… I have a hard time putting the weights for drying on the end of the film. Hence excuse the dust.

More reading for my series. Fantastic.

Perhaps the cutest dog I’ve ever come across. I’m wondering if it’s shit is also that cute.

I really can’t get enough of that kind of photographs. Sorry.

More reading.

I’m a sucker for that kind of shots. <3


Somehow, I like winter. Sometimes.

As I’m a fine artist, even my presents are pieces of fine art. All of them are signed and part of a limited edition series.

Sometimes, pigeons find awkward places for a nap.

So I took the bus. And saw this. And my nose was filled with the smell of… punch? Sweet christmas time. Sweet jerks getting drunk and puking around.

But in the end, it all fits together. It becomes a piece of art that will eventually freeze and manifest the power of man’s liver and stomach.

But in the end, in the end it comes all down to a good roll of Kodak Tri-X 400. It’s all that matters.

Merry Christmas to all of you. It’s snowing a bit outside… should take some pictures and make a nice christmas-card.

Anyways, enjoy your holidays! For me, work is calling on Thursday – again Nikon promotion stuff. I’ve been working quite a lot this month which is also the reason why I have been quite reluctant updating the blog. However, it won’t change as January means lots of university work and stuff. Oh well. You know, the busier you are, the more important, the happier. +fav




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  1. apixx / Dec 24 2007 16:44

    Du bist so lieb.

  2. alex / Dec 24 2007 18:35

    kann das sein dass du beim saturn in der scs arbeitest ?

  3. Jose Florentino / Dec 24 2007 19:11

    okokokokokokokokokokokokokokokokok…. fucking amazing, tones and sharpness.

    like this one too, altough is not as sharp as the one above.

    Gosto muito muito de ti Bernardo, um beijinho muito grande nessa carinha laroca, um xi-coração e um bom natal cheio de prendinhas bonitas no sapatinho!

  4. Suzan / Dec 25 2007 16:00

    Some slightly repetitive shots, but also some really nice other frames…
    Love the shot of your little sister brushing her teeth. Really nice highlights.
    Also the nice lady in snow frame is really cute! As is the Enrique shot, in a creepy way, haha.
    I like the conversation in pub shot. Also the connection shot (nicely bizarre frame). The portrait of Florian hugging the booze is great too!

  5. ituner / Dec 25 2007 20:22

    wow, great B/W screens!

  6. marius / Dec 25 2007 20:55

    haha, i just love reading your blog posts.

  7. santiago begueria / Dec 26 2007 09:49

    a funny post, as always, and with some very nice shots too. do you post _all_ the frames in the roll? I find that very honest. and it saves you from having to choose what pictures to post too, I hate that!
    have a nice New Year!

  8. stelios / Dec 26 2007 11:37

    Merry Christmas and all that!
    may you stop eating at McD in the New Year. see what it does to you (creepy self)

  9. Sebastian / Dec 26 2007 18:24

    first!! ^^;

  10. sev / Dec 26 2007 22:16

    ist jedes photo das man nicht printed verschwendung ? wenn ja.. dann sind wir ja gut im filmeverschwenden..

    eigentlich leben 95% aller photos für genau einen blog eintrag… immer und immer wieder.. und wir machen weiter und die leute lesen trotzdem… irgendwie interessant… vielleicht macht alles mal einen sinn.. irgendwann..

    naja. vielleicht sieht man sich noch dieses jahr.

    den alten computersessel hätte ich übrigens auch fast photographiert… hab dann den frame aber doch aufgehoben und woanders verschwendet.. ;)


  11. Linus / Dec 27 2007 11:22

    deine zuneigung zum draschepark wächst anscheinend doch stetig (:

  12. artis / Dec 27 2007 21:00

    lots of nice lady action going on here.. nice.
    and, wanted to say I like the opening frame!

  13. BRONTO / Dec 30 2007 16:57

    i like your picutre..
    so incredibly moving photograph

  14. kipkeston / Dec 31 2007 09:58

    beautiful frames. i like i heart ny. and the train station with nice lady and nice bokeh series. Do you wish you had the focus tab on the biogon?

  15. Mikko / Jan 2 2008 16:10


    just to tell you as you well, that i’ve been putting loads of photojournalism related links to in case you’re into that sort of thing.

    oh, and i don’t use the pushandpull anymore, but i put some photos to . Not really blog but anyways…

    happy new year.

  16. trajcov / Jan 4 2008 01:21

    i think its about time you start being unique :)
    u probably know what I mean

  17. jo / Jan 4 2008 14:39

    dein blog und mein computer verstehn sich nicht.
    irgendwas spackt immer, wenn ich mir die photos größer anschaun will :O

  18. hermes / Jan 5 2008 15:19

    while looking at that puke felt that people in Austria and here – in Poland – have some similarities :)

  19. ockiesphotos / Jan 5 2008 21:35

    I finally got myself to make an account on wordpress…
    I have been watching your blogs for a couple of weeks now, found your blog following links, starting on Chris Weeks Uber page…

    Interesting photo’s, nice to see some color photo’s every now and then…

    As soon as I find out how to add links to other blogs I will add you to my “Blogroll”… have been trying to find where I need to edit that thing for a while now…

  20. ockiesphotos / Jan 5 2008 21:36

    erm, sorry, that middle line wasn’t meant to be there… d’oh!

  21. pa / Sep 21 2010 18:51

    Very nice girls :)

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