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6. January 2008 / Bernhard


I think I’ll post some pictures:

Table of content: New Year’s Eve. A wedding. Random.


The mad scientist Lorant is checking temperature.



Me I think.

No comment. Sebastian was performing Boten Anna as far as I remember.

I think his name’s Piotr. Then again, I’d be very surprised if I managed to remember his name correctly.

If you look closely, you can see the fireworks. Nice.

Some serious discussion going on. I was way too tired at that time already. So I kept eating stuff.

Proseco and a hand. Hmm. Heil Proseco.

Because Sebastian was busy I went home. It was snowing.

I think I’ve never seen that big snowflakes. Orly?

And all of a sudden it stopped snowing. The fairy tale scenery was gone and again we are back to dark, cold, dirty Vienna.

So on the 2nd of January I was shooting a very small wedding. I suppose her face is pretty much summerizing the event.

Last Neopan1600 frame; loaded 400TX.

In the car. I forgot her name. Suppose I stop saying this – maybe I should stick to numeric names (A for female, B for male – in that case it’d be A1).


He’s the Austrian Tom Cruise.

Bride and groom.

Boring photos. I’m posting, well because… uhm… I can.

Austria: The smokers paradise.


So Alex and I decided to have a beer. Fine.

And some cheeseburgers.

Right, you saw it coming. There was a mirror. There is the toy camera. There is the me.

Well, since we were out already we thought it’d be a pretty damn good idea to take care of the future “let’s have a single beer” occasions.

I should make a book. It’d be called: Fantastic ideas. Plain as that. Because, wiping off dust with a neg sleeve is no good idea. Then again, it weren’t my negatives if there wasn’t a scratch, right?


Florian and his fat cock.

It’s rather cold these days.

Shoot old people. It does always works.

Or some lady.

Alright, Happy New Year it is I guess. I tend to forget about that, in fact, while naming the folder for the neg scans I typed twice 070106. Quite amazing. My headache is improving and in a way moving from one side to the other. At the moment it seems it got stuck right around my forehead. Ace.

Have a very lovely week. Thanks for looking.

Take care,



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  1. kipkeston / Jan 6 2008 22:16

    Nice update. Is that how you focus the biogon normally? With a thumb on the bump and the fingers on the other side?

  2. James / Jan 6 2008 22:30

    Mr Tom Cruise looks like the lead singer of Moloko, Róisín Murphy.

  3. xupacabras / Jan 6 2008 22:35

    Laughing Out Loud!

    “I was way too tired at that time already. So I kept eating stuff.”

    That’s what I call truly fascinating logic. :O

  4. kira / Jan 6 2008 23:57

    well,you already KNOW XD!
    i just thought i’d practice my comment writing skills AGAIN.


  5. Booga / Jan 7 2008 13:25

    I appreciate your work and your kind of humour a lot!

    Have a nice week.

  6. jamiestoker / Jan 7 2008 18:32

    Good shit as usual. You get very nice tones from your negs (and who cares about dust/scratches – embrace them!)
    The last girl is very pretty too.

  7. artis / Jan 7 2008 22:15

    good to see you posting again! it’s hard to express but it’s like ‘everything is ok’ feeling to me I get when there is something new from Vienna :)
    it’s all good, but my fav frame from this entry: (minus a little part on the left side).

  8. Suzan / Jan 9 2008 13:10

    I really dig these portraits:

    Mostly because the guys in it have a very nice random expression.
    And the last one I really like the way she glances and how the light hits her hair and part of her face.

  9. miauzz / Jan 11 2008 00:30

    Its Prosecco, with double c… tss tss….

  10. Adam / Jan 11 2008 07:13

    That second night-time-snow photo (IMG006812)is my favorite of the bunch…. Superb. :)

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