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11. January 2008 / Bernhard

That lovely voice

A few months ago, there was Christmas Eve. And I forgot posting that film.

Because Christmas Eve is super exciting I took exactly two frames that look very much alike. Wee.

Then I went to the pub. Wee.

Then I went to the darkroom. Linus marked that door.

Then there is the infamous Nice Lady.


Florian. Some serious business conversation.

We ended up talking about Bruce Willis movies which she didn’t find too interesting. Best Movie of all time: Die Hard II

For our blind fellas: Trash bin, some snow and some bokeh.

Of course, I forgot that there is a difference in height between viewfinder and lens. Then again, I could pretend it’s all on purpose. And make it red!

Scooter. ;stroke

The remains of my delicious dinner.

Portrait of my friends and girlfriend.

So I thought it’d be a fantastic idea to take a picture of the lamps. Which I – obviously – did.

This frame is catching up with the last blog entry. Neopan1600 from here on.

Hot chocolate.

More for my series.

So this at the pub.

And, uhm, this as well.



Some men business in the restroom.

Alex in front of our softbox. Y’know, I’m tired of working with natural light. It’s quite yesterday, y’know?

Stefan slightly overexposed. I got to get used working with softboxes.

Stefan’s cleaning my softbox. He’d make a fantastic assistant I guess!

Ein Reich. Eine Brille. Fantastic. Alex started wearing glasses recently – they told him it’s hot shit. And hell, they were right.

Beer on some car. And snow. We left that bar very quickly.

The battle’s lost. The night is over and slowly that awkward feeling to get some sleep is taking over.

Next day. Coffee with the Old Man.


Stefan. Tired.

Wet busy streets. Sunday.

Reading. Public transport.


Awwww… <3

Something about his hand doesn’t seem right to me.

50% off.

100% Nostalgia.

100% available light.


Simple things.


At the pub – serious business going on!

Man and Beer.

Why did this happen?

Back to where I seem to belong. This is Harald rinsing his prints.

I’ll spare you some fancy talk. Take care,



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  1. Suzan / Jan 12 2008 00:27

    Vespa! <3
    Did I ever tell you I owned one? (ha)
    This is so precious:

    Man, you had me laughing out loud a couple of times.
    The soft box frames. Great! Great commentary.
    I like this frame a lot:

    Pretty boys do the trick.
    Hahaha and the man with book and four fingers frame… Good stuff.

  2. kira / Jan 12 2008 10:27

    “50% off,100% Nostalgia 100%,available light” sounds like a commercial,for polaroid maybe,haha:)
    this one reminded me of how i used to hate eating alone.i rather prefered not to eat at all than alone.but i got over that one already.


    being an ass i’d say that i wish you’d taken a step to the right so the the other woman would be more present in the frame.oh well.

    i think distinguishing such moments would be way more interesting for yourself (and for us) than shooting hundred more of these

    take care mister.

  3. schal / Jan 12 2008 14:40

    der lukas. der lukas hat die graphische abgebrochen <<n gäähl f/sex

    ID vom point of sale? ;stroke

  4. Ryan Marr / Jan 13 2008 01:32

    like this frame

  5. mustafah / Feb 11 2008 22:47

    the frame of the girl drinking hot chocolate is stellar.

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