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14. January 2008 / Bernhard

Vernissage: Ikonographien des Alltags

Small big news: I’m having a small exhibition together with dear Florian which is taking place at Galerie Village on Wednesday, 23rd of January. I’m more than excited as this is going to be the first time that my work will be shown inside a real gallery. I just hope things work out and that there is a bit of interest in Austrian black and white photography. The show will feature something like a best-of our street photography, some medium-format frames of mine and – as far as I remember – a series about Viennese pubs (Florian).

Und an alle Wiener: Die Einladung dürfte selbsterklärend sein. Wäre toll, wenn ihr Kunstinteressierte kennen würdet – außer Euch selbst natürlich. Wir sind über jegliche Unterstützung dankbar!

Thanks for reading,

take care and maybe see you in about a week,



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  1. Jose Florentino / Jan 14 2008 23:00

    Good luck ;)

  2. Rebecca / Jan 14 2008 23:16

    Congrats =)

  3. xupacabras / Jan 14 2008 23:51

    Don’t forget the 4 golden rules:

    1) publicity…
    2) should be clear for the public that it’s not only an “exhibition” and that photographs are actually for sale (price).
    3) prints with signature visible while framed tend to sell better.
    4) mark a couple of them as sold, even if they are not.

    The J.


  4. matt / Jan 14 2008 23:53


  5. stelios / Jan 14 2008 23:56

    good luck then!

  6. Suzan / Jan 15 2008 01:04

    Hahaha, I like no.4 by Tome.
    Job well done on getting this together. Take some photos of the exhibit. I bet it looks supersmooth.

  7. Matt Austin / Jan 15 2008 01:06

    Congratulations guys on the show! That’s fantastic! Let me know how it goes. Take care man, keep it up.

  8. Allie / Jan 15 2008 02:44

    How much do you charge for prints?

  9. Dries / Jan 15 2008 09:51

    Great! Enjoy!

    ps: this means that now offically you are an artist. No you cannot wash it off.

  10. kipkeston / Jan 15 2008 10:04

    wow, great. Wish I could come.

  11. Severin / Jan 15 2008 12:44

    also wer macht denn heutzutage noch schwarz weiß ? und dann auch noch street ! dass es überhaupt noch jemand ausstellt wundert mich ! aber vielleicht komme ich gerade deswegen ;)

    ich werd den robert fragen, der hat sicher interesse.

    na wir sehn uns sowieso..

  12. Charles / Jan 15 2008 13:16

    I regret not being able to see this, but take some photos for a blog entry!
    Good luck!
    Cheers from Dublin!

  13. Simon / Jan 15 2008 15:04

    wörma schaun, nan…
    klingt auf jeden fall spannend dass ihr da nen platz bekommt, gratuliere!

  14. mariusnilsen / Jan 15 2008 19:11

    about time.

    you are great

  15. christian / Jan 15 2008 22:50

    ihr habt genau den wochentag erwischt an dem ich in wien bin. da komm ich natürlich!

  16. ana / Jan 16 2008 04:58

    thats fantastic news, congratulations mr

  17. cha / Jan 16 2008 19:00

    wunderbar !

  18. fabian / Jan 17 2008 23:58


    herzlichen glückwunsch – ich wär gern gekommen.

    ich mag auch die fotos von florian ..

    wie stehts sonst so?


  19. artis / Jan 19 2008 14:37

    congrats, that’s a nice very!

  20. dearmurphy / Jan 22 2008 21:17

    Good luck tomorrow – and hopefully make some good money….

    – slim

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