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24. January 2008 / Bernhard


Thanks a lot to all of you that made it to the vernissage. It’s an awkward feeling seeing people looking at your work and even talk about it…  answer questions such as “What’s silver-gelatine” and “Did the guy know you took his picture?”.

Anyhoo. I’m quite tired and just feel like catching up with blogging.

About two weeks ago, Florian gave me a roll of the new Tmax400. For those who didn’t know: Kodak recently updated a couple of negative film (400NC/VC and Tmax400). As ever, developed with Kodak XTOL, 1+1, 9:15 (according to the datasheet), 20°C.

I made a print of this and the grain-level is more like 125PX than 400TX. I like it.

I actually overexposed most of the frames as I usually got thin negatives when developing Tmax in XTOL – not the case with the new Tmax.

This frame is highly overexposed yet could be recovered using the levels in Photoshop. I’m curious how it prints.

More nice lady. Booyeah.

Very smooth tones. I guess I prefer 400TX in that kind of light situations but still, I like how Tmax looks.


Very foggy.

The black looks so delicated.

Same here.

Very Tmaxish tones here – dull lights gives uber dull tones. I guess I was wrong.

There is something about the Tmax skintones that I start to like.

Some fella being slightly… uhm… “through the wind”.

Happy family.

Severin using his super human powers to open some milk shake.

So much for Tmax – back to Tri-X.

Nice lady likes polaroids.

But nice lady is sick.

So the toy camera jerk got a Polaroid and a pack of film.

Aww… oh well, I’m buying Polaroid film – what’s next? Selling the Toy Camera and get a SX70? I guess I’m turning into …

Muschi. Aww…

Is it that time again?

Oh I think it is…

It’s 13A time! Yay! Featuring old, grumpy people. Wee!


Sneaky as a Russian.

Uhm, this is what happens when a bar keeper is using a Toy Camera. Art.

No time for alignment, excuse the Magnumsque angle. Then again, it’s dynamic.

Since Austria is one of the richest countries in the world, we have pyjama parties on the street.

Der Kleine.

Four bars and a Kebab later, back to our favorite bar. Orange.

He told us that he had about 100 Seiderl (0.3 l of beer) with some friends of his once. Sure. Good boy.

Next morning.

At the Wirr.

Awesome. Guess where this was taken. Yay!

Posting blogs when not feeling like posting blogs because you are supposed to do so – I like it. There is another roll of Tri-X waiting but first I have to resize – something that I very much don’t feel like doing so. In the meantime, thanks for reading and watching – more watching I guess. Take care and have a lovely weekend.



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  1. xupacabras / Jan 25 2008 00:28


  2. stelios / Jan 25 2008 00:49

    interesting how kodak updates current film. maybe that means it’ll stick around for a bit longer than expected? I had heard kodak was going out of film business especially after stopping production for some emulsions. guess not? oh well I’m mumbling. ever heard of Ilford PAN (not F, it comes in 400ASA)
    sold anything?

  3. kip / Jan 25 2008 01:25

    Hey Bernhard,

    Thanks for the scan tips. I remember you saying you didn’t like the old tmax in xtol but the new one looks very nice here.

    I like the sneaky russian shot.

    Have you tried Lightroom for making your workflow easier?

  4. tina / Jan 25 2008 02:32

    I just realized why I love the look of Austria so much–fewer cars on the street than in New York. love your blog.

  5. Suzan / Jan 25 2008 02:33

    I dig the frame of Sebas lighting a cig.
    And I’m surprised to see you didn’t make a self in that mirror on the ground.

  6. Josh / Jan 25 2008 06:12

    Ok, I don’t get it – I checked the focus on my Leica M6, unless my new 35mm Biogon has focusing problems why are my results with my photos so lacking in accutance, sharpness and detail in comparison to yours?

    I seriously don’t get it and it’s pissing me off now. My cheap Canon 50/1.8 seems to be giving me more detail than my Zeiss glass does, even when my Zeiss glass is at f/5.6

    Any suggestions?

  7. Simon / Jan 25 2008 07:02

    was hastn du mim paul schiff zu tun?

  8. christian / Jan 25 2008 18:04

    bin beeindruckt von dem neuen tmax. die fotos schaun echt gut aus. die töne in der ubahnbeleuchtung sehen sehr “kremig” aus.
    pyjama parties auf der straße?! oh man!

    PS: gratuliere zu der gelungenen vernissage. hat mir echt gut gefallen!
    PPS: was is silber-gelatine? :P

  9. Adam / Jan 25 2008 20:51

    new tmax? its about fucking time. i used to get so pissed off at tmax 400 in the darkroom. it NEVER came out right.(thin negs half the time, and horrible tones) so glad i switched to tri-x. ill have to grab a new roll of tmax and try it. where’d florian get it from?

  10. boulette / Jan 28 2008 01:32

    Interesting you speak here about Tmax, never tried it, certainly because of a little “accident” with a Kodak film… TriX. Since that time, never used Kodak again, for I didn’t even like TriX tones, too… Too non-Ilford looking (so what the f*ck someone gave me one ?). Ilford now, only Delta 100. Very sharp details and contrasted tones, a real pleasure to print. Underdevelloped, of course. You should try (one day I bet you’ll be fed up with Kodak).

    That was not a message from Ilford propaganda, but from Boulette’s uninteresting life.

    By the way, congratulations for your exhibition. Hope you’ll get good feedbacks.

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