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31. January 2008 / Bernhard

You should really go to bed now!

That’s what my conscience says… but after scanning four rolls of film (only one being mine) I find it to be the right time for updating my precious weblog.

Starting with something that has been done way too often already: a hipshot. +fav

Same for kid photos.

WAY too often.

Now that’s new. BOKEH XD


Final preparations for the exhibition. Der Alte.

And some bus riding. Yay for 13a!

How to read a newspaper in a dedicated pose. I like.

I once again managed to cut Florians head. Oh, nice scratch – fine art.

Still have to take decent pictures of the exhibition. And shoot a video, yes Lani.

That’s the lady that made all of this possible. So thanks so much, Sophie! Yay for Sophie! YAY!

Because everything is so YAY Der Alte felt like taking a picture. Yay for Der Alte!

So Der Alte and I went home after some serious hanging around at the gallery. Funtastic pun. Oh, dog. Cute. CLICK.

YAY. More cute dog. Because that frame is so different from the one above.

Study of an Austrian tram. Remember kids: Calling your stuff “study of” makes it way more interesting and if it sucks, hey, it’s just a study after all and not part of a fantastic buddy from work! WOW! Punny times!

More hanging. More scratching. I like it.

Shh… the Homo Austraicus is on his “communication device” while checking out his mating shoes.

Oh! That’s not seen too often: A Homo Austraicus and a Homo Artisticus sharing a bench – worth a National Geographic. +fav

Shiny piece of shit.

Shit, almost forgot why I ride the bus: Shooting reading people. Almost there… 50 and make them red – that’s the thing.

Double! +fav+fav

Stefan in his incocknito dress having some cocky sandwich. Nice.

This is so boring but eh, I accidently included it and I really don’t feel like removing. So I just add some semi or fully retarded text and pretend it has some deeper meaning.

So far Tri-X, now: Neopan1600. All developed in XTOL according to the datasheet. (Important information!)

Sophie on the phone with London, Tokyo and New York coordinating our next exhibitions. Y’know, printing big – going large. Cocky times.

At the vernissage. No, this is a semi-wide-angle lens. No need for sticking heads together. No need for that fake smile. Well, fuck it.

Although people were handling the prints with their bare fingers there were no red wine stains afterwards. Apparently, there were no Homo Austraicus around.

You might know those two faces. If you do… oh well.



Art appreciator.

Future photographers talking about something very important

Some super serious conversations going on.

The beer appreciator.

Later we went to the pub:

Observing Sebastians excellent social skills. Way to go, mate!

That’s it from the pub, I took a few more shots but they are boring. Very boring.

Next morning, exposing the last frames of precious Neopan1600 before heading to the darkroom.

So, thanks for reading. Yes, I know, I promised to take pictures of the gallery but guess what! I didn’t – shoot me!

Anywho, hope you are having an awesome week so far. If not, well… then not. Shoot yourself maybe? This could help.



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  1. Sebastian / Jan 31 2008 03:14

    Du hast es gesagt! Buddy from work! H:O:Ond!

  2. tina / Jan 31 2008 04:52

    “but it’s a study of…and it has a deeper meaning…” –that’s what I’ll say if ever my professor says that my photos suck haha

  3. William / Jan 31 2008 07:57

    Perfect exposure on the photo of Der Alte with the long lens (is his name really this or am I missing a joke because of language? Isn’t der alte, the old?). Skin tone is so good, what I would strive for. Congrats on the exhibition. As always I like how your photoblogs have not only good photos but badly exposed boring stuff too. Makes me feel not so bad.
    Quickpod is also hilarious.

  4. Suzan / Jan 31 2008 12:50

    Oh Bernie XD I laughed so much reading your commentary. If the photography business doesn’t work out you could always ehrm… find a job where you get paid for being witty ;schwul
    The exhibit looks pretty smooth, from what I can tell. And a lot of people!
    The social skills of Seb… fantastic study of his behaviour with the ladies. Really nice.
    And this Neopan1600 that you speak of… is that a nice film? Tell me some more about it >(

  5. christian / Jan 31 2008 17:08

    deine kratzer auf den negativen sind immer so ur-schön gerade und lang. wie machst du das bloß?

  6. spanishjohnny / Jan 31 2008 20:53

    hey ! schöne fotos haste da mal wieder gezaubert. bin ja immernoch von kontrast und schärfe begeistert. die letzte ladung war sehr mittelmäßig. hatte ein paar tmaxe dabei und der kontrast war mehr als bescheiden, vermute, dass die chemie es etwas zu kalt war. vernissage sieht toll aus. ich will auch… mehr davon !

    viele grüße

  7. Ezra / Feb 7 2008 08:30

    That series with Sebastian is top notch!
    Now do that with Paris Hilton snorting blow, rolling her eyes back, then puking.

  8. felix / Feb 8 2008 00:56

    Nie wieder ohne meine DSLR-Selbstporträt-Stange !!! <3

  9. mustafah / Feb 11 2008 22:38

    neat journey through a day! the first frames of the kiddo are nice, and the last one works well.

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