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8. February 2008 / Bernhard

About Rats and Children

»Listen, listen to what I have to say. It’s important, it’s magnificant – it’s about film, about art and the progession from the dull digital photograph to something special and real! Just follow me, watch and do the same.«
Sometimes, the online photography community reminds me of that Pied Piper tale. Rats and Children.



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  1. Sebastian / Feb 8 2008 02:08

    FIRST!!!111!!1 KITTIEZZZz! (drool)

  2. xupacabras / Feb 8 2008 02:38

    first comments eat ice cream!! xD

    die digital die!!

  3. Shashank / Feb 8 2008 09:47

    shoot more film!!!

  4. miauzz / Feb 8 2008 09:49

    wow, nice street moment… kodak retarded 800?

  5. Linus / Feb 8 2008 11:44

    aww wer ist der führer

  6. kip / Feb 8 2008 13:01

    Are you trying to tell me that b/w film doesn’t make your photos interesting!?!? The forums said it would!

  7. matt / Feb 8 2008 16:14

    “Are you trying to tell me that b/w film doesn’t make your photos interesting!?”

    Aw crap, shooting in B&W was the only idea I had. That’s it, I’m going back to writing novels.

  8. Ryan Marr / Feb 9 2008 03:55

    Love this frame

    Velvia 100?

  9. kip / Feb 9 2008 23:05

    my god, most photo communities are highly concerned about the next lens for their xti and at the same time saying they want to learn all about photography.

    which photo community are you visiting??

  10. apixx / Feb 10 2008 13:53

    Ich mache einen kommentar.

  11. artis / Feb 10 2008 17:10

    “i agree.”

  12. Laurent / Feb 11 2008 19:33


    Yeah I have to agree with the statement, but you must admit some photographers will begin with a digital camera and will eventually buy a film camera if they really like photography. Of course, digital is highly over rated on online communities, but concerning myself, I’ve began to get interested in photography thanks to them.
    Learning in the darkroom is much more interesting than trying to improve some PS skills. It’s thanks to you and your crew I’ve been interesting to films. Keep up the good work on the blog man.


  13. fp / Feb 12 2008 06:42

    it’s not the media neither camera nor a community that makes one a photograper

  14. fp / Feb 12 2008 06:45

    and if one is frustrated, maybe he should consider to work harder and don’t bother the others? ;)

  15. Pekka / Feb 13 2008 17:59

    Amen. But who cares because the best people are over it and yeah right.

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