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14. February 2008 / Bernhard

Is that a raincoat?

Hey Paul!

Table of content: 1 roll of 400TX, 1 roll of Neopan1600.

Now: 400TX

Verboten. It’s a German thing to consider most funny stuff as “verboten”.

Oh, awesome, structure. Avantgarde.

Fooling around with the little ones.

Sadly, I lack of a 16 mm lens for the toycamera so I could have captured a very intense situation in a fitting way. Because the hip kids already know it: The wider, the deeper, the more intense equals emotions. See, it’s easy. Everyone can do it!

Most likely, those frames are impressively boring but this is the kind of photography that I actually appreciate the most. How pathetic!

Lovers. Man showing off his war wounds.

Wedding photographer colleague.

On my way to some Nikon D300 promotion. It was Saturday 7:30 am. Everything was blurry.

The promotion took place in some city outside Vienna. So I took the train.

Not sure what kind of train this guy took for his trip.

I love it when I’m too retarded to hold the camera straight. It’s somewhat post-modern.

Fancy guy with an iBook. Oh yes, it was boring. I was waiting 20 minutes because I got up way too early.

A reading fellow. We had that dozens of times before so one more won’t hurt, right?

So that’s my “I’m not too happy” face. Neopan1600 from now on.

I took this photograph when I was very angry. Sometimes, I’m angry and that’s very inspiring.

Stefan and some good bokeh. I like.

Those shaky-hand cats are fantastic stuff.

Went for some coffee.


I’m pissed that the headline is not in focus – a student getting robbed on a sex date. Definitely some serious business.

Processing film for a friend of mine. Neopan400 and 1600 – on the right, you can even see the roll of Neopan1600 from the last entry.

Because riding the bus is damn funny.

It’s funny how some frames suck tonewise while this is – for my standards – very decent.

Sophie having some confection of pastry.

Most will recognise this shot.


Bathroom. Obviously.

Waiting for the tram. It’s weird what kind of tones Neopan1600 delivers in daylight.

At the gallery – some might recognise the mirror.

At the gallery. I know I still haven’t posted photos from there – I need a tripod and a wide angle lens. Oh well. However, I did a fine job cropping her hands off.

More Polaroid.

There are four more rolls of mediocre stuff waiting. I’ll post them in the next few days. Or later. For now, I’d like to thank you for your patience and wish a very save and productive day.

Oh, almost forgot: Happy Valentines Day! Perfect time of year to get some flowers, get laid and give that new sexy underwear a try. Because it’s the season of getting twisted and spicing up your sex life. Nice. Anyways, make sure to see this “photograph” on that website with the undefined background color.



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  1. xupacabras / Feb 14 2008 20:32

    first comment mwahahah. now i can read the post. Sebastian sucks.

  2. derAndi / Feb 14 2008 21:10

    ui, das is sicher mein film ha…schaut so nach meinen konzertfilmen aus ;)

  3. nerdsinparties / Feb 14 2008 23:09

    “sure it is a guy holding a rose but its a beautiful shot because of his expression, i find it hard to look away from his face. As well the as the lighting and shadows are placed/planned very well. He almost doesn’t look real because he looks almost to perfect.”

  4. Linus / Feb 15 2008 01:29

    ha, eva hta sich auch gerade eine polaroid gekauft. wahnsinn

    und das die sophie ein schweindi ist weisst du eh :O

  5. Kirby / Feb 15 2008 02:22

    “This picture is more than that. I mean truely look at it, the lightness of the eyes contrast with everything else, infact to me this is a darker picture. Even if it wasnt taken to look that way.

    Take for example the eyes are peircing and questioning, but the lips are almost uncaring.”

    <3 DA

    I love the “war wounds” picture by the way. The highlights on his hands are perfect.

  6. kip / Feb 15 2008 04:58

    decisive moment on nice lady big hair. I have yet to try neopanty 1600. Maybe someday. If tri-x ever disappears It’ll be neopanty I’ll use. How is your film dryer setup? It looks good, I need to fight the dust here. peace

  7. christian / Feb 16 2008 19:27

    wie lange sind eure fotos noch in der galerie zu sehen? würd die gern nochmal in aller ruhe ansehen.

  8. Luke Neher / Feb 17 2008 00:13

    Nice post. I think some gallery shots/description of how it went would be nice…..
    also, fuckin’ LULZ:

  9. severin / Feb 17 2008 15:08

    da sind so richtig klassische.. “ich hab grad nix zum tun” photos dabei… haha.. das kennt man doch ;)

    aber tonwerte sind teilweise zum dahinschmilzen.. neopan ist wohl die beste wahl wenn man nicht dauernd den trix mit f2.0 1/8 belichten will ;)

  10. Bogdan / Feb 20 2008 11:35

    nice very b/w

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