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18. February 2008 / Bernhard

Do you have a dog? A little chow or something?

Hey Paul!

Just because it’s damn fancy to start a Blog entry with some complete random stuff. Do you like Huey Lewis and the News?

So, I’m shooting film. Develop it. Scan it. Get frustrated because for some not so obvious reason there is freaking dust on the negatives. Dust and fancy watermarks. Why the fucking hell? I developed four rolls – two were mine, two of a friend of mine. I scanned all of them and guess which ones were with watermarks. Right. Mine. What’s the deeper meaning? Is there any? It’s entertaining because it doesn’t make sense. Not at all. Nice.

No comment. Nice. Looks like developed by some retard. I’m loving it…

The dust spots look damn artistic.

Some serious business on the bus.

Because there is a mirror and because we can.


A dog’s life.

Sebastian Dedicated Kerkes

Der Alte.

Cafe. Boring.

Reading. Boring.

Reflection that didn’t turn out. Exciting.

A hand. Boring.

Lady having a cigarette. Almost exciting.

This is just as exciting as my photography gets at the moment… blahblah.


A few more frames because the light is nice. So is Trix. Which makes a fine combo.

That kind of frames make me lust for summer – B/W film in sunlight looks so nice. Aww…

There is something that I find appealing in that kind of frames. I guess because they are clean and structured and blablahblah.

I like this one.

Der Alte. Hanging out at Museumsquartier.

We went inside. Looked through some photobooks in some book store.

They were looking through a photo book. I mean, shit, I took a photo of someone who’s actually checking out photos. That’s deep.

Photobooks means lots of important photographers around. It’s like a pile of shit and flies.

Finally, we had some coffee.

It’s common that there other people around in cafes.

Look what I have and you don’t!

Sharing sucks.

Hanging out in the park.

Face of evil.

Fance of anger.



Some very Viennese lady.

Thanks for enjoying two more rolls of film. Meaning there are two left for posting.

Have a fantastic week, lots of serious business and awesome.



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  1. Eva / Feb 18 2008 00:31

    Man THAT is serious business!


  2. nerdsinparties / Feb 18 2008 00:46

    It happens with me when I shoot a friend, Theodore (watermarks).
    In every single portrait of his there’s a huge water amoeba on his face. The rest of the roll is fine. Is there an other picture with Theodore in it? – watermarks.

    doen’t make sense.

  3. Adam / Feb 18 2008 00:53

    wow. very serious business.

  4. stelios / Feb 18 2008 01:24

    oi, sebastian is in deep reading!

  5. marc / Feb 18 2008 08:38

    porno casting? definitely need that sticker for my car! by the way: developed my first roll of film yesterday and guess what: watermarks everywhere. bah.

  6. jo / Feb 18 2008 10:17

    aww, die bockige prinzessin…

    über diese beiden damen hab ich mich prächtig amüsiert. was zur hölle treiben die da? jedenfalls best friends mit gleichen täschchen.

  7. Suzan / Feb 18 2008 13:11

    These ladies… that’s just what I imagine when I think about Vienna. The hair, the coats, the bags, the selfabsorbment. Fantastic capture.

    Where there’s a mirror, there’s a self… I’m glad to see you guys stick to that.

    This is SUCH a freaking wicked frame. The light is pretty amazing.

    I like – sweet and minimalistic. Quite high key tones too. Very soothing in a way.

    I’m confused and amused.

    THis is a great frame. Reminds me of me and my sister when we were younger. It always resulted in one not wanting to let the lollipop go, so the other was janking at it and screaming and the others teeth would hurt. Kids (fat)

    I’ll talk to you soon again!

  8. Suzan / Feb 18 2008 13:13

    P.s. I like the light/shadow thing you got going on in a lot of frames!
    Like this one:

  9. matt / Feb 18 2008 16:46

    More than likely, the dust spots are actually crud leftover in your wash water. I’ve found it helps to soak the negs in a mixture of 2ml ifotol (or photoflo), 500 ml water and 100 ml rubbing alcohol (90% if you can get it). After it soaks for a few minutes, I hang the negs and then pour the soapy/alcohol mixture down the negs. The pour is the crucial part as it seems to take most of the crud off the negs.

  10. Harry / Feb 18 2008 18:47

    really nice stuff dude. this is paritcularly nice:

    put you on my blog roll, hope that’s cool.

  11. christian / Feb 18 2008 22:46

    du hast mir mal geschrieben, dass du den filmabstreifer in warmes wasser legst bevor du ihn verwendest. vielleicht sind da rückstände von dem wasser am abstreiferauf dem film.
    das foto vom sebastian gefällt mir gut.

  12. DriesI / Feb 19 2008 00:28

    some pretty gross stuff they sell at that ‘Haschmarkt’, you’re right to go there when everything is closed. Watch out for jogging people with too much breath though.

  13. Harrison / Feb 19 2008 02:11

    Enjoyable entry as usual man, looking forward to the next two rolls.

  14. kip / Feb 19 2008 07:54

    I’m with Harry, that one is ace. I’m also with matt, the more photo-flo the better

  15. tina / Feb 20 2008 21:53

    really deep, serious, and awesome =)

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