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22. February 2008 / Bernhard

ATM Machine: Feed me a stray cat.

Friday means blogging I think. Then again, I don’t know.

Bank statement – always highly entertaining stuff.

Almost as entertaining as wearing contacts.

At some point, shooting people riding the escalator in the back is getting boring. Obviously, I haven’t reached that point yet.

Also, shooting directly into the sun doesn’t necessarily lead to an interesting photograph. Trying doesn’t qualify a “you tried but failed but you are cute” prize.

A cigarette reduces your life-span for about 8 minutes.
A day of work for about 8 hours.

That’s deep. Kids remember, it’s important to spread deep thoughts like these. Speaking of deep thoughts, I can highly suggest reading this article.

I still can’t remember where I took this frame.

“Hmm…” – On the tram home.

On the bus with Sebastian. He scared the kid – so did I.

She was looking through a book about street photography.

Sebastian and I spot Sebastian.

We abducted that poor fellow and took him for a coffee. This was shot with his 40/1,4 Nocton. Very nice – I like.

Sebastian enjoying coffee. f/1,4 – nice.

Die österreichische Antwort auf den deutschen Knut (oder wie man den schreibt – Eisbären gibt’s nur in Lost!).

More retardism. Very nice.

Balloons and happy people – welcome to Vienna!

My sister zoning out.

;wackel – too retarded for metering.

Just because waiting for the waitress is seriously gay business.

The good company. On my way to one of the most beautiful parts of Vienna – Simmering.

Ohh… the tilting. Adding that very special atmosphere. Heading to the gallery now. Seems like I’m going somewhere all the time for the sake of going there by public transport.

I guess it’s a bad thing when you take photos just to get off on the tonalty.

Next day. Sitting in the warm sun – very nice!

Linus on the phone – with a lady. Of course.

Not funny.

That day it was quite cold but skinny emo kids may only wear a pullover and fancy goofy shoes. Plus, messing around with a police car is considered damn daring.

Foggy. Yay!


Badminton – Linus. Very nice!

As I’m gay I thought it’d be a very original idea to make an album full of nice lady photos as a birthday present.

Pasta. I’m feeling hungry.

Even more.

That’s it for now. I’m hungry. Meaning I’m not able to phrase any kind of sensible sentences.



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  1. Booga / Feb 22 2008 13:46

    I like the cigarettes – workday comparison a lot, nice one!

  2. tina / Feb 22 2008 14:39

    photo of woman looking at book of street photos: wow that’s deep.

  3. Jules / Feb 22 2008 17:30

    Cant get any of the stupid photos to load….

  4. Sebastian / Feb 22 2008 17:40


  5. Suzan / Feb 22 2008 17:52

    I like the foggy and straight into the sun frames quite a lot actually. Think you already have a nice series of such calm frames, I like.
    The frames of Sebastian (coffee in moustache XD) had me laugh. Seems like he always really opens his eyes wide when he’s photographed.
    The photo you can’t remember where you took it… My guess is the cinema?

  6. Kirby / Feb 23 2008 02:44

    If taking photos for the sake of good tones is wrong, I don’t wanna be right.

    Same goes for strong contrasts, nice shadows, pretty girls and for the sake of just being bored…

  7. invisiblefocus / Feb 23 2008 11:16

    heast depata! ;) … oder wie meinst Sebastian die tage in seinem blog haha … na ich schick mal nen gruß richtung wien.

    also i hab den sebi selten so nachdenklich gesehen :D, interessantes foto .. was hast da für nen film verwendet? (wobei eh generell die fotos darüber nen schönen kontrast haben .. zB gefällt mir auch sehr gut)

    weiß nicht mal ob di noch erinnern kann an den der dir da schreibt, aber wir haben uns im sommer 2005 mal getroffen .. war mit nem unikollegen in wien und wir san in da nähe vom karlsplatz zsamm mitn Sev auf nen umtrunk gegangen .. na egal .. lang her. hab jedenfalls ne kleine pause eingelegt und länger nix gemacht .. jetzt hab ich mein blog umgesiedelt .. is die neue adresse, …. der start war eher mies mit 2 verhauten trix und einem mittelmäßigen apx, … abgesehen von ner etwas misslungenen entwicklungssession .. aber egal.

    na würd mi freuen wenn mal reinschaust .. und wer weiß, evtl. trifft man sich ja mal wieder … ein wien besuch steht eh an für april.

    ciao, michael

  8. miauzz / Feb 23 2008 17:33

    i would do your sister. and you! At the same time :P

  9. kipfal / Feb 23 2008 18:57

    hallo bernhard,

    zuerst einmal echt herzlichen glückwunsch zu deinem blog! ich schaue fast jeden tag nach ob sich wieder was getan hat :)

    aber eine frage in eigener sache hätte ich: mit was scanst du deine negative, bin derzeit nämlich auf der suche nach einem negativscanner ;)


  10. James / Feb 28 2008 23:51

    Photos as a present? Jesus dude, get her a stuffed Iguana and a fold-out barbecue set or something. Or a racing helmet.

    One birthday, Brandy gave me a Canada Airlines sick bag as a present…

  11. jrhather / Nov 8 2010 15:58

    Gay?! Oh the poor men in your life that’ll never have a chance….I don’t envy them: you really are quite striking!

  12. Loki Wollof / Feb 3 2011 23:05

    Im Grunde genommen n super Beitrag, aber kannst du beim nachsten Mal n wenig umfassender sein? Das ware wirklich super ;)

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