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26. February 2008 / Bernhard

Rationalism – does it come with beer?

So I’ve been to the hairdresser for the sake of humanity. Looking damn snazzy again now – ladies, here I come. Almost.

Anywho, things I’ve learned in the past few days:

  • Austria is gay (driving licence)
  • so are water marks
  • funny gelatine strings on your negatives
  • dpreview forums rival the TV prograrm in regard of retardism
  • that shooting a Olympus Mju II most likely won’t make me look like Terry Richardson and even more likely won’t get me any chicks.

Now: 3 rolls of 400TX. Developed in Kodak XTOL 1+1, 9:00 mins, 20°C, agitation every 30″ for 5″ – hey, that info gives the impression that I know what I’m talking about. Oh yes, forgot: negatives were scanned with the Nikon Coolschweim V ED.

That’s all? Yes, I think so.

Retards at work.

I’m a big fan of the ad in the background. It says: “Lust for meat”. Very nice.

The Austrian Knut getting ready for Finland. That’s an EOS 3 with the sweet 35/1,4 in his hands.

One of those days where I’m feeling lucky.

I bet she killed that thing on her head herself. For Kira.

Hey, haven’t posted any photo from my favorite bus stop in some time! So there you go, as gripping as before.

One more. Wow, that’s fantastic.

The bored and way too full of himself artist posing in front of the mirror because there is nothing else to do (except catching that flight to Tokyo). Inspired by some online portfolio’s about section. Very nice.

Oh, we had Valentines Day. Kawaii. People buying flowers. I managed to get the focus off mabye because I was overwhelmed by all the love spirit around me.

Flying horse after emergency landing.

One more still life. Fantastic!

Hmm, I don’t know.

Old fellow doing… something. Hell, let’s take a photo of that scene because film grows on trees as everyone knows. I have a couple of those trees in the backyard.

Mr. ISO3200 Seiderl.

The insightful, loving, sensitive, charming, funny, understanding artist. Definitely a horse whisperer. Gay.

Awesome! More semifunny shit. Great success.

Clearing the gallery. Last day at the gallery – awkward feeling seeing those prints up the wall. Oh yeah, the digital photos turned out crap as I forgot about the polfilter. Might post them later though (they are really fucked).

A more serious portrait.

Darja. We went to school together.

Marlene. Again, went to school together.

Showing off prints. Pushing ego – it’s like mental masturbation. Very nice.

I’m pretty happy with those frames tonewise. Yay for tones!

Some might call this decisive – I call it bad timing. Oh wait, shit, it’s conceptual. Don’t admit mistakes – they all serve some sort of purpose.

Learn by doing. Went for a walk and meeting up with Stefan and Der Alte.

Auch im Büro. Bullshit.

I <3 Austria


At the cafe: Stefan… feeling empty and stranded. (emo)

Because his internet connection is broken… myspaceln.

Incocknito shoes.

L’Alcohol – weil ich es mir wert bin.


More waiting. Hey, that could be part of my fantastic reading series. Nice very!

Hell, even more. I know we Viennese people are exciting folks. Very nice.

At the uni…

Blind nice lady. Aww…

Next day at her place… serious business going on.

Checking brush. Serious business.

Applying make-up requires lots of precision.

“Why is this happening” is not an appropriate question.

Because it’s serious business. And who knows… you never know when you meet that knight Disney was talking about.

Almost there…

Aww… before you ask: this roll is mainly about the wonders of nice lady. So you might want to skip that…

Lunch break… sun light. Very nice.

Ice cream. Very nice…

Hah, I couldn’t agree more.

I guess I should start collecting photos of people with their cell phones… nice important fantastic great. On my way to the pub – for just a beer…

Getting ready for university and studying again. Do you feel the positive vibes? I don’t.

Decisive moment.

Morning coffee blues.

Aaaaaand: A lady with once again a freaking weird cap. Why? Because I can.

Cheers to all those who made it this far through another not so gripping and by not any standards funny blog entry. But hell, I just came home from the pub and didn’t feel like adding some not so funny shit to not so funny photographs.

Take it as easy as possible,

because you never know,

what’s going,




Awesomeness might strike you like a fist of lightning in your butt.

Who knows.

Think about it.



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  1. Eva / Feb 26 2008 01:54

    Stefan has got some funky shoes. ._.

    “Awesomeness might strike you like a fist of lightning in your butt.” : I worship you for that…

  2. Adam / Feb 26 2008 02:57

    niceeee entry.

    i saw this image and saw the lens on that camera on the table and was like “what the fuck? is that a holga lens on a slr?”

    so explain…



  3. Kirby / Feb 26 2008 09:14

    Huzzah for nice lady. I wish I had a pretty subject that I could regularly harass with a camera.

    “Awesomeness might strike you like a fist of lightning in your butt” is a good mantra to live by. You should start a religion.

    That photo rocks, by the way

  4. marius / Feb 26 2008 09:48

    funny man.

    great snaps.

  5. jam / Feb 26 2008 10:26

    good shots.
    you are a joker.

  6. Suzan / Feb 26 2008 11:05

    Oh wow, the make-up frames kinda make you look really creepy and stalkerish. But I must admit that this frame is really cute:
    I also like this one:

    BAM! A big blog of black. Nice contrasts.


  7. Klaus / Feb 26 2008 15:58

    Verdammt, ich wußte gar nicht, dass das 35mm 1,4 so ein Klotz ist! Aber was tut man nicht so alles für eine Blende mehr…


    Yay, in der eigenen Ausstellung ein Selbstportrait. Hast du auch eins gemacht, als es voller Besucher war??

  8. Maxyme / Feb 26 2008 17:47

    The girl putting makeup… she’s you sister right?

  9. artis / Feb 26 2008 22:41


    You’re as funny as i am borring! Congrats. And, for those who don’t get it – it’s not the selfportraits you’re aiming for, but an artistic photograps of a mirror. Right? Left! Correct me if I’m wrong!

    But seriously, lots of great shots here – truly enjoyed them as well as words in between.

    Awesome Interneteiment Before Going to Sleep!

    I believe, if now some photo qualifies as a casual snap, later it feels nice very to come back and remember all the little moments that have past. And say: aww.

    Goodnight! Cheers from Bruxless!

  10. Shashank / Feb 27 2008 10:50

    i like the fashion scene in vienna…especially all the fancy cap…

  11. floris / Feb 27 2008 13:51

    dude, I love your blog, great pictures and comments, more of your favourite busstop!

  12. pHeela / Feb 27 2008 15:42

    whatever you say about being boring, bullcrap. u cracked me up again and lifted my spirits with another very “bernardish” shit! Thanks, school suddenly feels better…

  13. unclevinny / Feb 28 2008 19:46

    pretty girl + yogurt = true love


  14. James / Feb 28 2008 23:59 – if you ever go to Vilnius, there is a bar/restaurant there called Cozy. A girl works there named… OK I can’t remember her name. But she looks soo like her. Uncanny.

    I should remember her name, I’m going back there soon. She’ll hit me if I forget. She makes mean cocktails.

  15. foto / Mar 6 2008 22:23

    pretty girl =)

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