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3. March 2008 / Bernhard

May I give you a finger?

That’s what popped into my mind when I saw that frame.

Der Kleine and I went to Thalia which is a huge book store. Apparently, this country is run by old people.

We came across that very old lady – she could our mother she said. I’m not sure but then again, ladies are weird and god knows what plastic surgery is capable of these days.

Another old fella.

An Austrian teenager. I see what polititians mean when they say we have a demographic problem here.

Next day: Stefan and I met up with Sophie because she wanted some portraits… sure. Despite the fact it’s blury I like it.

She wanted some photos for her job application… so I thought: Why not start while having a cheeseburger?

Oh yeah.

If you waste more than 3 frames on your friends having a cheeseburger your photography might just hit an alltime low.

Those are curly fries for gods sake – doesn’t count! I got some more frames… but I suppose some lady won’t be too happy seeing them online.

Stefan. <3

Stefan…slightly through the wind and ohuing. *ohu

So we came across that happy fellow. Nice.

Horny granny. Me likes.

I mainly shot digital (I hate crop digitals) and a roll of Kodak 400NC. I literally found that roll in my fridge and was like: Hey, why not give that poor fucker a chance? Why not? Long story short: That very roll had been around for a few years too long resulting in horrible negatives… I should have exposed at ISO100 or something. So yeah, no color stuff because those scans are rather embarrassing.

More old people.

Tram rides can be boring.

I wish this was shot on color film… one has to love those neon green caps.

Next day: Serbian ralley due to the separation of Kosovo. The important Austrian media broadcasting. Fantastic stuff. I had to re-wash some negatives hence the fancy dust. Still, I love the rich tones of Tri-X (I obviously love being pathetic).

Some weren’t that much into political stuff…

While others apparentley are.

Watch your back… sneaky Albanians!

And a subtle switch in focus…

Thanks to Peter I had the opportunity to take a few frames with the lovely Leica 50/1.4 ASPH.

Temperatures ranging from 15-20°C… what a sunny sunny day (right Lani?).

Stefan being fancy as ever.

Stefan, Peter and I went to the cafe afterwards where I tested the 50/1.4 some more. (f1.4, 1/60)

The tones look definitely different than with the Biogon.

A surprised waitress.

Emoboy getting tired.

A classic boring photography.

A sleeping dude. Orly?

Happy man with some beer in his hands.

Nice lady and nice tones. I think this is sort of a commentory climax.

I met Aschi whose film I’ve been developing lately. One more 400TX victim – DO YOU HEAR ME KODAK?

It’s so rare that I see an exhibition so I always get very excited… resulting in lots of fantastic photographs.

Like this one. Amazing frame!

Olex feeling getting excited by some B/W print.

Being dedicated in a photo exhibition. Nice.

It can hardly get any more dedicated I think… hell, where is the curator that is in search of a new artist? WHERE ARE YOU GUYS?

Deep. Fantastic. +fav

Art in progress – wunderschön!

I know, I know… it’s that gayness inside of me but I like this scene because all those heads make up a line and well, just because it’d work nicely when viewed larger. Blablah…

A nice lady portrait full of tension… mind the daring angle!

Very last frame on that roll…

Thanks for reading. I once again don’t feel like talking too much rubbish – thanks for reading.



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  1. Eva / Mar 3 2008 22:41

    FIRST! Sorry I just had to…

  2. Suzan / Mar 4 2008 00:25

    My favs:


    Both are not only about the subject, but just everything in the composition works. Pretty fantastic.
    You can tell a difference in tones when shooting a different lens? You gotta tell me more about that some time.

  3. petebarker / Mar 4 2008 01:43


  4. David / Mar 4 2008 05:42

    Is that the philosophers series by steve pyke?

  5. Sebastian / Mar 4 2008 09:57

    Guter Eintrag, schöne Mischung aus Portrait und Street, lauter nette Sachen (f). Das da kenn i ja noch ned – find ich sehr nett, hübsches bokeh. Sieht aus wie fill flash vom Licht her, ur, oda :O

    aja und:


  6. sev / Mar 4 2008 17:09

    gute sachen dabei. putin, die kopf-reihe.. das portrait von sopherl im mäci mag ich auch irgendwie.

    ps: 50meter gewebeband jekauft

  7. spanishjohnny / Mar 4 2008 20:59

    wenn ich deine guten belichtungen sehe bekomm ich n brechreiz, wenn ich meine letzten 14 rollen sehe. war letzte woche fleißig und hab filme der letzten 6 monate entwickelt, leider apx in hc110 entwickelt. kommt irgendwie gar nicht gut, alle filme sehr flau. tippe aber auf zu kalte chemie. wenn ich aber dann noch die 50/1.4er leica bilder seh, dann will ich doch glatt ins kriminelle millieu abrutschen und mir ne leica kaufen. also: tolle fotos, tolle kontraste, tolle schärfe !

  8. kimlphoto / Mar 5 2008 00:57

    good stuff. i like the protest shots. the one with the horse statue & hand in ther air +fav++. yes.

    you are lucky to be alive, last week this dutch photographer dirk jan visser got his ribs broken and gear smashed by protesters. (okay okay that was in belgrado, but still)

    when is your next exhibition? :D

  9. kimlphoto / Mar 5 2008 01:04

    and also, why are there so few color photo’s when your blog’s title is Yet another cute B/W-Color Blog?

    even bw diehards crave color sometimes right?

  10. tina / Mar 5 2008 04:05

    so why are there so many old people in austria?

  11. chris weeks / Mar 6 2008 03:06

    love sniping in bookstores.

    and, yes, i tend to believe that after looking at the negs, yes, they’re mostly old in there.

    nice stuff.

    glad i’ve set up my rss reader again!

  12. felix / Mar 6 2008 15:43

    We came across that very old lady – she’s could our mother she said.” <- WHAT???? ;-)

    hübscher kram, wie immer und LOVELY TONES!

    achja, keene Ahnung ob die nach Ösiland verschicken, aber weil Kodak ja gerade den TMAX 400 “verbessert” hat machen die ein wenig Promo, wenn man ne email an schreibt und umreißt wie man kodak allgemein ultragut findet schickense einem 4 x36 für umme zu.. ich mein 120 Frames für 0 Euro is eig n gutes Ding, bei mir hat’s geklappt.

  13. Michael / Mar 10 2008 22:29

    also am besten gefallen mir IMG008034, IMG008035 (beide absolut klischeehaft für österreich .. unsere bevölkerung wie du sagst, .. dazu ein super kontrast und schöne schärfe), IMG008046 (weil das lachen so schön natürlich eingefangen ist), IMG008087 (kontrast und spiegelung vorallem deshalb find ichs sehr gelungen), .. von der demo würd ich sagen IMG008102 als favorit .. aber keine ahnung wieso, einfach so .. und die zwei fotos mit dem fokuswechsel auf den typ unterhalb des kontainers; das mit dem putin foto hast auch nice gesehen .. passt einfach, .. IMG008131 und IMG008132 san wunderschöne portraits, kontrast, licht, .. da passt irgendwie alles wie ich finde .. und zum abschluss die letzten zwei fotos vom entry san auch gut. gesamt gesehen schwer favoriten rauszusuchen weil ich den eintrag als gesamtes super find .. voll schöne fotos dabei, viel street und zwischendurch klasse portraits .. schöner stil und nette abwechslung. weiter so! ;)

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