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9. March 2008 / Bernhard

A Shitload of Decisive Moments

Thanks to Suzan for the fantastic title.

I got my dad’s Olmpuys Mju II, loaded some APX100 and went to the pub. Decisive moments, here we come.

I like this frame a lot actually.

More pub.

Because it’s so funny one more time.

Picking up Stefan from his place. More mental and photographic masturbation.

Porn artist.

And the other partner in crime.

At the pub – some random guy.

Cranberry-vodka. Excellent.

Knut took this one.

Hmm… not sure about this one.

Some truly random decisive stuff.

Happy day!

Some happy fellow.

Big time trasher.

Enough of that bullshit. I shot a roll of Fuji Pro400H which I think expired at some point in 2007. Developed it myself but oh well, I didn’t think about the piece of fuck called boiler. During rinsing that cute thing thought to itself: “Hey, why rinse at 30°C when you can have so much more fun at 10°C?” So I’m not sure how much that way too cold rinsing affected the washing –  either way, I’m sure it didn’t improve. Some random frames:

A guy from deviantart.

I like this one.

Nice lady being funny.

Nice lady at H&M being… hmm… a shopaholic without money.

Dominik is so retardet.

I’m supposed to study but posting a blog entry is a nice way avoiding doing so.

That’s it.



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  1. Eva / Mar 9 2008 23:38

    FIRST again!
    Hah I had seen most of them already. ^^ I like the dog pictures, it looks very posh. ^^ That is one chic dog yay.

  2. Pascal Grob / Mar 10 2008 00:02

    yes yes, H&M is evil. like very evil. turning innocent women into shopaholics without money.

    ( – ohne zusammenhang)

  3. Linus / Mar 10 2008 00:09

    dominik is wirklcih bechindat.

    aja halli galli fotos

  4. stelios / Mar 10 2008 00:46

    is compact film cameras and flash the new trend?
    expired colour films surely arent.
    ever tried cross processing film into E6 chemicals? I’m sure you’d like to experiment

  5. Jules / Mar 10 2008 02:43

    Oh great. You Austrians seem to me so flashtastic these days with your party pics. Tres chic.

  6. Chris / Mar 10 2008 07:02

    I love the girl on the escalator

  7. Shashank / Mar 10 2008 09:23

    damn…Olympus compacts are the in thing…can i be a lemming and buy one as well…Jamie/Suzan/ have the XA which comes with a RF!!! damn…+fav

  8. James Bardolph / Mar 10 2008 10:42

    Is that McDonalds? I hope that is not McDonalds.

    You know their burgers contain shit? Literally.

  9. jam / Mar 10 2008 12:58

    like the last shot alot,

    I wanted to ask, i heard through the (internet) grapevine that you are a coolscan V mastah, and yeah, when you have a spare minute do you think you could send me a little email on how the use the godammned thing? At the moment all my scans are super-grainy and I swear this thing shows up any dust/scratch even if they are microscopic?


  10. andrei / Mar 10 2008 13:31

    reading your blog is also a nice way of avoiding studying

  11. xupacabras / Mar 10 2008 18:30

    i like the elevator flashy action a lot. and the Kunt one too. err… Knut, Knut! ^^;

  12. spanishjohnny / Mar 10 2008 18:31

    ja, rock n roll sag ich nur. die kleinen dinger sind echt super. ich will auch so ein teil…

  13. Ockie / Mar 10 2008 20:58

    Ah, and reading this post is my reason to not study. :)

  14. Michael / Mar 10 2008 21:44

    IMG008303, IMG008304, IMG008312 (ganz besonders mit dem plakat im background haha) und IMG008317 … einfach nur geil ;) .. kamot .. da gibt’s nix mehr zu sagen haha.

    ansonsten .. qualitativ am besten gefallen mir IMG008158 (vorallem der lichteinfall) und IMG008169 (sagst ja selbst schon, ist echt gelungen) … generell ein lustiger eintrag und gute farbfotos mal wieder zwischendurch.

  15. Klaus / Mar 10 2008 22:10

    Verwirrend. Frag mich, wo du da nun genau standest. Die mju finde ich klasse, schade dass sie die Einstellungen nie speichert (Blitz aus und Spot-Messung an). Da kleine Ding blitzt ja schon wie die Sau.

  16. artis / Mar 10 2008 23:49

    nice use of flash.. you’re progressing too fast!!

  17. Maxyme / Mar 11 2008 21:28

    haha I always said that dom was such a retard!
    now it’s everywhere

  18. kipkeston / Mar 12 2008 09:46

    the 400h looks fucking awesome. I love 400h, maybe my favorite color neg

  19. miauzz / Mar 14 2008 09:49 wtf?? why dont you tell him he looks gay, with the hair like that? He is your friend, you should take care of him.

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