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15. March 2008 / Bernhard

A Shitload of Decisive Moments, continued

Is it that time again? I think so.

Beer. Check.
Negative scans. Check.
Mediocre comments. Double Check.

So, I’m waiting for some call and is there any better way for killing time than writing a blog entry? I don’t think so.

So the last few days I was quite busy with exams and other funny stuff meaning I spent quite some quality time at the university.

And travelling home from there.

And back there. Taken after my practical driving licence exam.

They should call Vienna dog-ville.

Nice lady enjoying some ice-tea. Mind the dramatic composition.

Sitting around because we can.

Going to uni again, next day.

Nice lady getting used to that new toy in town. Taken during lunch break at… James listen up: McDonalds.

Some might remember those ridiculous sunglasses from the previous entry… yes, those are the frames taken with the toycamera.

Me and my apes or mates or bros (you decide) rocking that elevator.

Descheissive moment.

I came home and took a self that reflects my thoughts about the world and everything important.

On the way to uni – getting dreary? NO WAY!

Black lady makes the crucial difference!

Hey, it’s Stefan for a change. Great job! Mind the funny dust thingie in the left corner – quality stuff.

At some point in the future, I’ll make a series about reading or simply busy people on the tram, bus and subway. I know it. So it’s OK to take a shitload of perfectly boring photos there. ONE HAS TO HAVE CLEAR GOALS! SERIES AND BODY OF WORK IS THE KEY!

Mark my words.

Watching Spongebob on alluc.

Easily the coolest granny I came across in quite some time.

Live performance.

Waiting for the exam.

Italian ladies lost in Vienna.

Having coffee at Orange.

So were they.

3 faces and sunny sun.

German ladies lost in Vienna.

A summobell and some photography students.

Give me a pair of feet and I’ll crop em. No worries.

As decisive as it can get.


Some fella slightly through the wind, again.

Satisfied? Should have stopped down more. Ah well. Gay.

I know this frame is quite lame boring unspectacular and retarded but… well, I know that he loves to see this frame online. There you go.

Next day: Travelling home from uni.

Aaaaaaaaand: Travelling to university again.

I’m adding this frame for the sake of my retardedness: Give me a pair of legs… and I’ll crop em. I’m doing a fine job with those.

Nobody cares for those little moments yet I raise the camera, meter, focus, expose. Fantastic.

Maybe because it’s about being part of it and yet doing something different. DARE TO BE DIFFERENT IS THE WORD! LET’S PAINT OUR FINGERNAILS BLACK AND WEAR MASCARA!

As decisive as it can get.

Place holder. Because I like portrait format frames.

Bitte den Author beachten! Kein Wunder, dass die Gute so schaut.

Just deny the fact that you’ve seen the very same scene on this blog countless times before. Thank you.

This is a hand I think? Who does it belong to? What if it doesn’t belong to anybody? What if it’s what we consider a hand free of any obligations? Does it have a hand job? Or is this just silly?

Sendepause, Mama.

In closure: The Nice Lady.

Alright. I finished that beer. Just got called but my fantastic cell phone decided to disconnect after about a second which is fine. Who needs to talk with those things these days anyway? You may take pictures, shoot videos and listen to movies. Hell, some even take care of your sex life – but a decent connectivity? Ha, that’s so yesterday. Nice. So I guess I’ll just wait for that piece of shit to logon again, call back, waste some money on that fucking service and then learn that plans have changed that I should have gone to the darkroom and that – on a side note – film once again got more expensive.

That’s it I think.

Thanks for looking and perhaps even reading,



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  1. Becca / Mar 15 2008 23:49

    Well, I for one, love your mediocre comments. The Descheissive moment one will be added to my list of Bernhardian quotations ;)

  2. Indi-is-conan / Mar 16 2008 01:00

    Yesh I love them all!

  3. pHeela / Mar 16 2008 02:00

    thank you.
    your hand photo comment sounded very LINCHy to me… INLAND EMPIREshly…

  4. marius / Mar 16 2008 12:01

    great frames once again. i wish i was as consistant with my shooting as you are.

  5. simon / Mar 16 2008 12:34

    “descheissive moment”,

  6. felix / Mar 16 2008 12:54

    tztz… was spricht gegen thornton wilder? ;)

  7. stefanpalm / Mar 16 2008 13:05

    oh mann. ist das ur meine zahnbürste in den mooond?

    die verlorenen itaka dig ich <3, sendepause mama <33, unsere kleine stadt und die drei gesichter sowieso.

  8. Suzan / Mar 16 2008 14:27

    The cool granny shot is awesome!
    The frame with the photographystudents… I didn’t see the sumobell and thought you focused on the trashcan and not on the photographystudents to make a statement $:

  9. Suzan / Mar 16 2008 14:28

    Oh… and if you wanna do something else instead of always that streetshooting again, try this:

  10. Klaus / Mar 16 2008 15:21

    Sonnebrillen sind echt generationübergreifend verbindend. Und Unis sind wohl überall Baustellen.

  11. kipkeston / Mar 17 2008 09:52

    I’m usually quite impressed by how dust free and clean your images look.

    You shoot tr-x! an american film, while the american economy is going down the toilet, how can it become more expensive for the EU. I have yet to understand the economy.

  12. Kirby / Mar 18 2008 16:44

    You crop those feet like a pro. I must learn your secret.

    This frame:

    This frame:

    And this frame:

    are great. Nice Lady looks different in that picture.

  13. Kirby / Mar 19 2008 15:53

    How do you find so many decisive moments in so short a time? I must know your secret.

    This frame:

    this frame:

    and this frame:

    are great. Nice lady looks pretty different in the last one though. Strange how that came out.

    By the way, I just got my hand on an old Pentax ME. I have no experience with film so can you recommend me one to keep an eye out for?

  14. melissa / Mar 28 2008 18:42

    I love your work and your way to see the life. Nice Lady have a great impressive face. Great work!

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