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25. March 2008 / Bernhard

The Better Life GmbH

So, what do we have here? First, some serious business photographs. 5Tr33T and other fancy stuff… then heading for some straight and impressive retardism.

Is there any better way to start a blog entry than with an old man? Honestely, I don’t think so.

Because I’m Sir Karl Fancypants I took two frames.

At the post office: Fancy lady wearing shiny leather boots – 60 years too late, sweetcheeks.

Wet streets implicate serious business photography.

Leonardo getting “slighlty” drunk at the wedding photographer meeting. Definitely a bunch of people that love the seriousness of their business.

So, on my way home I cam across this scene: An umbrella with cigarettes covering two cliches at the same time. If life was like Scrabble that’d be a red field.

Asian food.

Ain’t getting more descheissive.

I took this one for Sebastian: How often do you see a Hooooond in a shop window?

Anyhwo, because it was a damn sunny sunny day (see Lani, we occasionally have that too) Stefan and I went out messing around. Since I’m highly dedicated and definitely need to expand my body of work I took the Mamiya RZ coupled with the recently acquired 110/2,8W with me. Since of the lack of a decent MF scanner there is a chronological gap here… might fix that in the next few days.

After wandering around we came across that scene. It was getting cold so Stefan decided to take pictures of horses taking a dump and piss in the sun while I was with the skaters.

Stefan “Mir is koit”.

Stefan through the wind, part III.

13a – where are you?

Bet that was some serious short message.

Add something dynamic to the status composition and it’s an instant fav.

Alright, that’s the classic Tri-X 400 part. Street, retarded portraits… whatever.

Now: Flashy moments. Too fragile to let go and forget about them.

In your face. It’s about the transition of love and honestey that makes this photograph shine.

Then I met the Austrian Terry Richardson.

He had a rough night with lots of nude chicks and partying.

Ain’t rough enough for not being able to develop some film.


Some frames from a gig Stefan and I went to… Stefan took some serious business photographs (can be found on his blog) while I focussed on the precious moments inbetween. <3

Shooting with a pol-filter and the kit lens. Good stuff.

Hives – Find Another Girl – “… saving all the kisses just for you..”

Good man.

Credits goes to Stefan for his happy happy face.


Happy happy.

Back to Orange.

Back to the dead…

Alright, this was taken some time ago. I don’t know when… but it’s not that crucial I guess.

Next few precious frames were shot last weekend…

Starting like any other night out.

Reducing to the max. I’m quite fond ot those tight crops.

Meet Peter: The barkeeper by heart.

Alex showing off his war wounds to his girl. What a cute fag. However, because we can we went to Cafe Leopold – the place to be if you’re a yet to be discovered Top Model or just some boring prick that likes to roll with dads credit card. Good stuff.

When I saw that scene I KNEW that this frame is going to work! Because street photography is about the MOMENT. About REACTION. About AWARNESS OF IT. There is this videoclip where some IMPORTANT street photographer is saying some similar utter bullshit. Nice.

Wearing a cap means you’re sensitive because you even feel peoples cold in such a crowded and stuffy place. Prick.

Nice. Cute guy… sensitive. Horse whisperer. Maybe gay…

Stefan doing what he does best: Burping. Good boy. Also member of the horse whisperer department that night.

I’m lovin’ it. Hamburger.


Way to go, Terry.

Hah, almost. Thanks Stefan.

Alright, I suppose this frame shows what it’s all about. Yet to be discovered model on the left, myspace queen in the middle (also a soon to be discovered model) and well, guess no description required on the right. Good times.

But inmidst of all this jerking around there is serious Moritz. Hell, where is Max?

Study of a young Austrian.

Guess that’s also an important study.

Hmm… maybe this one too. And before you ask: This doesn’t make sense – I think the hand in the foreground is Stefan’s but… yeah… figure yourself.

The flash god knows no mercy.

Men power.

Hmm… just when you thought we left stone age behind us…

You see this.

And this.

Taking a break… but why with that bottle?

And uhm… well, my happy face at the end. Right before having dinner with my grandparents. Jolly times.

So, in case you made it this far… made it through all those fantastic and precious photographs – Kudos. And thank you. I most likely made you waste a few minutes of your important and productive day. Something that gives me a tiny boner… just that tiny one when you think about social insurance and stuff.

Either way, take it easy,



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  1. Maxyme / Mar 25 2008 18:51

    and we all know that’s all you can get. tiny boner.

    I’ll go and rub now.
    watching all this gave me a HUGE boner.


  2. stefanpalm / Mar 25 2008 18:59

    der most slightliest eintrag, wie ich finde.
    das beste zum schlus4s4

    aber whisper: die *** in blond = ;fickificki

  3. Sebastian / Mar 25 2008 18:59

    Crop sie tight, Alter!

    Ich lach so h00ndigst, ich spritgack mir ins Hoserl, schon alles ganz feucht hier.

    Supa Eintrag, bist der beste. Auch ohne Lederstiefel. <3

  4. mariusnilsen / Mar 25 2008 21:26

    nice ones-that austrian terry R looks sleasy….

    btw im still waiting for a reply on that email i sent you about phiary.

    the umbrella shot is great.

  5. xupacabras / Mar 25 2008 23:02

    i really like this

    and it’s never too late for shiny leather boots! :O

  6. poolhall-junkie / Mar 26 2008 00:06

    Die skate bilder sind echt der wahnsinn!
    und ein paar von unten auch :D dort driftets allerdings eher in den anderen wahnsinn ab :D
    lg poolhall-junkie

  7. kipkeston / Mar 26 2008 14:27

    hey. some very solid frames in there. sorry about the tiny boner.

    I’ve been reading the literature lately as well! (kodak tech pubs)…

  8. ingrid / Mar 26 2008 20:08

    haha! the retardism always brightens my day. especially the last frame, priceless. cheers

  9. sev / Mar 27 2008 04:17

    hab auch grad geblogt. wir haben den selben rhythmus ;)

    viele scheene leute wieder.. die partypics sind wirklich behindert.

  10. Klaus / Mar 27 2008 23:52

    Yay, Easteregg:

    So ist das also, wenn ein Hochzeitsfotograf bei den Partyfotografen rumwildert :D

    btw: sporadisch fallen beim Laden der Seite immer einige Bilder weg, kA warum…

  11. ozgur / Mar 29 2008 23:40

    Hah! i love the umbrella, nice entry :)

  12. invisiblefocus / Apr 2 2008 16:59

    also es is echt witzig zu sehen wie seb, sev und du parallel bloggen und immer wieder ähnlichkeiten auftauchen ;) …. abgesehen von den party pics die wie immer ne wohltat waren (*prost*) .. [und dem abschluss-pic von dir .. grumpy haha] … die zwei bilder zu anfang, die pics vom kaffee und zwei, drei zwischendurch .. generell schöner kontrast und ein kaum merkbares korn .. ich wünscht meine scans würden auch so aus dem scanner kommen .. aber gut, is ja kein wunschkonzert. feiner zeitvertreibender eintrag!

  13. artis / Apr 4 2008 10:58

    flash makes all the pictures look so.. honest.

    and, the first skatebording photo is cool.

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