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5. April 2008 / Bernhard

At some point, it doesn’t make any sense.

Alternative title: And then there was Koal – who became our friend.

This entry is dedicated to my favorite pub: Orange. Thanks for making all those frames possible. Cheers!

At some point, it doesn’t make any sense. – That’s what I thought when I looked at the negatives. But to fully understand what I mean, take a journey with me enlightened by the wonderful Olympus Mju.

Is it for real? Not sure if it’s Escher or Kafkaesque. But it’s not something that is meant to be.

So those frames were taken at Kathi’s (Stefans sister) birthday party.

I’m posting those frames mainly because I think APX100 is looking good.

He’s obviously slightly intoxicated. Slightly.

So Stefan and I went to Orange because I’m a sissy and insisted on having some more beer. Classic. But who could’ve know that we were about to meet our new best friend Koal there?

He must have been waiting for quite some time.

I suppose those were his friends. It was saturday night and there was a lot of serious drinking business going on.

Alex and his lady joined our slightly retarded round. But to be fair, her friend was a fantastic humerous enrichment.

Definitely some important conversation.

Because Koal is a true friend he stayed calm and silent. A true friend. Mind the fingers – SLAYER!

Some might say that this is a sign if childishness… if you think so, do yourself a favor and skip this blog entry.

Like all my friends, he’s a photographer as well.

“Whoa… that’s retarded!”

Well, does this require a semi funny comment?

More mental masturbation just a few scrolls away.

Through the wind. Definitely.

Because I was quite triggerhappy that night I had to load my emergency film – a roll of Kodak BW400CN that expired in February. Quality stuff. So, from now on it’s 400CN:

Because Koal was still tired we thought he’d appreciate being involved into some more retarded business.

I have no idea what this frame is about. Sorry.

Just making sure he’s still alive because Koal didn’t move a milimeter for about 1 1/2 hours.

Our fans!

Getting more and more intense… heading straight for a giant beer mat climax!

The whole table joined in…

Just right after Koal awoke… and went back to sleep again after a few minutes of observing the whole scene. Sadly, I ran out of film at this point but let me be honest: What the hell? Why does somebody fall asleep in a loud, muggy pub? Who’d do that?

So well, enough of that… as stated before this entry is about Orange. So… there you go.

Stefan doing what he can do best. Guess what it is.

Having some quality food at McDonalds. Yes James, we ate some horse shit or what the hell else.

That fella just turned 20 when I took the photo… so… uhm that incident makes it special I suppose. What the hell.

Some decisive stuff.

Thanks to Bernd all ways led to Vodka. Nice.

Something serious.

Kids burn ants… I burn retinas.

Bernd’s dog. Awwww… gets you chicks.

That’s a finger… I guess… pointing at me… I think… annoyed because of the flash… I’m sure.

Because I was more triggerhappy than ever before, I had to borrow some film from Stefan… so it’s 400TX from now on:

Bernd restocking our little friends with some ugly dark shit.

125.000 Seidl vs. BARNEY

And now: A short study of faces:

“Jetz’ hör mal auf mit der scheiß Fotografiererei!”

An epic walk home.

In closing: Random Photographs (Kodak VR200 – once again, quality stuff)

One can tell he’s a big fan of the badest bands in the world: SLAYER (mind the capitals – makes them even more… GODHATING).

Welcome to Austria.

Minor details.

Going to Salzburg. More tomorrow or so…

Old farts. I had the fantastic idea of loading expired Kodak 160NC again… hence the artsy colors and horrible amount of grain. Oh well, I guess I’ll load my color film in the Mju for some important projects. Besides, from on it’s the toycamera again.

Shopping with the infamous nice lady.

I like.

Thanks for reading and looking and maybe rolling your eyes. Once again, kudos to those who made it that far. It’s funny: Except the last few frames all were taken with the Olympus. Something, I could never imagine a few months ago but those compact cameras are true gems. I’m posting those frame because I promised to do so I’d be lying if I say I find them in any way remarkable or interesting… most of them are boring shit. But then again, that’s what most photographs are about and in doubt, make a series or paint them red and it’s going to work.

Anywho, I have a few rolls of Tri-X waiting… so it’s not all lost. I’m not wasting all my film on pointless, boring semi funny and interesting getting-wasted photos.

Until then take it easy,



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  1. Eva / Apr 5 2008 23:06

    This is when I realise that… I’ve seen half of them already. Hehehe I feel honored. ^^

  2. Kirby / Apr 6 2008 00:00

    Nothing at all wrong with making pointless, boring semi funny and interesting getting-wasted photos. If it weren’t for those I’d have lost interest in photography years ago.

    Hell, if you ask me if you don’t take at least a handful of retarded photos a week you’re just not dedicated enough :P

    P.s. I wish I met people as interesting as Koal. None of my friends will let me build card castles on them.

  3. kipkeston / Apr 6 2008 01:24

    was very funny with koal. he is a true metal head.

    apx100 has very “sinister” tones in my opinion. beautiful stuff.

    are you going to sell the M and keep the olympus? ;)

  4. Suzan / Apr 6 2008 04:06

    Bernie, I’m happy to see you making friends like Koal. Pretty damn fantastic. Keep at it.
    I will catch you on MSN some time. Yes, seriously.

  5. sawme / Apr 6 2008 06:32

    lovely pictures …..

  6. James / Apr 6 2008 09:02

    Nice pics of Mister sleepy. I only manage to fall asleep in toilets when I’m drunk. Except for the time I fell asleep at a System of a Down concert in Brixton Academy.

    I’m sad every time I see McDonalds in your photos :(

  7. Linus / Apr 6 2008 10:20

    das hats mir sehr angetan muss ich sagen (:

  8. marius / Apr 6 2008 10:38

    i could not stop laughing scrolling down and finding this frame.

    nice snaps, honestly your life in pictures looks so much fun.

    i wish i had just as must fun…maybe i should move to vienna.


  9. Simon / Apr 6 2008 14:26

    woah, i think i´ve never been that exhilarated by pictures of a decorated drunk as by those of koal. they´re so pathetic and deep at the same time. thank you for being that triggerhappy!

    oh: i fall asleep in loud and muggy pubs too, from time to time ;)

  10. chris weeks / Apr 6 2008 20:54

    didn’t roll my eyes once. nice stuff, mate.

  11. Stefan Palm / Apr 7 2008 14:10

    wer hat den letzten kommentar geschrieben?

  12. Pekka / Apr 7 2008 20:45

    Epic. Couldn’t help but laugh on this one:

  13. Sebastian / Apr 7 2008 21:47


  14. cha / Apr 10 2008 19:30

    ICH … like

    man i’m so artsy.


  15. cha / Apr 10 2008 19:31

    actually i realise “details” are very important in the “charlotte likes a photograph” whole process.
    so yeah.


    bye !
    ttyl !


  16. Pascal Grob / Apr 12 2008 11:28



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