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7. April 2008 / Bernhard

Eva says (22:37): i love cats and dogs and rainbows

And you still wonder why this Blog is a beacon for mentally handicapped. Oh well… you’re on of my peeps then.

This entry features exclusively 5treet and some fancy something.

So I was assisting once again… we were taking pictures of some fancy 300 kg furniture. Nice… that’s when you need an assistant aka. fork lift.

Yay… the jerk!

Tough and serious business.

Stefan semi-through the wind.

Funtastic. Photos on the bus… they never get boring. One has to take them, right? RIGHT?

And more…

Stefan adjusting the negative in the carrier. Black and bit of white.

At McDonalds… right before we were heading to Orange celebrating Stefan’s birthday with all our friends (for photos, see the previous entry).

*ohu. Kroch Boom. Nice.

I’m going to shoot her wedding thanks to
the Austrian Knut aka Sebastian

Some more boring street photo. Had dinner with my grandparents at some ridiculous fancy restaurant… never ever again.


An old couple standing in front of some shop window – that’s some quite catchy scene, right?

Going to my parents place… Easter time. Yay.

The weather was terrible – there should be snow in the frame… oh well.

Snow, static enough for me being able to capture. Nice. The infamous 13a… the most essential bus line in whole Vienna.

Stefan’s photography class was making a day trip to Salzburg visiting an exhibtion… hell, I forgot the photographers name (one more sign that I’m getting old). It was a japanese fellow… and it’s been black and white…. aaaand you may not take pictures inside the museum because… well, because of the collectors’ integrity. Besides, the photo was taken on the subway heading to the trainstation together with Kerstian and
Der Alte aka Florian.

The Austrian Federal Railways are run by retards resulting in lots of confusion. Oh well, it’s good old Austria, we guys just recently introduced computers and such.

Exciting times. Train photography… about to become hip – trust me.

So this is Salzburg: Snow, cold, bus drivers that decide they don’t want to wait for a minute… nice. I don’t need to leave good old Vienna in order to experience that.

Apparently, people over there are not familiar with cameras thus ignoring them. At least something.

I’m very fond of that sign which basically seems to say that you may not cross when you’re drunk. Funny as cancer.

Kerstin having a breakfast.

Aschi being almost awake.

The fantastic tour guide – Ja, die sind mit Großbildkameras gemacht. Außerdem sind das Silbergelatineabzüge. Sind scho was tolles, ha?

So that’s the face I get when I’m talking about cameras. Anybody said “Jerk”?

Right before we were told to not take any pictures inside the museum… because… well, I suppose that staircase belongs to some collector. WHO KNOWS.

For the sake for bokeh… lame, once again.

Stefan was having some exam the next day and obviously worried.

I also had the fantastic pleasure to view some video installation. Once more proofing that I’m way too mentally handicapped to see all the greatness that is hidden behind a 20 minute film that is basically about well… I don’t know, a table, a window, a house… and a cat passing by. And some light. Well, there was a mirror where I think I could spot some guy. I think that’s pretty much it.

So we had some Asian food at some fancy restaurant where the young Homo Salzburgeriensis is talking about future mating partners and such – in other words: Girltalk. Fantastic.

More for my series… nope, not getting boring yet.

The Homo Salzburgeriensis spotting a stranger… the mouth gesture is a perfectly normal behaviour signalizing mistrust.

Who’d have thought that: A decisive moment featuring the infamous Olex aka gnato. Now that’s something, eh?

See… the jerkism runs the family.

That’s it for now… I’ll continue in the next few days with some more serious business Trix… aaaaand some APX100 even.

“Eva says (23:49):
u finiiiished?”

Almost Eva… almost.

Until then, sleep thight and thanks for looking (and better look in that closet… you never know if there is a maneating Homo Salzburgeriensis hiding!)



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  1. Eva / Apr 7 2008 23:18


  2. tina / Apr 8 2008 02:42

    oh I think train photos have already become hip. good thing you were early on that trend ;-)

  3. chris weeks / Apr 8 2008 06:33

    the photograph of the man in the diner is amazing.

    public transport shots will always be interesting to me.

    we have that here yet no one uses it … so i always wonder what it’s like.

    anyone who says they’re trite are fucking stupid.

    change my link in your blogroll.

    fyi … the assisting i did involved moving one-off motorcycles on and off trailers .. in the desert … in the summer, ’cause the ads needed to be in in time for brochures printed in september. sucked.

    again, great work, mate!

  4. kipkeston / Apr 8 2008 08:18

    I’ll give you 200 for the M.

    Fan of the man reading, 8958! and the second to the last is a very cute expression

    where is nice lady…?

    When you talk to people and click, like in 8976, are you holding the M next to your head, or do you bring it up really fast. Silly question maybe…

  5. Kirby / Apr 8 2008 12:36

    I’m also curious about how you go about taking pictures when talking to people. I’m still working on getting everyone around me used to the camera by capturing every little dull or embarrassing moment but they’re still aware of it when I bring it to my eye.

    Good entry by the way. Liked:



  6. Rich / Apr 9 2008 15:59

    Hey man – Chris is dead right about euro public transit photos being intriguing to Americans. Public transport blows so hard in most cities that becomes a place where it’s not entirely a good idea to carry a camera (or a wallet).

    Jerkism photo – the last one is my favorite (as a retard).

    New blog up for the “work” stuff:

    Buffalo Wedding Photography, oh boy!

  7. Rich / Apr 9 2008 16:00

    Awesome, I screwed that up…

    Buffalo Wedding Photography

  8. sev / Apr 11 2008 10:06

    dir graphische hat ausgang !

    salzburg braucht auch keiner.

    hat der japse kinosäle photographiert ?

  9. kipkeston / Apr 11 2008 14:13

    man, we don’t even have public transport in hawaii

  10. Stefan Palm / Apr 11 2008 16:51
  11. Pascal Grob / Apr 12 2008 13:23

    sehr amüsant :D so amüsant, dass mich nun leute anstarren im pompidou :o

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