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16. April 2008 / Bernhard

The Nation of Post

In the face of assurgent young photo agencies and countless photo weblogs, I’d like to see this very blog as some kind of retreat that stays as is: Maybe not mediocre but definitely not special. Because in the end, photography is a medium that offers little depth. So there is hardly anything to add other than all you can see here can be seen when you take a look out that window.

Aschi being surprised meeting me on the bus. Awesome, eh?

More Aschi.

Bresson, Jr.

Oh well.

Almost there…


Kati (Stefan’s sister) and her man.

Temperatures ranging from 10-15°C equals miniskirts. Alright.

Some serious portrait work.

I tend to like this frame.

Next day I was assisting at a portrait shooting for some Western Union brochure.

My almost daily routine: riding the bus.

I guess this is one of the rare occassions where one of my photographs can be tagged as a “streetshot”.

Maybe here as well… despite the fact it was taken from the tram.

Oh look who’s back… it’s NIce Lady. Most likely telling me I’m a jerk or something.

Nice lady indulging herself in lady business…

After some stressful shopping business Nice Lady dediced it was the perfect time to have some ice cream. And because I know how much James loves to see that yellow “M” on my blog we went to good ol’ McDonalds. So why the hell am I telling you this? Well, the lady you see me above – which was into some serious McDonalds rush hour business – asked me if I was running that weblog and if the lady next to me is the infamous, so often portraited Nice Lady. To be fair, I was stunned and asked her how and why – she said she knew through Severin’s blog. It’s one those occassions where I start to think about the reach of weblogs which seems to be far greater than regular websites as they combine both: community aspects and regular portfolio-site characteristics.

Back to business as usual: Nice Lady and Bokeh. I’m wondering how often I used those “two” words.

Oh… it’s the Nice Lady.

And more…

Little to add I guess.

f/2,8, 1/60 and Sushi makes a nice combo that I can hard resist.

Script for Spanish class. Exciting.


On our way home we came across that fancy Anti-EU rally held by the FPÖ (a political party here in Austria).

Nice Lady being intrigued by a HC Strache speech.

The FPÖ (as some might know) is a somewhat right-wing party thus the above-average amount of people going through a chemotherapy with its typical sideaffects.

I should post a crop from the poster.

Nice Lady and some strong men.

Because the rally was as exciting as it can get we left… but before leaving I had to take a selfportrait.

Had this frame in mind. Slight difference… back then with horribly developed 400TX rated at iso3200, shot with a fucked up 35/1,4 and the trusty Nikon FA. However, I like it. Yes. +fav

Alright, enough. Thanks for reading and watching.



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  1. chris weeks / Apr 16 2008 23:26

    are there a lot of photo agencies? never really paid attention.

    i’m sure there have to be a lot of photo blogs but there are only 12 or so in my rss.

    hope you’re well.

  2. Andrew / Apr 17 2008 00:04

    Cracking blog, Bernhard! Nice shots and great to read.



  3. nickelcitystudios / Apr 17 2008 00:56

    Good shit, as usual. Your self portrait is depressing.

  4. christian / Apr 17 2008 09:43

    “above-average amount of people going through a chemotherapy with its typical sideaffects.” der kommentar ist göttlich!
    wieder mal zu viele fotos, die mir gefallen, um sie einzeln aufzuzählen.
    lustiger zufall, der vorfall bei mc.donalds.

  5. Renaud / Apr 17 2008 14:35

    I’m a die hard fan of your blog pal… and that’s one of the few websites I wait bad for the next update (with bangbros)

  6. Klaus / Apr 17 2008 15:45

    Jetzt ist wohl die Zeit gekommen, deinen eigenen Fanshop aufzumachen. Am besten T-Shirts mit dir bedruckt. Du hast ja schon passenderweise ein Motiv:

    “above-average amount of people going through a chemotherapy with its typical sideaffects.”
    christian hats schon passend umschrieben

  7. sev / Apr 17 2008 18:29

    wir sind berühmt !

    haha… pack ich nicht.

    heut orange ? ;)

  8. stelios / Apr 18 2008 01:37

    about the last one.. did you shoot it now on normal TriX?

  9. kipkeston / Apr 18 2008 03:38

    hey bernhard, awesome post. one of my favorites maybe

    big fan of

  10. Suzan / Apr 19 2008 00:18

    I really adore the behind the scenes photos! Especially:


    This frame I also really dig:

    Very cute.

    Kinda weird the girl at MacDonalds recognized you! But also flattering of course. And creepy. But what do you expect? But indeed, the reach of blogs is sometimes bigger than you can imagine. Makes me wonder if I should put my blog off the net when I’m applying for jobs :o

  11. Ben Blood / Apr 21 2008 03:43

    We have the same photoblog.

  12. Kirby / Apr 21 2008 14:49

    Good to see the return of Infamous Lady – Star of McDonalds. Good entry mate, though there’s a lack of drunken 5am flash-filled frames this time around. What’s going on?

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