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20. April 2008 / Bernhard

Little Victories

And now for some not so serious stuff: APX100 and Olympus Mju II.

Oh, I suggest you skip the photos and head straight for my fancy contest. YES. IT’S ONCE AGAIN CONTEST TIME. WHO NEEDS FRIENDS WHEN YOU CAN BUY THEM (via presents)?

Terry… where are you?

Hmm… maybe it’s him?

“You’re so not gonna take my picture, you jerk!”

One of the lessons I’ve learned that night is that in order to make truly CRAZY party pics you need to tilt the camera. AVOID STRAIGHT LINES CUZ IT’S TRADITIONAL.

Hah, applying my new skills.

Body language. Oh, this was taken at some outstandingly retarded clubbing somewhere at Musesumsquartier.

Way to go, guys. Way to go.

After a few more beer she didn’t mind having her picture taken.

Essentialism meets minimalism.

I tend to be a truly annoying fuck. Oh well.

Some lady jerking around.

It was quite early… and Stefan was pretty through the wind at that point. I guess it shows.

The next day: Alex was having his last day at the pub. Getting ready for some serious business…

They were all quitting… so they coulnd’t care less about their job.

Alex and his friends.

Why is Bon Jovi still alive?

Some semi-lesbo.

He is and always will be my special hero.

Some more body language.

And… some more.

Heading to B72… the place to be if you dig tight pants, some ridiculous austrian-british accent and well, general gayness. They call it “Indie” I’ve heard.

He made us listen to Radio Niederösterreich. Good man.

Good girl.

I should add a crop I know. Thanks Moritz.

More random lady body language.

And again. Slightly pissed this time.


Ohhh… well done Simon.

Hey random lady… how are you?

Study of body shapes.

Is that thing on his head dead or… still alive?

Decisive moment. Definitely.

Not sure what Moritz was doing… but I suppose it’s been some serious burping.

I’m gonna suck you dry. Literally.

So I left at some point because it’s way too retarded and boring.

But still the perfect time for a lovely selfportrait.

Friday… a week later. Party at Lenoardo’s place (he’s a colleague from the wedding photographers).

They shine.

Ghost in a burp. We went to the most fantastic bar ever called Brauchbar – fantastic pun.

Whoever Lukas is… I love him.

Because B72 is such an amazing place we went there… again. So much for the ability to learn from mistakes. And yes, this frame pretty much sums up the whole experience.



Hey, I’m mid-30 but hang out at clubs for 18-year-old. Hew sweetie – wanna go for a ride?

What a cute couple… oh well, back then when I was young and naive things were different. Oh well.

So that’s it. Quick and painful – an entry featuring what some call wasted film, some wasted opportunities and some even completely unnecessary. For me, going out without a camera doesn’t feel right because there is so much to see… so many beautiful things to witness and capture.

Anywho, on a more serious note and as mentioned before I’m hosting a lovely contest once again. Some might have seen that there is a small and gay counter on the right below the important about thingie. Well, if you’re not a complete moron or suffer from some severe head injury you can guess what follows: The 100,000th visitor (according to the counter ) or closest (because I suppose most will ignore that kind of counter – that’d be me for instance) receives a handmade silver gelatine print (how fancy sounds that?). Of course, the decision which you want is up to you.

In case anybody finds it worth taking part, send an Email with the screenshot included to blog <at > Thank you.

Does this compensate for all the mediocre photos? I hope so.

Take care and have a nice week and stuff,



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  1. Eva / Apr 20 2008 19:47

    You rock my socks. Off.



  2. Sebastian / Apr 20 2008 21:11

    Der Counter wäre mir nichtmal aufgefallen wenn dus nicht gesagt hättest ..

  3. stelios / Apr 21 2008 00:34

    Bon Jovi is a vampire. That’s why he’s still around

  4. Simon / Apr 21 2008 06:20

    eh super

  5. kipkeston / Apr 21 2008 08:06

    I know the answer to the contest, it’s apx in xtol! no wait, wrong contest

    fun fun

  6. oldirtyblog / Apr 21 2008 08:40

    mein fave ist das letzte :D

    @ sebastian: mir auch nicht…

  7. Shashank / Apr 21 2008 11:34

    now why does remind me of a place called DA…

    100,000 page views…+fav

  8. xupacabras / Apr 21 2008 14:59

    I’ve always suspected about this but didn’t want to put it out there in the blogosphere just like that, because something I hate to do is spread untruthful things on the blogosphere, but now I think I can say this with a strong degree of certainty:

    Bernhard, I believe Jon Bon Jovi is your lost brother. Yes.

  9. xupacabras / Apr 21 2008 17:35
  10. chris weeks / Apr 22 2008 08:35

    you austrians really drink a lot.

  11. ingrid / Apr 22 2008 19:54

    bon jovi is my hero too :D

  12. artis / Apr 22 2008 20:25

    I think you should adopt this shooting style to your serious wedding photo business!

  13. clayton / Apr 24 2008 01:52

    damn.. #99,160

    I want a nice print of those 2 overexposed guys/ghosts!!! it’s cutting edge.

    how are things these days?

  14. melvinkobe / Apr 25 2008 10:13

    “Hey, I’m mid-30 but hang out at clubs for 18-year-old. Hew sweetie – wanna go for a ride?”

    Man, you’d better not be referring to me there. *strangle*

    Your entries are getting *very* chaotic lately :-p

  15. Suzan / Apr 25 2008 23:03

    You have no idea how much I enjoyed this entry. What’s not to love about drunk people and retarded commentary? Nice! Catch you later ;bern.

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