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25. April 2008 / Bernhard

Gott liebt Dich

As so often before, there is little to say except the counter says 99,342 hits the moment I write that line. Kudos to the jerks that sent me the funny 100.000 hits manips – you guys know how to party. For the more serious folks, take an adorable screenshot of the 100.000 (or the closest as I suppose most are going to ignore that fancy something anyways) and send to blog at Good luck!

Starting off with some french fries at McDonalds. Hmm… how often did we have that so far?

That’s Kathrin. We went to school together and she’s becoming a musical actress. So, those frames are going to be worth a shitload of money at some point.

It was windy… and freaking cold. Vienna at it’s best.

I loves those stickers saying “god loves you”. They turn a busride into a delicate and pleasing adventure.

And of course, I love Austria as well.

Nice lady being not too happy…

Sushi and jerkface… adorable.

Waiting for the subway way too long.

It’s springtime here… and for some not so obvious reasons I had to think of the perhaps most famous quote by Charlton Heston “From my cold dead hands”.
The clip on Youtube.

Waiting is one of the most useless activities I can think of. Perhaps that’s why I always carry a camera with me just to make sure that I have something to do while waiting. And hell, I wait quite a lot.

Some tramography.

And more.

And more! Christ, I’m on a roll!


And again Sushi. Same place. Same light. Same everything… as exciting as it can get.

Could I have those… like… the you know… well. Idno.

And now… finally… at least some change: Kodak Tmax400 (new). Because Kodakare nice people they sent me a couple of test rolls of the new Tmax400. Exposed at ISO400, developed in XTOL 9:15, 20°C.

To be honest, this is just incredible. The tones, grain… it’s fantastic for my standards.

Contrary to the old Tmax, the new one scans perfectly. Even better than 400TX I think.

“Hey Lady, you’re looking good with that cheeseburger. I’man important writer talking about some more important stuff… wanna join?”

Warm temperatures = hormons going wild. Girl on the right, you’re so not gonna score. Oh well.

So true.

Street with Tmax400 – is this wrong?

This is where the Tmax excels.

It’s all about that subtle branding.

Don’t ask… I’m dead.

Don’t fuck around with the Nice Lady. Never.

Wedding stuff. Yay.

“What a toycamera.”

I’m wondering what people from Hawaii think when they see people in such dresses. Sound of Music I guess.

Leonardo showing off his cute D300 and 17-55/2,8 Nikon.

Some more Tmaxing.

That’s for all the hardcore streetphotographer that have the urge to make a statement: Street must be political. The graffity got removed so this is just the shallow remaining. It’s hard to substract enough contrast without messing up the tonal range too much… oh well.

The bear got himself a few 5Ds.

Heads are overrated.

Suppose that’s me in what… 20 years? Or am I already like him? It happens without you noticing.

Counter now says 99,350 hits. Alright. I’m getting excited.

Thanks for reading and all the comments – I try to reply on them as often as possible. But my mailbox is filled with quite an amount of serious spam so it might take some time to get through all that. For any questions, feel free to drop a few lines at blog at

Take care,



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  1. marius / Apr 25 2008 15:55

    kodak sends you films?

    you should give them my adress too:P

  2. Eva / Apr 25 2008 16:23

    I’ve seen them all before. I feel special…

  3. Andrew / Apr 25 2008 17:11

    Nice post, Bernhard. I agree with you about the T-Max400 – I’ve just discovered it myself. Very impressed. I had to buy mine however … :(

  4. christian / Apr 25 2008 19:46

    bei solchen tönen kann street mit t-max gar nicht falsch sein!
    und so wie der mensch auf dem letzten foto wirst du hoffentlich nicht…die everready-cases halten einen nur vom fotografieren ab.

  5. Mikko / Apr 25 2008 21:56

    “the bear got himself a few 5ds” Phew! the lenses looks pretty sweet too!

  6. Suzan / Apr 25 2008 22:57

    Oh wow, another entry.
    I really like this frame:

    Nice sense of movement.
    This one I dig too:

    Perhaps a bit cheesy, but it’s just so aesthetically pleasing.
    Also this frame:

    The tones! And just the whole composition. Very nice, I think.
    This one I find really classy. And you’re uncontrollable tendency to shoot people and cut off heads (you’re such a violent young man) really pays of:

    This one is kinda creepy:

    Like that lenshood is gonna eat you.
    Ok. Bye!

  7. otto o'brien / Apr 26 2008 02:39

    love your photos. great street work. blogged your site here

    always enjoy your work.

  8. Kirby / Apr 26 2008 12:43

    Zomg, the tones on the Tmax are awesome. I might look into some of that, I need to try out some new films. Good entry man!

  9. Eva / Apr 26 2008 19:22

    Haha 100,026 hits, it looks like some people went crazy this afternoon. :p
    Free print anyone?

  10. oldirtyblog / Apr 27 2008 10:31

    so einen “gott liebt dich” sticker hab ich gestern fotografiert…

    ansonsten… mir gefällt der ganze eintrag sehr gut!

  11. Nikkr / Apr 27 2008 23:49

    i really like the pic with the two banches ( In the context of spring it remings me of the Creation of Adam by Michelangelo. Just made me think of this, especially how the right branch has leaves and all. :) (i dunno if you meant the same in your comment tho)

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