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27. April 2008 / Bernhard

Back to business as usual.

Photos from a wedding I shot two weeks ago.

My very first wedding photo this year.

Verena and Thomas got married at the Burnerhof near Ansfelden, Upperaustria on the 12th of April 2008. As you can see, the sun came through at the very end of the day which is a bummer because light was simply gorgeous. Anywho, I’m wondering if I should blog stuff like that (wedding and generally commercial stuff) or stick to my street and friendsportraiture. I’m curious what you think.

Take care and hope you liked some of them,



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  1. Eva / Apr 27 2008 22:23

    Meh first again.
    Well, you know what I mean huh.

  2. Rich / Apr 27 2008 23:30

    That’s a really nice portrait set, B.

  3. Rich / Apr 27 2008 23:34

    Oh, and as to your last comment…there are a couple of schools of thought. Guys I’ve run into here in the states who shoot commercial stuff and “art” don’t want to get lumped in with wedding photogs, so they just run separate sites down to the obligatory “wedding blog.”

    I think business is business, so if your blog can get you another wedding booked, then why not include it as part of your larger “work.”

  4. v / Apr 28 2008 00:44

    zeig uns alles, was du da hast.

  5. Suzan / Apr 28 2008 01:47

    Personally I enjoy it more to see the other stuff here. But if people are thinking about booking you, they’re bound to Google you and come acros this, so it might be wise to show some of it, I guess.

  6. Pete / Apr 28 2008 03:06

    Dig the variation on the light pole growing out of her head mate! ;)

    Blog whatever you like. It’s all good.

  7. Rick Yribe / Apr 28 2008 03:35

    As long as it’s interesting, post it! This was an interesting post, albeit short, but still enjoyable, I see no reason to stop.

  8. artis / Apr 28 2008 05:32

    actually I find it quite interesting to see the photos you shoot with a digicam, e.g., commercial work. I am for the variety as long as there is a reasonable balance.
    and this set is quite good, the one with the two kids is funny!

  9. ana / Apr 28 2008 05:33

    i totally agree with RIck Yripe, as long as its interesting, not just to the viwer but to you. you need to be confortable with what you do.. at the end of the day, its your blog and your the one to decide…
    i enjoy seeing your blog anyhow.

  10. Tanya / Apr 28 2008 10:10

    I actually like your wedding and street work combined, more than pictures of friends, which I personally find quite boring (and I know others do, too – although we’re probably in the minority), even though they’re nicely shot.

    Suzan makes a good point, although you could always create an online portfolio separate to your blog to show off your commercial work.

    Your wedding shots are great – I like the small touches, like in this:

  11. Mikko / Apr 28 2008 10:43

    i like this stuff. the friendportraiture can get a bit tiresome. However, if you wish these wedding photos to get you more clients, i would probably put them in a separate blog or change the blog title to your own name.


  12. Mikko / Apr 28 2008 10:45

    oh, forgot to say… i would resize those vertical shots so they would fit the screen better (or am i the only one not seeing the whole shot..should i just blame my 13 in. screen?)

  13. Kirby / Apr 28 2008 12:27

    Well, I love your street / friend portraiture work, and it’s more than a big inspiration to me. I like seeing your commercial work from time to time but in the end I’ll always come here for the 5tr33t.

  14. christian / Apr 28 2008 20:08

    geht die saison wieder los, was?
    is mal ne nette abwechslung zu sehen was du sonst noch so fotografierst. dein schwerpunkt bzgl des blogs wird sich ja dadurch nicht viel ändern…

  15. Brandon Witzel / Apr 29 2008 05:27

    These look pretty good.

  16. mikkoatakkunen / Apr 29 2008 10:29

    “what do you mean? Actually, I set the width to 500 px so they should
    perfectly fit the blog layout. Could you take a screenshot?”

    the width wasn’t the problem for me but the heigth.

    The horizontal/landscape format shots are fine, But the vertical/portrait format photograhs do not fit my screen, as they are just a bit too large in height ( the photos themselves are fine).

    I can only see about 600 pixels in height at a time.

    I’m surfing with a 13 inch Mac, so my screen is tiny, I’ll have a look on some bigger screen.

  17. Shashank / Apr 29 2008 13:49

    A good photo is a good photo…does not matter if its wedding or street or just friends…its good to see them all.

  18. chris weeks / May 1 2008 02:16

    wow! he does weddings, too!

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