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6. May 2008 / Bernhard

Viennese Faces

Eva was staying in Vienna. Obviously, she quickely adopted that happy Viennese face.

Darwin was wrong.

Ladies having some serious conversation on the tram.

Proofing my impeccable timing skills. Great.

Some frames from our project.

The Nice Lady.

On a wedding. That’s Erich Lessing on the right. Shot for Magnum… back in the good old days.

Wedding photographer Colleague.

When it’s dark they’re thirsty… oh well, kids! Those were the times.

Der Mann – der verwöhnt.

I interrupted some serious business.

Waiting for some marvelous Dürüm.

As I’m lazy and as I switched films a couple of times, the following frames were taken some time later. A few days at least.

It was raining quite nicely. Besides, that’s my war photographer face.

OK, back to business as usual: The Nice Lady.

Then I took a TAXI to the darkest place in town… seems like it was mainly raining the past weeks.

Post card. Book. Make millions. Yes.

More post card photos.

Some Sunday weeks ago: Meeting up with nice lady and shooting that roll of Kodak Plus-X 125 that I had in my fridge for ages.

Exploring the sweetness on the street. Real street photography.

I never made it there… now they closed. Good Single Treff it was.


Some serious photojournalistic reflection… there’s hardly anything more storytelling than some serious and distracting reflections.

And now something completely different: Neopan1600

Most of the frames are junk. Photographically handicapped I’d say.

Took this after the last post card photo. Still raining.


Hooond vs Hooooooooooooooooond.

Hooond vs. 5D.

Chicken vs. mankind.

And more.

Catching up with more current business.

Take care,

I’m going to take a shower now,



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  1. Kirby / May 6 2008 11:03

    Very artistic graffiti you guys have over there, it does Vienna proud.

    Some good shots in there. Wet streets = <3 tones.

  2. christian / May 6 2008 14:34

    der hooond gefällt mir sehr gut.

  3. simon / May 6 2008 15:43

    huiui, neopan1600 really does his job, i like those.

    and i would say timing is worthless without straight lines, composition, a DSLR and the patience to wait for suitable light, or passing by accidentely when there is suitable light ;)

  4. Stefan Palm / May 6 2008 15:44

    +fav entry alles mit der m3 geschossen, oder?
    jo, is a guade.

    die zwei turtendelnden mongos in der ooo-bahn sind <3.

  5. Darin / May 6 2008 17:24

    you ever have problems with shooting leica in the rain? I shoot in rain sometimes but I’m afraid of messing it up

  6. Andrew / May 6 2008 18:03

    Nice post, Bernhard. Some great shots here.

  7. Fabian / May 6 2008 18:26 – sie unterrichtet an der tollen, ach so vermissten schule. – sie merkte nichts? wie lang brauchst du um so ein foto zu machen?

    – versteh ich nicht

    – +fav sowas tut man mit weiter fortgeschrittenem alter nichtmehr oder? schade eigentlich.

    – weiter aufmachen bitte. sonst nett

    – + fav

    – +fav

    – witzig da eine art making of zu sehen…

    – +fav die serie wächst unaufhörlich…

    sehr starker eintrag. sehr gut. kann man links hier irgendwie besser formatieren? und: was tut man während dem unleidlichen negativ scannen?

    Mit herrn lessing geplaudert?

  8. Fabian / May 6 2008 18:26

    super wo ist mein comment abgeblieben?

  9. artis / May 6 2008 19:13

    digging the wet frames.. and the nice Nice Lady action,, the taxi frame kinda reminds me of NY, not that I’ve been there, but anyway..


  10. oldirtyblog / May 6 2008 19:40

    hooond vs hoooond =

    die glatze ist grossartig… schöner eintrag!

    und… wasser tut der m6 nix??

  11. Eva / May 6 2008 23:47

    I naturally have this happy joy joy face. Meh.
    Nice (very NICE) entry, the frames you took when it was raining are absolutely lovely. ^^

  12. kipkeston / May 7 2008 03:28

    loving it, 9962, very alex webb

  13. spanishjohnny / May 7 2008 12:41

    my war photographer face – ich lach mich weg

    schöne fotos mal wieder.

  14. Harrison / May 7 2008 15:43

    really enjoyed this entry, some really nice details in a lot of the shots.

  15. James / May 7 2008 23:37


  16. kipkeston / May 8 2008 11:00
  17. Suzan / May 8 2008 14:07

    Definitely my fav frame of the entry:

    I also really like the shots in the rain.

  18. christoph grafixart / May 16 2008 15:54

    sag.bernhard.womit schiesst du zur zeit?

    hab meine cam wieder ausgepackt und werd mal lightroom2beta testen xD

    bin wieder etwas mehr motiviert, vielleicht wirds ja was..

    lg, christoph

  19. gnat / May 17 2008 22:51

    herr lessig : )

  20. cha / May 26 2008 14:34

    yeah well, that’s one great entry.

    what’s with you and the vertical framings these days ?
    they look good anyway.

    yummy !

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