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13. May 2008 / Bernhard

The Homo Photographicus

Full Title: The Homo Photographicus – a guide to the contemporary professional photographer.

Before giving a brief introduction to the Homo Photographicus some rather old frames – shot on Ilford FP4.

Stefan and I went out because we can. What a cutie-smile… aww…

Cruising the street with a ridiculous amount of cameras, we spotted a fellow 5tR33T-fighter armed with a Leica M and some serious lenses. Those frames were shot with his 75/2 asph. Anyways, I’m not too impressed with the lens to be honest. Maybe it’s my focus skill… who knows.

Bernd joined in. He loves the cameras.

Team Awesome.


Aww… happy faces.

Stefan showing off his impressive burping skills.

One in a million.

So Eva, Stefan and I were hanging out at Naschmarkt… having Dürüm, burping and beer.

Some serious camera geeking.

Eva freezing her ass off.

There’s quite a lot of dust on those frames for some not so obvious reasons…

More of Eva because the light was so lovely.

Back to 400TX – I’m not too fond of FP4.

Parking cones indicate that some serious business is going on.

On my way home I met those two young fellows. Für den Hoond – die haben ganz fest geshuffelt.

A few frames from the bottle recycling facilty… I know… I should finally post the digital frames. I’ll do so… soon.

She was argueing with her dog. I told her that dogs are the better human beings – we both smiled.

Then, it was me and the PET bottles again. Good old soda bottles… filled with the remainings of XTOL, fix and stop.

Waiting for the film to dry… beer.

I figured that my second series is going to be about bins.

Eine Geschichte zum Weinen.

One of those scenes I like. Yay!

So, finally , a few frames featuring the Homo Photographicus in his natural environment. Shot on Kodak Plus-X 125.

The silverback giving the obviously younger and inferiour Homo Photographicus a stern look.

The Homo Photographicus at his favorite activity: Hunting.

Like monkeys.

Their bananas.

Free Tibet – because it’s hip to be square.

That Homo Photographicus is definitely ready for some serious action.

The last unicorn.

Tight ass. Tight camera.

See, monkey see.


Hope you liked some,

take care,



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  1. Simon / May 14 2008 00:20

    i once tried to get a photo of one of those Homo Photographicus(es?), i think he really was experienced in getting away from other people with cameras, because he managed to keep a distance of 10 m to me for about half a kilometer or something like this, incredible.

    but thanks to guys like him i started to shoot film, because at some point you´re afraid you could look like one of those and avoid to cary around a dslr in public, even though your lense is under 30 cm and not white ;)

  2. Marcus / May 14 2008 03:57 reminds me of a rapper posing while out walking his dog. Have a look at the pose in and you’ll see what I mean. At least, you will if Austria is covered in bloody American “hip-hop culture” like Australia is. is a gem, love it.

  3. Kirby / May 14 2008 09:40

    I love how every single one of them that noticed you have a “why the hell are you taking my picture?” expression. I think that almost counts as ironic.

  4. sev / May 14 2008 15:05

    wien ist einfach voller krüüüüüpel fotografen !

  5. sebastian / May 14 2008 16:47

    beim “silverback” musste ich total lachen. schöne serie!

  6. Sebastian / May 14 2008 19:17

    Krocha .. die will ja keine Sau mehr sehen nachdem die im ORF waren! is <3.

  7. Eva / May 15 2008 23:12

    Nice entry. I agree with Kirby, I find this “nasty look” all those very serious photographers gave you.. very amusing. ^^ Yeah amusing is the word.

    “So Eva, Stefan and I were hanging out at Naschmarkt… having Dürüm, burping and beer.”
    Btw, with all due respect I’ve got nothing to do with this, I just had orange juice… TZ!

    Kewl entry, I really like the photo of the woman and her dog. :) Sweet.

  8. apixx / May 17 2008 11:33

    du bist a echte weana wirschtlbude!

  9. portable / May 28 2008 11:21

    portable says : I absolutely agree with this !

  10. kannverlag / Sep 30 2014 18:32

    Reblogged this on KANN-Verlag.

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