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26. May 2008 / Bernhard

The Nation of Stone Age People

At night, they come out of their caves and lust for life. Usually, they’re shy but under the influence of certain substances they turn into something different – some say evil, some say mindless and retarded.

Either way, this entry is shit.

Stefan’s hunting.


A photo of the superstar Franz.


Again, adorable.

Usually, communication takes place on a very primitive level.


The flash usually attracts other Stone Age People.

International Stone Age tourism.

A collection of faces I get when taking out the Olympus:

Photography meets Bukowski – we’re all artists and artists are mental.

Mental or Stone Age People – or both.

Homo Photographicus?

Get up kids and cut your carotid.

Fizzy drinks… stomach… good times.

I really don’t know.

More fizzy drinks. Yay.

Like some say: He also joined the club of the lucky ones.

The nice lady being not too amused about the flash camera.

Some Bauernschädl saying some absolutely irrelevant utter bullshit.

Artsy composition, still boring photograph. Hey, it’s B/W-film so it’s gotta be cool somehow?

Nice lady looking nice in flash.

Because I know he reads my blog and because I know how much he loves photos I take of him…

There’re five glasses. All on purpose.

It’s interesting how the young Stone Age Man is avoiding human beings.

Screw all you pub cigarettes film noir B/W decisive grain shit photographers – flash it!

Lock and load.

Shiny shoes and what appears to be piss. Or something for photoshopdisasters – who cares! Shiny shoes!

Kids spilling their drinks – someone get them a straw.

Mhmmm… that was a good one.

A short tribute to Peda – the very best bartender worldwide. Some say he’s the leader of the International Stone Age People Committee but those sources aren’t too reliable.

Calm… always ready for action.

There’s so much I could say but I guess the only fitting thing is: Try this at home but make sure to have a sign round your neck saying “I’m a fucking moron – please stab me in the back right after you let a goat rape me.” so the ambulance guys have a good laugh and can finally put that goat to some good use.

Apparently that young fellow realized that Jägermeister are meant to be drunk through ones mouth. But oh well, some studies say that the illiterate rate is much higher than thought.

Peda’s very best friends.

Stefan having one of his moments.

But all of this doesn’t impress Mr. Peda – he takes a rest… gentley, resting his hand on the pint because you never know.

And just a few minutes later, Peda is back alive… well, almost.

Bernd reading out some of Peda’s precious postcards that he sent to the pub. “Wir wechseln unsere Unterwäsche nie, die Socken aber fast jeden Tag”

One for the family album. Adorable.

So much for phtographic fastfood. Some toy-camera frames.

See that vertical line? Apparently the toy camera is fucked again.

I remember that having a Blackberry or some fancy stuff like that was a sign of importance… now it’s rather the opposite.

Some 1st of May frames… yes, I’m way ;behind.

Oh and let me summerize this whole thing:

Take care,



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  1. Eva / May 26 2008 23:25

    Dood, there are some frames you should of burnt. Damn you and your nazi face. X(

    <3 drunkards.

  2. MC / May 27 2008 01:27

    Love these three frames. of the chopped head hehe :D)
    & (eye-contact in the background… ??)

  3. simon / May 27 2008 12:49

    that frame is sooo damn great:

    love it :)

  4. Lani / May 27 2008 13:11

    I feel like I should be drunk by the end of this

  5. mustafah / May 27 2008 15:59

    the last shot is cool!

  6. kip keston / May 27 2008 21:05

    nice to see nice lady as usual. love the M photos

  7. James / May 28 2008 20:50

    I hate seeing Eva smoke :/

    Have you tried Adox film? My local shop started stocking it so I bought a roll of 100.

  8. Tanya / May 28 2008 23:11

    There’s something sexy about dilated pupils.

  9. xupakabras / May 29 2008 01:12

    in my personal opinion you have quite a few very vibrant flashographs in here. i like “A photo of the superstar Franz” and “Stefan’s hunting” – a hell of a brilliant shot imho.

    when i see some of your flashy stuff i see someone very relaxed and spontaneous (as opposed to your wedding and even leica stuff for instance), and it pays off with something of a certain jazz, a certain apparent easyness. think this could be an interesting prelude to a documentary on austria night life… perhaps?

    on a side note – “oh-u”

  10. xupakabras / May 29 2008 01:14

    i have to repeat this:

    “A photo of the superstar Franz”&“Stefan’s hunting”=mju nirvana

  11. apixx / May 30 2008 15:53

    ein toller partyfotograf bist du!

  12. jo / Jun 1 2008 14:58

    erschreckend :O

  13. Sebastian / Jun 8 2008 01:45

    coole momentaufnahmen… dein gespür für die situation find ich immer wieder klasse! gruss an die wiener bohème!

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