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2. June 2008 / Bernhard

Attention: Uncomposed photos inside!

Following frames are still from the first of may rally. Shot on Neopan400 and yet again I havet to realize that I’m not too fond of Neopan400.

Definitely uncomposed. In fact, one of my countless assistants took this one with his cell phone that yet somehow produces smooth tones.

I bet he’d appreciate some fan emails.

Some kid being a HCB. However, they’re most likely uncomposed.

Well, I guess that’s a pigeon. However, when I print this I’ll make sure to burn the sky so there’s a ridiculous amount of grain and a slight glow round that funny pigeon. Just to make sure that the last moron out there gets it that it’s film. Yes.

That day I was sick. I do have a problem with getting lines straight… wait – did someone say uncomposed?

First thing that should be obvious is the fact that this photo is uncomposed? Why? Well, there’s her arm that still looks like a part of a human body – what should be done? Right kids, lock and load – 16 mm time! Distort that fucker.

You might wonder why this kid is looking like that. This is not important – more important is the fact that this yet another example of a very uncomposed photo. Why? Easy: it still looks the way the scene actually looks like. What should be done? Get closer, 16 mm, burn dodge – and hell, all of a sudden that kind is not on it’s ride home from a birthdayparty but on a train heading to some sweatshop camp in the dark Viennese woods. Another proof that my photo-journalistic skills are less than poor.

Stefan – the guy on the left – asked me to take some of his photos. Of course they were disappointed – why? Because Stefan looked like… Stefan. Which is not the idea of contemporary photography – YOU HAVE TO MAKE IMPACT. And how to achieve that? Easily. Underexpose. Awkward angles. Photoshop.

He knew it – hence the look. Uncomposed. Again, no impact. Just a photo – no story. Complete failure.

So what does the first photo tell you? Right, nothing. Dad feeding his daughter- how pathetic? And the second? RIGHT! Some stranger poisining a young girl! Worse: Abducting and putting her in one of the countless cellars here in Austria! Jesus, here we have IMPACT.

A laughing mother. Who cares? Uncomposed.


Back to 400TX:

Back to Tri-X and also back to uncomposed photos.

Not sure how that penis stands out from the uncomposed frame.

Again taking photos of Stefan.

Fantastic timing, uncomposed. Nice.

Nice lady being nice and bored. Well, can’t blame her.

Fritzl talks – I suppose each everyone knows who “Mr. Fritzl” is. Of course, this photo could be about the power of free massmedia but it lacks of impact, it lacks of that kind of impact that makes you realize what the fuck is going on within a splitsecond.

Anyways, working for Nikon again – this time a D80 workshop.

This is just a photo.

And this is a photo of a lady enoying the nice catering.

Again. Uncomposed I think.

Again, I think this shot has potential but it lacks of that crowbar-impact. The kind of effect where you know right from the start that there is some drama going on because it’s the dirt that makes stories.

How hilarious: No awkward angle – just clouds.

Staying with the family. No comissioned stuff… just gay family photos.

Uncomposed, boring family photos.

Shit, I can’t decide whether this is a decisive moment or a strong, well-composed photojournalistic shot that has quite a lot of impact on the audience.

Strong photojournalistic mini essay – involves burping, drinking beer and waiting for drying film.

In closing:

I’m way too tired for writing anything sensible in closing… so whatever, hope you enjoyed those frames. Despite the missing impact.

Either way, have a nice week and stuff,

take care,



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  1. Sebastian Kerekes / Jun 2 2008 02:10

    Ganz viel tolle Sachen. Das vergiftete Kind natürlich vorne mit dabei ^^; Das Mädl mim Regenschirm is a ganz <3

  2. Darin / Jun 2 2008 02:54

    You need a flash diffuser. It makes your photographs looks professional.

  3. xo / Jun 2 2008 03:22

    Who cares! Have fun…

    anyway, what you say is a great help for everyone

    and I dont think you need tons of geeky stuff to make great photo ;)

  4. christian / Jun 2 2008 09:18

    haha, gib ihm!
    ich hab mal gehört dass ein ringblitz gute fotos macht ;)
    schöne fotos…wie immer. das foto von dem mädchen im regen ganz besonders.

  5. Linus / Jun 2 2008 10:18

    ahh nach dem ich auf seinem blog nun den dialog gelesen hab sind diese kleinen und pointierten stichelein ein wahrer lesegenuss. (:
    das verschönerte “mann vergiftet kind” bild lässt mich besonders in und um den penis schmunzeln. danke!

  6. Suzan / Jun 2 2008 10:25

    Ohh very useful tips: “Underexpose. Awkward angles. Photoshop.” Thank you! You should give seminars you know.
    The neopan400 looks quite good, very gentle tones. But yeah… trix just beats it anytime because it’s just a bit punchier, which I like better.

    My favs from this entry:



  7. stelios / Jun 2 2008 20:48

    the kid holding umbrella shot looks great yet uncomposed ;)
    neopan 400 doesn’t look that good. I’d expect it to be amazing regarding the 1600 Neopan is great.
    gay family shots won’t take you anywhere, try the disfunctional one.
    I wonder what sort of beer you guys are drinking and how that affects you.

  8. artis / Jun 3 2008 08:22

    ha! actually I was about to pick out of all the ‘uncomposed’ exactly the same two photos as Suz did!

    and that photo of a father and his glowing kid – a proof once again you are way better with Photoshop than gilad and lara together will ever be.

  9. Harrison / Jun 3 2008 19:34

    The dodged and burned father and kids photo is the first time I’ve ever properly laughed out loud at a blog entry, good form.

  10. Kirby / Jun 4 2008 08:02

    Further proof of how maaaaaaaaaad photoshop skillz and the necessity for constant drama are key to being a photographer, nothing else. You’re a beacon of hope for all the uneducated.

    Nice entry. By the way, this photo has a certain Mr. Weeks style to it:

  11. ana / Jun 6 2008 04:45

    not sure why the negativity of the whole “uncomposed” and “composed” situation is, you are a great photographer. never doubt it…
    good entry tho… and the whole explination with the father and kid, great. point out the wonders of photoshop..ahhh

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