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9. June 2008 / Bernhard

Took a walk

As stated, I went for a walk and brought my camera with me. Some random impressions from Vienne these days. I’m not too happy with those captures as they’re static and lame. Whatever.

Wie lang werden wir uns noch diese vertrottelte Jahreszahl ansehen dürfen?

Austria’s placing?

That’s a Windows2000 error message. Nice.

Back in “Zagreb” aka Stephansplatz.

He was using the omnibounce 90° right – nice. Homo Photographicus in action.

The more I look at those photos the more boring they get. But I exported them… so well, there you go.

Anyways, uni-work awaits me so I got to get going.

Take care,



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  1. Maxyme / Jun 9 2008 16:27

    well.. I don’t know I must say I love a couple of frame.

    You’re just pissed off because you didn’t shoot all that with your toy camera

  2. andrei / Jun 9 2008 19:09

    I was hardly waiting to see photos with the euro fans. and I must say they’re not boring at all. they’re nicer than I would have hoped :) really can’t wait to see more :)

  3. stelios / Jun 9 2008 22:07

    not boring I must say.

    still uni? damn. its summer!

  4. xupacabras / Jun 9 2008 22:18

    Same thing happened to me during 2006 fifa world cup – the expectations were so high and the euphoria was so overwhelming that later looking at the frames was a disappointment.

    I later found a quite interesting work from a portuguese photographer made during the euro2004 – instead of going with the euphoria he concentrated in the absence and especially the hangover… very interesting.

    Concerning your frustration, perhaps wrong places, wrong time? (wrong camera, wrong concept?) Perhaps the mju loaded with some velvia would surprise you. :P

  5. artis / Jun 10 2008 18:41

    not that boring after all. the couples shot and that one of eyecontact with the blonde.
    to make this photojournalism bit more entertaining for yourself, perhaps one should find a motif and focus on that.

    now, you got yourself a 5d with 35mm f/1.4, eh? not bad. quite simmilar combo has been on my mind for some time now, so it would be interesting to know how do you like it. must be :awesome:, but anyways. colors seem to be very punchy in your shots.

  6. Andrew / Jun 10 2008 20:41

    Hey Bernhard, you shouldn’t be disappointed – there are some great shots here … the colour’s great and you’ve captured the mood well.

    I particularly like IMG_4498, 4573, and 4548.

  7. Suzan / Jun 11 2008 00:42

    I like the granny shots a lot.

  8. pavkata82 / Jun 11 2008 02:24

    i dunno dude, the photos look pretty good to me…we could just credit the camera and lens, but i think you did some work too ;)

  9. Ryan Marr / Jun 11 2008 15:23

    Best entry I’ve seen in awhile!

  10. miauzz / Jun 12 2008 10:54

    What a month it was, when portugal host it 2 (or 4?) years ago…

  11. Sebastian / Jun 14 2008 09:46

    Wow! Schönes Bokeh! :) Find ich mit am Besten!

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