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14. June 2008 / Bernhard

The Spirit of Cordoba

So I went for a walk again.

Meeting up with the emo-bear because he needed a flash for his comission.

This was taken on Thursday during the game Turkey vs. Switzerland. Boring.

City was empty… boring.

Favoritenstraße round 11 pm – this is wrong.

The next day. Thursday the 12th – Games: Germany vs Croatia and Austria vs. Poland.

Some 5tR33Tbumograrphy.

At the entrance of the fanzone: Those two guys were busy collecting garbage all day long.

Alright I’ll admit: I love garbage…

Croatia beat Germany.

Haha, I like this one.

Homo Photographicus in action.

I’m surprised they didn’t get out the lawn-mower as well.

Back to the Fanzone.

Polish boys know how to impress.

The gates of the Fanzone were closed for quite some time due to the amount of people inside (about 70,000).

Definitely polish…


Last minutes of the game Austria vs. Croatia.

Polish fan being not too amuesed.

Vastic scores for Austria.

Who the fuck sells that kind of scarfs?

Happy fans.

One for the family album.

My personal aftermath.


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  1. andrei / Jun 14 2008 15:35

    maybe after the euros you’ll do an exhibition with the best photos you take of the fans. it would sure be worthed. realy great stuff

  2. christian / Jun 14 2008 16:03

    die fotos der letzten minuten vom spiel ö vs. pl sind super.

  3. Maxyme / Jun 14 2008 16:43


  4. Linus / Jun 14 2008 18:10

    4777.jpg is sehr geil :) die letzten und vorallem 4898.jpg gefallen auch sehr gut.

    ich war mitten in der heissen menge vorn am rathaus platz. wahnsinn da ists abgegangen.
    freu mich schon SO auf montag.

    deutschland deutschland alles ist vorbei! (mm)

  5. Eva / Jun 14 2008 18:15

    Beautiful light in this frame :
    And this one is simply priceless :
    Dude it’s like she’s seen the Virgin Mary or something. Holy liiiight.

  6. Chazoul / Jun 14 2008 21:02

    The focus and colours are… Wow !
    Thanks for the trip.

  7. spanishjohnny / Jun 14 2008 21:05

    what a nightmare !

    aber geile fotos, tolle gesichter und vorallem das “hanno” foto in der flagge gefällt mit :D

  8. cha / Jun 14 2008 21:48 (might be my favourite) (i love your attention to details) this one too… classic. is lovely.

    and all the one you did of people watching the game are great, my personnal favourite being :



    some other frames didn’t convince me at all though. but yeah.

  9. cha / Jun 14 2008 21:49

    hmm.. was my comment posted ?

  10. cha / Jun 14 2008 21:52

    anyway whatever. i said i liked the grandma shot a lot, that this was my favourite, that and showed your nice attention to details that i enjoy, that i liked for no obvious reasons, but i still do, and that the people watching the game series is brilliant and especially that one


  11. Pete / Jun 14 2008 23:29

    Thats nice.

  12. Sebastian / Jun 15 2008 02:37

    Die Emotionen hast Du wieder mal klasse eingefangen. Das hier gefällt mir auch noch besonders ;) ->

  13. Suzan / Jun 15 2008 13:34

    I really like these frames:

    Pretty light (fat)
    This is quite an amazing frame too:

    Half-ass suicide attempt?

  14. artis / Jun 15 2008 18:21

    you should also have taken a chance and made a self among the policemans haha

    old lady shot is good, superb light, unfortunately – uncomposed.


  15. patstome / Jul 1 2008 21:41

    immerhin habt ihr gegen den “vize”europameister verloren…

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