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18. June 2008 / Bernhard

Immer wieder… immer wieder.

They try hard, they lose. It’s an Austrian thing they say. I guess I’m one of them.

Photos from Monday – Austria vs. Germany (0:1)

Last minute fixes.

WAY too many people at the entrance gate.

I sense some similarities between the previous photo and this one.

Very fond of the guy: Fag Lightfear + Monopod. Good man.

Ladies rocking hard.

People going nuts…

At that point they closed the Fanzone. Nice.

The intellectual football fan.

Ha Ha.

There was an awful Queen Musical performance going on… people loved it.

Frustration taking over.

It grew more and more silent.

Last few minutes.

Met a friend from school.

At the pub.

Park at night. I like.

So this is what’s left.

Because that new Firefox is a fucking piece of shit that keeps getting stuck for a few seconds I’m not feeling like adding too many pointless and semi-interesting comments. I think the photos are mediocre at best but well, I think I’ll try updating my little “football journal”.

Until then take it as easy as possible,



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  1. stelios / Jun 19 2008 11:31

    a) all girls in austria are hot
    b) you only shot the good ones

    could be worse man. greece didn’t even try hard. european champions! woohoo

  2. sev / Jun 19 2008 11:43

    guter eintrag. gefällt mir.

    ich komme leider nicht dazu in die fanzone oder sonstwo hinzugehen.. war nur einmal auf der ottakringerstraße als türkiye gewonnen hat :D

    meine em-photos sind übrigens da: wennst schaun willst !


  3. bloody / Jun 19 2008 13:03

    this one i like best

  4. xupacabras / Jun 19 2008 15:27

    dude this is great

    this however is the best frame

    get some elaborate theory relating it to the euro and you have a masterpiece! :O then a series. then an exhibition. then a book.=FAME=LOADS OF CHICKS!!

  5. SpanishJohnny / Jun 19 2008 17:31

    sehr schöne fotos. wäre ja auch zu gern da um die stimmung mit zu bekommen. werd heute abend mal die kamera mitnehmen, mal sehen was dabei rum kommt. vielleicht wieder n freistoß !? ;)

  6. artis / Jun 21 2008 18:03

    I think this is the best one from these little series so far.

  7. Lani / Jun 25 2008 11:39


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