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4. July 2008 / Bernhard

That’s so 19th Century…

Yes, nationalism is 19th century yet it’s one of those developments that is still around and judging from what I saw those last few days it’s going to be for quite some time. Anywho, I’m behind posting my football ohotos so there you go. Game: Turkey vs. Croatia – nice.

Back in the days.

Whoa… puns for retards.

The monkeys like to climb things and well… act like true Croatiens. It’s cute.

Silver back is having a rest.

He’s told me he’s going to add me on Facebook. Sure.

More monkeys.

Obviously, I couldn’t decide on which one to include. So I took both.


Turkish guys.

Severin being not so amuesed about the flash.

So, this guy may represent my current highlight of my Homo Photographicus Series: Working for APA (Ass Press Agency), smoking le Cigar and telling me that if I’m going to pubish this shot I’ll run into some problems. Adorable. HEY APA GUY YOU’RE ON THE INTERNET – HOW DOES THAT MAKE YOU FEEL?

Croatia scores.

Guy kissing his fingers. Nice.

It’s all fun and games until you realize there were 2 minutes left to play.

And so Croatia lost. Oh well.

I <3 semi-chubby turkish people.


For the ladies…

Let’s shed some tears instead of beer.

Since WordPress changed the CMS yet again making adding photos a pain in my ass I’ll restrain from adding any semi-funny moron comments.

Still, this is my 100th entry. So yeah, well, somehow I managed to post 100 more or less interesting blog entries in just a bit less than two years. Does that make me any cooler before? Most likely not. Boner? Most likely. Loads of important talk? Big time. Mediocre photos? Yes.

Anyway, hope you enjoyed the photos – I still have to wade through all the football shit. And B/W stuff… I guess I should hire an assistant who takes care of that stuff. I pay nicely… what about a print and an introduction into darkroom business. Sounds like a fantastic deal I think. Plase send any applications to – thank you so much!

There will be 2 or 3 more football entries… then back to B/W business. There’re 2 pretty amazing weddings I’ve shot in May that I definitely want to post on the Blog. And some dance stuff. I think. Let’s see. We must not forget that we’re all very, very, very busy and that there’s so little time.

Until then,

have a good one and keep staying busy,



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  1. The Man / Jul 4 2008 03:59

    XXXL PLAY AND WIN, nice, verrrrryy subtle.

    Me likey –

    Congrats on your 100th – this means you finally became a MAN.

    The Man.

  2. Simon / Jul 4 2008 19:18

    yeah, i think i had my first real lough on a blog entry!
    you just have to love that apa-guy.

    robert “waste of a M8” newald?

    the other stuff: i´m not quite a fan of flash-photography, so …
    but the rest turned out veryvery nice! :)

  3. Suzan / Jul 5 2008 02:46

    Can’t comment – sorry, too busy.

  4. Seb / Jul 5 2008 13:11


    what a great series. um faves?

    great light and bokeh. real cool!

    apa guy sucks bigtime. he looks like having “silberblick” ultrawide angle look equipped as standard. ;)

    the look is like colin farrells’ in phone booth. hilarious!

    very nice shot.

    love the lighting on this shot.

    composition, light, expression, protagonists = great emotive shots.

  5. Kirby / Jul 6 2008 01:12

    Hey man, I’m liking the UEFA coverage, it’s good. You definitely do a good job capturing the atmosphere of the place, and it’s good to see reactions from both sides. Glad that you’ve posted these.

    This cracks me up:

    And this is just damn cool:

    Keep it up mate

  6. felix / Jul 6 2008 16:41

    i like! is nice!

    Sorry for technerdbla, aber: mit was is’ der Kram geschossen?


  7. mustafah / Jul 8 2008 05:52

    the dog shot is real good, dude.

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