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8. July 2008 / Bernhard

Stroke of Genius

More Euro2008 stuff… yay for football. And it gets worse… much worse.

Starting at Brunnenmarkt but leaving early because of some serious business.

Started pouring a bit.

So I went to the Fanzone.

A lonely German… show him some sympathy.

This frames was taken seconds before it starting pouring… and not like “a bit of rain” more like an epic diluvian that I’ve never seen before in good old Vienna. Because I’m a lucky fuck I there was no place for cover and I’ve heard that the 5D is not a too solid performer in rain. I wrapped the camera in a plastic bag and ran as the Fanzone was evcuated anyways. No, no photos from that because I’m a coward.

Next day: Loads of Spanish and Russians fans waiting for the broadcast to start… did I mention what an amazing success the Euro2008 was?

At that point it started raining again. I took a few so-so frames with the Toycamera that I’ll post… later.

I plan posting more often now because Sir Immanuel made a fantastic script that makes posting photos much, much easier. Also, he’s the one to “blame” for the PHP-coding for my website.

Hope you enjoyed some (be happy, there’s only one last post missing),



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  1. SpanishJohnny / Jul 8 2008 23:27

    die 5d ist echt n biest, die saugt ja quasi das licht auf den chip. das 35er ist ja auch n knüller, dann man als d70 benutzer nur träumen.
    sehr eindrucksvoll das ganze. als es so geregnet hat, da hab ich mich gefragt was du mit der kamera gemacht hast, jetzt weiß ich es.

  2. christian / Jul 8 2008 23:43

    das hier mag ich sehr.
    stammt der titel von einem lied? (ich hab da was im hinterkopf, dass ich ein bootleg hab dass so heißt…)

  3. ashwin / Jul 9 2008 02:23


  4. stefan / Jul 9 2008 04:06

    bernhard hat hochformat entdeckt.

  5. Marcus / Jul 9 2008 06:16 is very cool, looks like a young girl kissing a much older guy. I want to see how much I can suggest just by taking pictures of peoples feet now, sounds like a good challenge.

  6. kira / Jul 10 2008 07:11

    “ehrhm,dude,this toothpick is way to thick.*burp*”

  7. Suzan / Jul 10 2008 13:29

    Viewing these compared to the new entry – I like this much more. The colours are so amazing without flash. Very tasty.

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