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9. July 2008 / Bernhard

Eviva Espania

At last, the final entry concerning the infamous Euro2008.

The Final: Germany vs. Spain

I took a few shot with the Mamiya in the afternoon hence no digital stuff from that time. Maybe at some point later… maybe.

Spain scores.

Germans being frustrated.

One-man show – German thing.

He’s Santa Claus – that’s what he said.

85th minute or so.

I almost feel sorry for her.

At the pub.

What’s left.

So, what’s left of all the fuzz? For nearly a year, everybody here was takling about IT. The Euro2008 – now that it’s part of the past I’m wondering why. First of all, I’m not too happy with my photos. Reason for that is inconsistancy – available-light-iso1600-f/1.4 is getting boring. Shooting with flash too. It’s been done before – countless times. And it’s hard inventing the wheel again when there’s hardly anything exceptional to take pictures of. Sure, it’s something exceptional seeing the whole city being affected by single event for about three weeks. And sure, there ARE loads of things to take pictures of but after 2-3 days you’ve seen it all I think. The only thing that changes is the fans’ dress.

Hope you enjoyed,



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  1. Kirby / Jul 10 2008 01:20

    I know how you mean, when I go on climbing trips after a few days you feel like you’re shooting the same poses over and over just with different faces.

    On a technical note, do you do anything with your flash to achieve that snooted effect? I like it, it’s like an auto vignette. Gives the photo a lot of focus.

    Cheers for sharing these by the way

  2. Klaus / Jul 10 2008 02:23

    (hab letztens gelesen, dass tendenziell mehr Frauen die EM sehen) (arachisch!) (killer!)

    ps: du hast in deinem letzten post was von einem skript zum bilderhochladen in wp gesagt, kann man den irgendwo bekommen?

  3. Suzan / Jul 10 2008 13:28

    Gotta love the colours in the first frames – especially of the sky, really nice. But yeah, it does feel slightly repetitive these frames of the Euro2008 – nonetheless I really liked viewing them. Crazydrunk fans are always funny.

  4. MP / Jul 10 2008 20:37

    I guess yeah it’s a little repetitive, but with the flash and the vignetting, they do look like a nice group of portraits.

  5. Joachim / Jul 10 2008 20:46

    really like your fourth frame here. i know what you mean about some kind of redundancy, but it seems you valued more taking those photos more than watching the amazing match, which shows a great passion.

    what i liked best was seeing that you were not “caught” (almost) whatsoever during the game.

    better than entries of old lady bums :)


  6. stelios / Jul 11 2008 08:31

    it’s been pretty enjoyable. found lots of interesting frames. and good looking german girls. it’s all good

  7. Nikkr / Jul 11 2008 10:48

    I had the same feeling when going to take pics on the rare occasion that I could go see a match – felt like there’s nothing special to take pics of. Perhaps a slightly new approach would help, like I personally really liked the frames at the end of your post where you see the fans after the game. The flash vignette added to it makes it something a bit different n I really enjoyed that! :)

    If you would be so kind as to tell me how do you avoid the noise, as your photos seem very noise – free at high iso’s?

  8. plaaplaa / Jul 12 2008 21:42

    Haha, funny that some ppl cry when their team loses,
    why do take soccer (or any sport) that seriously.

    Nice photos though.
    Maybe somethin else than soccer in next entry!

  9. James / Jul 12 2008 23:43

    Love this

  10. wackelnation / Jul 14 2008 21:34

    let’s not sweat some lack of originality.

    i have one original quality to every photo i make which is of course that i made it, something no one else may claim.

    in photography, trying to be original is like wearing a funny hat. make a good photo and you’ve got a good photo. there’s nothing else to do.

  11. chumpman / Jul 15 2008 20:01

    Great pictures, great captured emotions and human elements. REally cool

  12. Henri / Jul 17 2008 00:49

    I did enjoy it! awesome use of flash! very!

  13. Kayabbeme / Aug 3 2008 06:19



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