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16. July 2008 / Bernhard

Welcome to Randomland

Following photos are from May. Random going-out stuff.


Hey kid, why feeling so blue?

Random girl.

Team Hawt.

Obviously got to the pub straight from the set.


Now: Orange One goes Queenclub Vienna (which is somewhat of a brothel – nice.)

Decisive crop.

Happy happy face.

Prince and Princess Charming.


At some point, all cell phones are set to chinese language and don’t make sense.

The good old piss queue.

Rack check.

The Sir arrived late.

Some not so good man passed out in the separee… no scoring tonight, mate.

Mr. Aideh, aideh Ustaša was rolling too.

I have no clue. Sorry.

Having some toast before heading to the Sexplosions in the Sky concert.

A barett – just like HCB.

Some lady riding the subway with ballooooons.

Now: A few from Linus birthday party. <3

“Uhm… what the hell?


Faces of the night. Hey, I have 3 of them – should call it a series!

She kills you from the inside, if you know what I mean.

Long exposures because the Mju knows how to.

Dog = Chicks. Simple maths.

5Tr33T Art

OK. That’s it for now. I feel better now after this massive photographic dump.

Take care,



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  1. stelios / Jul 16 2008 16:28

    Lust for life!
    I predict the mju prices are going up on ebay after this post

  2. The Man / Jul 16 2008 16:37

    flashography is challenging stuff. it only works if you really have something to say otherwise it’s rather… flat. this “triptych” is quite precious

    here you definitely had something to say

    and just for the record, the mju really sucks, it’s mju+bernhard that’s really good. so hands off ebay everyone, ok?

    The Man

  3. Andrew / Jul 17 2008 00:00

    Cool post Bernhard. Nice to see the b&w again! Love the eye contact on

  4. simon / Jul 18 2008 12:18

    imagine how all those skintones would look in color after they got raped by the light of the mju’s flash :)

  5. manuel / Jul 19 2008 09:13

    haha :D
    die mju!
    viel kack aber auch einige ganz coole dabei :)

  6. Fabian / Jul 19 2008 18:16

    du meintest du hättest ein script das das leichter macht fotos upzuloaden… kann man das irgendwie bekommen?

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