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23. July 2008 / Bernhard


Back to business as usual: Toycamera.

I took photos at a ballett for kids.

Kids. Exciting.

Bad resizing. Hilarious.

I’m wondering how many photos I’ve got of someone checking the photos on my camera.

Some fantastic 5tR33T.

Journey into yourself. Fantastic translation. +fav

“Fucking Austrians.” Adorable.

Aww… lovely. Great job on the feet.

Me in like 10 years. Happy happy times. <3

Me in 10 years ago.

Now: Kodak 125PX

At a wedding… I still need to make a print of this one and give it to her. I’m a lazy bastard.

Obviously, it’s not an traditional Austrian wedding… but India.

Very decisive cropping.

Sadly, I shot almost exclusively digital. I plan posting them “soonish”… hah, like… next year.

Contemporay Austrian 5tR33T art.

That’s Steffi. You might remember her from the previous entry. If not, never mind.

And one more for the collection.

Vienna. What a lovely concrete desert.

I actually tend to like this one!

Now 400TX again. Another wedding.

Now: Again 400TX but with ART. I forgot rewinding the film and umounted the baseplate just to see that… well, I didn’t rewind… yielding in adorable art.

I finally exposed a roll of Ilford PanF50 that I had in my fridge literally for years. The negatives are thin and a bit dirty. Nice.

More portrait stuff for Steffi.

I actually somewhat like the dark look of them. Although I’d have prefered some 125PX-like punch.

Anywho, I’m tired and my pillow is feeling lonely. Hope you enjoyed. On a side note: These shots were taken in late May. Catching up, I am.

Until then, have a good one,



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  1. stelios / Jul 23 2008 08:59

    you lazy bastard.
    actually the portrait in the middle of the street I like too!
    how the hell can you post so many photos in wordpress.i think its a pain.

  2. Lani / Jul 31 2008 01:44


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