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5. August 2008 / Bernhard


Burping while being dedicated.

“Good Sushi.”


Chillin like a villain.

Some Euro2008 photos on film (Fuji Acros100).

Following frames were taken on a Monday inside the Fanzone round 4 pm.

APX100 now.

Great success. Countless happy party folks.

I met up with Alex in the evening – 400TX.

Timeless classic.

Memory to myself: Don’t develop film when you’re tired and pissed. It might result in some ugly water marks although it fits here I think.

Before shooting the rehearsal at the Konservatorium.

The scanner did a wonderful job at exposing on the highlights.

And after the rehearsal.

OK.  Few photos because now I need to clean up. Definitely my most favorite activity as a human being.



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  1. Pete / Aug 5 2008 12:08

    Fav+ -

  2. Stelios / Aug 5 2008 14:13
  3. simon / Aug 5 2008 17:43

    hm, is it just me or are 90% of that entry tilted to the left?

    anyway, i´m glad you´re showing off more toycamera-stuff lately! :)

  4. Kirby / Aug 6 2008 12:24

    Nice to see the film side of things. I’m a fan of these three:

  5. Renaud / Aug 6 2008 12:50

    The nice lady is back in town. Hooray !

    Bernhard, do you know this fantastic website?

    Check it out,

  6. Sebastian / Aug 7 2008 13:03

    love the expressions!


    it’s classic. great exposure!

    scenery, compostion and exposure are lovely!

    regards from germany,

    p.s. also hooray for nice lady and old silverback!

  7. bernhard wolff / Aug 16 2008 23:58


  8. Martì / Sep 1 2008 15:14

    these series are really cool. excellent work documenting your day. keep it up. ^_^

  9. Simon / Sep 4 2008 19:57

    a ganzes monat nix? spinnst?! :)

  10. James / Sep 5 2008 03:20

    Hey Mr Wolff
    I’m a big fan of your photography
    I’m a cinematographer student and looking to get into stills.
    any tips on someone looking to start some 35mm photography from a digital background?

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