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11. September 2008 / Bernhard

Phoenix doing ashes

So it’s been some time since I’ve updated my weblog. Let’s call it a summer break highly influenced by my incredible laziness. Of course, I could tell you that I’ve been drowning in comissions and the hell else. But that’d also require me wearing a turtleneck and attending some art school. So to all of those who still follow the blog – Kudos.

Also, let me express my disappointment about the LHC. I guess we’re killing ourself either with some super virus or boring nuclear winter. Or that meteor. Either way, it’s not up to a blackhole – on a fanziness scale.

Oh, and despite the massive break please do not expect that quality improved. Rather the opposite. Serious business all the way. ;wackel

For starters: TMax400

So, at some point earlir this year – I guess it was May – there was a wedding in Schwechat. This is Schwechat.

Staying with the family – decisive moment.

People’s sensation about my bellow is incredible.

This reminds me of the photo of some idiot jumping acros a slop taken by Mr. Bresson. Hence a bressonsque photo.

Und sie hatten nicht recht. Aber der Faymann wirds schon richten.

I managed to scratch the film while cutting off the glued part of the film. Awesome.

Now Neopan1600 – still from the Euro2008 (Spain vs. Russia)

Weather was incredibly nice. <3

We talked a bit about the Euro and that – at the end of the day – the expecations weren’t fullfilled at all.

Another winning moment – priceless.

Olympus Mju with APX100

That’s my very first Euro2008 – Croatian fans on the tram.

Alex doing something.

Yep, that’s 3 beer out of focus. If you look closely, there’s a little fortune teller hidden inside them. Trust me.

Turkish fans celebrating the victory over Czech Republic.


Mirror face – precious.

Random pub photos – still Euro stuff.

I’m very fond of this.

Alex and his adorable gestures.

Vodka is a disease.

OK. Need to take a shower and do something important. More later.

Thanks for watching.



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  1. christian / Sep 11 2008 23:01

    schön dass es wieder was zu sehen gibt von dir.
    hat die N. eigentlich bürgerliches bestanden?

  2. vince / Sep 12 2008 11:47

    nice pics, I’m here in my room, packing stuff because i’m moving and I see some notes laying around from a time I don’t remember with your blog written on it. decided to take a look, good stuff, I’ll be watching you :-)

  3. Klaus / Sep 12 2008 15:09
  4. hackspot / Sep 16 2008 07:27

    Some nice shots I agree, in my country Malaysia they dont sell Tmax anymore instead they sell Tri-X 400

  5. Sebastian / Sep 17 2008 08:24

    classic bernhard post ;)

    nice lady shots are great!

    also nice:

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