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13. September 2008 / Bernhard


Last weekend, I was – once again – working for Nikon. Just this time it was… special – at the Donauinselfest which is (as far as I know) the largest open air festival in Europe – plus, the whole thing is for free. There’re like a dozen or so stages – most of them being rather small in size. However, there’s also a stage which is run by FM4 which is an alternative radio station here in Austria. Anyhoo, pictures from Friday and Sunday (been shooting a wedding on Saturday):

Nikon is sexy.

The light was simply fantastic – so lots of random snaps.

I guess he wasn’t feeling too well.

Waxolucionists (hope I got it right this time).

Jerking around (off) in the backstage area.

“That flash is highly annoying.”

My beloved coworker made me shoot that. Blame her.

Photo by Lauri.

I forgot her name. Sorry.

And I forgot their name too.

But he claimed to be hungover (I believed him) – which made him one of us.

Quality food becomes and art installation.

And I – not too surprising – forgot their name too.

Funny stuff.  Some lovely guy set the folder name on the D700 to 9999; I shot frame DSC_9999 and right after that the camera said “full” regardless of what flashcard I insert. Course, I didn’t figure what’s wrong hence the next frames were taken with the D300. Solution: Manually set the folder name “0001” or something. Fuck.

Photo by Simon. Obviously, some serious business was going on. As ever.

And – of course – it started to rain. A lot.

More rain. And a tiny bit of art. ISO6400 is not too impressive on the D300…

Smoke + weird smell… oh well, it’s festival time.

And that’s what it’s all for.

Finally, Deichkind. Hell, I was so pissed that the D700 wasn’t “working” because I really could’ve used the clean high-ISO performance. Most shots were taken at ISO6400 because Deichkind digs speed or something similar.

Photo by Simon.

For more photos, please check out this and that (flash galleries that feature a few more frames).

It was my first time shooting concerts, so I’ve learned quite a lot. Especially loving the 3D-Tracking of the new Nikon AF-System.

Hope you like some of the frames.

Have a funtastic weekend,



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  1. Eduard / Sep 13 2008 02:38

    Some awesome shots there, did you do any processing besides resizing (and perhaps sharpening?) to them?

  2. stelios / Sep 13 2008 14:58

    the first frame almost made me buy a nikon. didn’t give me the money though. and canon still looks good. even without the hotties

  3. Fabian / Sep 13 2008 16:54

    scheinst ja spaß gehabt zu haben. und du hast Xena getroffen… o_O

  4. Simon / Sep 13 2008 19:14

    haha diese deppate schwarzhaarige singersongwriter bitch.
    fangt halbat an zum weinen während dem singen, unausstehlich.

  5. Mark / Sep 13 2008 23:12

    Great photos, love the McShit t-shirt shot!

  6. shady / Sep 14 2008 12:29

    cute collection of photos.. pretty colorful. Respect for the art in I wonder what made the overall hue purplish..

    also i liked

    keep rockin!

  7. Sebastian / Sep 17 2008 07:54

    another great series. i mentioned this shot ( already on deviantart, but it’s truly awesome!

    cheers, seb

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