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15. September 2008 / Bernhard

In flash we trust.

If you’re not fond of fancy flash photography (read: Terry Richardson wannabe), I highly suggest skipping this entry. Otherwise, enjoy. Stuff from June; shot with the lovely Olympus Mju II on Agfa APX100.

That’s right after the game Turkey vs. Germany… we all got seriously soaked.

At the Badeschiff (adorable club for even more adorable people).

She was collecting bottles making money. Clever chick, clever.

Germans doing what the can do best: Acting like morons.


Spaniards, drunk, shouting, doing Spanish stuff. It’s not making sense. But it’s loud, hence good.

Alex posing in front of our dream car. Some japanese something with some important additional components. Mind the daring and artistic angle that makes you tilt your head to the right. HA! See, you’re under my influence. Also, that kind of angle gives your photography some kind of easiness and looseness. I mean, hell, who said that the horizon I supposed to be horizontal (please ignore the fact that “horizontal” actually features horizon kkthxbye). So, let’s all make our photographs spontanous, tilt your camera… actually, I’m wondering what camera is the first to feature a 45° trigger. PJ-style!

Oh, a happy couple. I doubt they’re still together. In der Hölle werden wir uns wiedersehen.

Team Awesome on duty.

That’s early in the morning. The sky was quite red and stuff. I think they call it “sunrise”.

Ohh… ohhh, there she is! My queen of the night… my super-liberal… my gender-bender. A brave fighteress for the liberty of women. Please, let us all be hermaphrodite.

And God said: Let there be light. And it was good. Oh, before I forget: Following frames are from a party held by Linus and a few friends of his. EUR 8.00 – all you can sauf.

And God’s lightning stroke again.

Oh, that’s Mrs. I-like-to-eat having something to eat. Mind how perfectly he manages to hold coke, sandwhich and chips in one hand basically.

This photograph features Linus’ male features. I’d do him.

Hello Mr. Idno. Nice smile.

Hello Mrs. Idno. Glorious perspective. Thank you.

There was a pool. Obviously.

And there were people swimming in it. With clothes. Disappointing.

Sleep tight said momy.

Tell that boy he ain’t looking any older with that “beard”.

There’s a song by Mrs. Aguilara that fits perfectly here.

It’s like putting a featherless chicken in a shirt and then being too lazy for taking use of all buttons.

Joy, joy, joy, all the way. Let’s do the joy dance one more time.

I’m famous for my portraiture skills.

That’s a cat looking at some moron with a silver camera in his hands at 7:30 am.

That’s Sebastian almost awake.

Hello Mr. Irlydno

In closure: The most beautiful man in the world. His name’s David and he’s from Hungary. Now we all know why Hungary is struggling economically lately… way too many Mr. Handsome over there I guess.

Made it this far – great. More to come (literally) soon.

Enjoy your week, my little ant!




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  1. ashwin / Sep 15 2008 02:08

    the one with the cat is great. :)

    nice stuff.

  2. marcus / Sep 15 2008 02:26

    After seeing so much of your incredible portraiture skills and stuff like this: I’m just amazed that one of your subjects hasn’t stuffed that little silver camera up your nostril. When they do, you’ll post the pictures from that too?

  3. Maxyme / Sep 15 2008 04:05

    that’s a great camera. I kinda prefer it with colors though. and more naked people puking. it’s no fun otherwise.

  4. stelios / Sep 15 2008 10:53

    I wonder how many empty bottles one can handle and how much money he can make out of it. it’s probably worth it.
    use some colour film next time so we can see the red eyes!

  5. melissa / Sep 16 2008 22:54

    amazing and great work. I love your portraits in the pub.

  6. Sebastian / Sep 17 2008 07:29

    haha, life at it’s best.
    those are my favorites:

    hilarious glance!

    ouch, that gotta hurt :p

    ceiling cat is not amused!
    maybe you should rename it in “the blitzkrieg series”.
    cheers, seb

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