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19. September 2008 / Bernhard

Hey Kids! It’s called retardography!

More flashy retardography! APX100 + Olympus MJU all the way…

Starting off with the most beautiful man in the world.

Because I can’t get enough of his beauty.

Sebastian looking sensible.

Sebastian doing his pizza-dance. Not so sensible any more.

So that’s the infamous pizza dance.

Johanna is not so amuesed.

At some point some weeks ago it rained somehow a bit.

Oh, that’s me with the true Terry Richardson camera – Yashica T4.

Bernd showing some man love.

Art Patron. <3

Kabarett. <3

Alex vs. Maths.

Never take candy from a guy with a toy camera round his neck. Never.

Each drop kills dozens of brain cells.


Red wine and water.


Before getting home, I decided to make some serious art.

So I met new people. A few people were celebrating their birthday. Beer was expensive. And that lady had silver hair.

That’s some nice out of focus.

She said she’s an angry and moody girl. Cute. +fav

That’s a cigarette and a glass I think.

And that’s… Idno… hell, why am I including this shot actually?

I didn’t know anyone. But after 4 hours they knew with what they’re dealing – PRINCE CHARMING STROKE AGAIN.

I don’t know. Sorry.

OK. Back to business as usual. Retarded faces. Retarded nights. Friends of Alex.


I think this photo is for Travis. ;wackel

Flawless logic!

Now that’s a cute shirt!

Insane portraiture skills.

And more.

That’s a cat!


Sorry, next time some serious business. Promised. Have a nice weekend.



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  1. stelios / Sep 20 2008 02:49

    I think I just overloaded

  2. ashwin / Sep 20 2008 07:41

    you are in the midst of all the action :)

    I overloaded too… but nice tones from APX100. I have a 100ft roll waiting in the freezer. :)

  3. artis / Sep 20 2008 13:10

    middle fingers = love

  4. Suzan / Sep 21 2008 00:33

    Woahaha, that’s a shitload of precious frames!
    I like this one a lot though:

  5. Sebastian / Sep 21 2008 14:27

    shots are entertaining! i like the apx100 very much.

    haha, sebastian looks like the serious leader of the brave new world…

    nice shot for an ad! ;)

    by the way. are cat-shots a new artsy trend?

  6. marius / Sep 22 2008 18:48

    i know sebastian has has some issues with his t4, maybe removing the lens lid – by TURNING IT TO ON, might help.


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