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24. September 2008 / Bernhard

Let there be love and stuff!

After a few annoying blog entries that basically featured nothing but drunktards I’d like to show you something more “serious business”.

Starting off with Norman’s happy face.

Then there’s a cat. Oh, this is shot before a wedding.

Then there’re sunflowers. I think this was shot in July.

Then there’re some leaves. That’s very idno romantic and stuff. What do I know.

Norman being scared by the toy camera.

The groom doing something decisive.

And that’s the family. Lovely.

The bride. Yep, Stelios – that’s your type.

This should be a Nikon add or something.

Oh finally, back to the roots: Nice Lady. On a sidenote: That’s all shot on Agfa APX100.

I thought including some street signs makes the composition more progressive. Obviously, I failed.

Then I met an old freind of mine.

Oh, and I waited for the metro.

Tough guy having a nap on the S-Bahn.

Before I forget: There’s absolutely no order. So that’s shot on Kodak Tri-X.

And again. Yep, getting boring.

And some more Nice Lady. This time having a coffee.

Precious. Thanks for sharing whoever is responsible for this.

Great job on her feet.

Before some serious wedding business.

Now some Tmax400. Little ones acting like little ones.

A cellphone. And bokeh.

A soda. And bokeh. Tasty.

Ja, wo ist denn das Wölkchen? Michi being a good sweatshop girl. <3

That’s how the box looked like after glueing about 70 passepartouts with spray mount. And I suppose our lungs didn’t look much different. So did the floor.


The gravitation of sushi and one it’s victims

Fantastic portrait.

Two photos that look almost the same. Great job.

Oh, next day. Asian food. Seems like I’m eating all day long.

Now: 125PX.

Bernd looking happy.

ENDE – nice.


In closure: two perfectly boring photographs. Thanks.

Thanks for “reading”,



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  1. Eduard / Sep 24 2008 02:03

    Great shots, specially loved the one underneath “Ende”

  2. tomé / Sep 24 2008 02:09

    hate to disappoint you but last two frames are gr8. ^^^_
    kind regards from portugal to suxi lady.

  3. stelios / Sep 24 2008 08:17

    Is this dedicated or what?
    I loved the one with the girl on the desk, working on sth ( which reminds me, uni starts next week. I’m doomed.
    Are you trying to burn your shutter shooting against the sun?

    ps I almost burned my sandwhich with this post

  4. artis / Sep 25 2008 00:11

    yeah, I’ll be very original and say that I liked the ‘underexposed’ photos the most of all shown here. but the others are pretty serious as well, no doubt!

    and symmetrical play here

    oh, and not to forget the nice lady photos which are as always.. nice.

  5. shady / Sep 25 2008 15:59

    thanks for posting.. nice to see you commenting on your artwork.. best part of the artwork.

    what a bride!

  6. kinderbanned / Sep 26 2008 00:29

    die letzten 2 sind klassiker.. was tun wenn man noch 2 frames hat ? ;)

    von den scans her schöne tonwerte.. den apx hast du im griff ;)

    ach übrigens, efke25 lässt sich super printen.. bissl spät jetzt noch mit dem film anzufangen.. aber bald ists ja wieder frühling…

    das bild von nati mit der tasse ist eines meiner favs

  7. chainedupbatgirl / Sep 28 2008 20:16

    Your exposures are fantastic.

    I’ve been looking around for analogue photoblogs so I can find a few inspirations. You are definitely one.

    I’m keen to start shooting soon, so just looking at your compositions and the types of films you use offered me some tips. ;)

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