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29. September 2008 / Bernhard

If you can’t make it here…

… you can make it as a photographer anywhere. It’s up to you. Vienna.

Wedding season is almost over, uni is about start (at least that’s what I’ve been told – haven’t been there in a while) and yet I’m still posting photos from that summer everyone had. Minus me.

They say digital lacks of emotions. I concur. There’s nothing like finding out you fucked up most of your shots 2 weeks later. Precious.

Seb and I had some coffee. Mind those lovely dots. Brilliant art.

Seb helped me with installing my LPC – Large Print Creator. More about the LPC later.

Happy man with flowers. And happy dots.

And more light.

That’s shot in St. Pölten which is perhaps the most vivid town I’ve ever been to. I guess following shots proof what blast I had there.

Guy waiting for a train. St. Pölten, Austria. 2008.

Train passing playing kids. St. Pölten, Austria. 2008

Girl, asleep. Trainride from St. Pölten to Vienna, Austria. 2008.

Helping out a friend of mine at Ikea.

Fate smiled at me and let me have visitor number 69. Nice.

That’s in Graz. 2 am after a few beer.

And that’s a parrot getting sucked up by the LHC.


5tR33T art.

Simon on the phone. I took about 5 shots of him – always on the phone with his lady. Good man.

Ein Reich. Eine Kamera. After last Sundays election, that’s how the Austrian guys roll. Blonde, blue eyes – cameras as tough as Deutscher Stahl.

This was taken in the most amazing city I’ve ever been to – Zeltweg (Nikon D700 promotion). If you’re wondering what the hell is going on in this frame let me explain: I just had food during my lunch break when my new friend earthworm decided to show up, take a massive dump between my two feet and then excrete a sweet amount of slime. And god smiled at me once again.

Wedding photography business, serious.

Hot. Very.

Austrian passion.

Hah, that’s STILL from the Euro2008 – as I was outstandingly bored and disappointed with my work, I shot a few rolls with the Mamiya. That’s a spanish guy feeling raw manliness.

Police and nice not so straight lines.


Once again, me and my mates met up at McDonalds and had a delicious time.

Some guy laughing on the Metro. Vienna, Austria. 2008. I think giving that extra precious information increases impact.

Summer fest = free beer = nice.

Patrick, the cowwhisperer from St. Georgen. He’s just adorable.

Hmmm… boring. Well, wait: Karlsplatz, Metrostation. Vienna, Austria. 2008.

Christopher fumbling true photographic tools – not that kind of shit he’s usually shooting (1D(s) and alike)

Prince Charming had a coffee with a lady. And judging from the way she looks into the camera, endless passion followed.

Thank god there’re cigarettes that make time pass by quicker.

So we talked about this and that. And at last the phone rang so I had the opportunity to take some mindblowing portraits.

And at last, summer was over. Thank god.

Shit, should make a dyptich out of those two and make it look like I actually thought about something deep while shooting. I’m just jealous.

Sunday, sitting on a bench. Enjoying the last sun rays.

A lady and her cat having a good time.

First day at school.

An installation by some important Austrian artist about alcohol and youth.

Thanks Mr. Faymann.

In closure: A single light bulb.


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  1. jo / Sep 29 2008 19:37

    das ist ja wohl sowas von <3
    ein entzückendes kind mit noch viel entzückenderer frisur.

    abgesehen davon hat’s mir die leidenschaftliche österreicherin angetan.

    dein blog als langeweile-killer funktioniert immer wieder ausnehmend gut. (:

  2. stelios / Sep 29 2008 21:13

    I hardly ever masturbate over tones anymore but this one made me re think it
    is it in xtol? the lights looks wonderfull.

    shit, long entry. I also liked the “dyptich” from the wedding quite alot. and some others not so much. maybe I’m just tired. almost fell asleep during the second lecture of the year.

  3. Marcus / Sep 30 2008 05:53 – holy crap that looks good. Is that Tri-X in XTOL? Can you remember what EI you exposed it at and development time/temp/dilution/agitation? Because your method is totally superior to my crap.

  4. last seen pilgramgasse ; ) / Sep 30 2008 16:45

    man ! awesome ! you gotta tell me how you tied your shoes in teh earthworm shot… did you use a hemp shoelace ? or is it cotton ? please tell me how long they are and how to tie this special knot! cause they look way better than mine!

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