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5. October 2008 / Bernhard

Bezigheids Therapie

Photos from today because I like to take pictures when I’m hungover.




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  1. Linus / Oct 5 2008 21:50

    thank you

    endlich mal wieder sonnen, der jazzbrunch altar ist sehr schön

  2. Sebastian / Oct 6 2008 01:29


  3. Shady / Oct 6 2008 10:00

    when hungover, looks like you fall in love with nature and tend to have kickass focus with the lens wide open.. nice work, keep shooting when hungover.

  4. Suzan / Oct 7 2008 14:58

    Hahaha, tagged as “happy happy” XD
    I like happy happy Autumn:
    The title made me laugh out loud, which is not a good thing since I’m in class <i

  5. marius / Oct 7 2008 19:45

    nature boy.

  6. Stefan / Oct 7 2008 21:26

    go to krieau on sunday, and you ll see some horses doing hard work

  7. Ryan Marr / Oct 11 2008 02:17

    These don’t seem like your style at all. Very interesting stuff.

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