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16. October 2008 / Bernhard

Hankt ihn höher!

It’s funny, whenever I decide to blog and browse through the photos I’d like to post I’m getting quite excited. Now that I see the bunch in front of me, it’s back to dull. Well, what can you do?


Because I’m a hip and lucky bastard there’s a cheap sushi restaurant close to the darkroom.

Because it’s quite amazingly boring when you’re a fucking moron and forget that book home I made some art while drying film


That young lady is growing fast. I shot my first frames of film when she was born (Kodak 400VC) so I guess I should make a book at some point. Or something important. Solo-show. Contemporary. Idno. MOMA.

He’s definitely going home from some important comission. And he’s even more definitely a member of the lightstalker community.

Elmar. He had the incredible pleasure of riding the subway next to me.

I know what you’re thinking: That’s kinda NYCish. It’s got all that flair… that cosmopolitan something, you know, people on coke, overworked, depressed but they share one aspect: Importance.

At some point I went to Mödling which is close to Vienna. Fantastic place, fantastic people. This is the only photo I took.

That’s on the Donauinsel. You’re watching the endangered typical Viennese. One of the rare ocassions where global warming, dolphin hunting Japanese and BSE does a great job.

What does this frame tell you? Endless boredomor: Go fuck yourself.

Woho, should make a dyptich. Storytelling, you know?

One more frame: Super story telling.

A jerktrait.

One of those +fav ladies that helped making genderrelated discussions obsolete. Mini skirt 1:0 Feminism. Nice.

Good pal of mine. Gonna join him in a few years I guess. All in the course of documentary photography, of course. I just realized that “documentary” features the word “cum” – hard to make it look any more retarded then.

Photograph of somebody waiting.

Playground time with the little ones. Watching other kids is serious business. It’s nice that you’re sort of a perv when sitting in the sandbox with a camera round your neck. I really need a sign saying “Fuck you! I’m going to sell all those photos of your little brats on the net. Thank you!”

She’s recently putting on that horrible photo face which creeps me out. I guess that’s what they consider socialization – not sure. I’m not good with those words. They sound nice and sort of give all that crap a context.

I like this frame. Hell, did someone say NYCish?

She’s going to hate those pictures. I don’t care.

Well, how could I forget about such a lovely mediocre streetshot?

More mediocre shit.

And more. Quite on a roll.

I love rain. I love seeing people getting pissed off by rain. It makes me happy.

No comment.

And at some point I rode an escalator.

Did I mention that I’m the best brother around? I’m lying.

Now that’s contemporary photojournalism. Part of my series about immigrants. And people with scarfs round their head. Arabs. Car bombs. Catch my drift? Social criticism and that kind of stuff.

Again, rain. Pissed off people. Ace.

Going to IKEA.

I figured that I need an change in appearance so I opted for that snazzy jacket.

Their mouth gestures are somewhat similar I think.

Thank you. Flawless. Hard to add anything besides, well, can’t get any better.

World Press Photo. Let’s be serious and admit that this world is a cruel place. Then have cheeseburgers.

Decisive I guess. Thanks HCB.

Hell, reflections, weird angle, retarded composition – smells like solid photo journalism!

Thanks to Peter I had the incredible honor going to the cinema (my first time this year). It’s been a french film about a lady documenting her sister that suffers from autism. LOADS of social critique.

This was shot during the Question and Answer thingie after the performance. I love people who’re very much caring about autism. Or generally “bad things”. It’s important to talk about something you don’t have a fucking clue. But hell, when it’s french it does sound so much better.

Last – and for sure – least. A photo that doesn’t make sense.

I mentioned earlier but I’m known for forgetting things. Anyway, a few months ago Robert, who runs my favorite pub asked me if I wanted to put a few photos of mine on the wall. After a shitload of quality time in the darkroom this is the outcome:

Each photo consists of 4 40×50 cm prints – they’re darkroom prints. And any of you who’ve printed that large know that this it’s an intense experience getting print and enlarger aligned. So if you happen to be in Vienna (or sadly live here) and fancy having drinks Orange One (Margaretenstraße 26, 1040 Wien) is your place. Before I forget: there’re 6 photos all in all – I forgot about the other two.

Grüße aus dem verschneiten Wien,



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  1. flipo / Oct 17 2008 00:10

    bissl früh für schnee .. oder zuviel NYisch koks in der luft …

  2. Rick Yribe / Oct 17 2008 00:41

    I love this entry.

  3. adam / Oct 17 2008 01:02

    Nice Nikon self portrait. Haha.

  4. stelios / Oct 17 2008 07:10

    your friend suggests you put some of your photos in his pub while your nice lady is looking for posters. nice contradiction. or not.
    I have a version of this which says fuck instead of deep inc. thats deeper.
    40×50 prints! you’re a hero.

    the man at the escalador. ace ;)

  5. Booga / Oct 17 2008 08:52

    super important! =)

  6. Suzan / Oct 17 2008 15:06

    Dude. I’m hungover and in the mood to rant. But why the fuck aren’t you online?!
    On a different note,
    I love these frames:


    That’s it. I’m gonna take a nap.

  7. Suzan / Oct 17 2008 15:07

    P.s. My other fish died aswell.

  8. Linus / Oct 17 2008 19:57

    “At some point I went to Mödling which is close to Vienna. Fantastic place, fantastic people. This is the only photo I took.” haha hm (mm)

    oh man hört sich nach wild-fetter arbeit an fürs orange one. :O ist das 2. von rechts von meinem fest?

  9. Simon / Oct 18 2008 00:08

    woah, nice entry :)

  10. Eva / Oct 19 2008 00:49

    Sushi in the darkroom, that’s a supercombo.
    Lots of frames that I love in this entry, but I’ll comment in detail when I see you on MSN. Bitch.

  11. Artis / Oct 19 2008 20:10

    really like the way your photos go along the interior at Orange One. I’d never knew you snaps could look so good.. good job on that!
    for a sake of better photos, seems like I should make a Leica sticker over my camera thanks for the tip!
    NYCish frames are good. so is the escalator shot, and your new jacket.. very pimp! : )

  12. ana / Oct 20 2008 02:53

    love the entries here. the images on the pub wall look fantastic. good job on the printing, they look great.

  13. Mathew / Oct 20 2008 06:20

    great post. aweseome candid portraits!

  14. sev / Oct 24 2008 14:17

    muss mir mal die fotos live ansehen.. (nüchtern) ;)

  15. kira / Oct 26 2008 19:28

    it’s been a long time since i commented here (or on any other web space).really enjoyed this entry,the frames of the little ones are lovely as usual,well you know:) fucking A bernie boy!

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