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10. November 2008 / Bernhard


Because the properity management is doing a fantastic job with the powercut at the darkroom, I haven’t developed any film for almost 4 weeks now. Seriously, why should they care? I mean, the idea of a darkroom is to be dark, right? God gave us candles and flashlights, right? Thank you. If you want done something right, you got to do it yourself.  Actually, they should’ve fixed the problem 2 weeks ago. Of course.

Photos from a wedding shot in September.

It’s a rangefinder. Extension of his eye. 5Tr33T. Candid.

Take care and enjoy your week (in the face of world recession and cuteness),



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  1. tina / Nov 10 2008 04:13

    what a fun wedding to photograph, and the frames of the couple on the sofa are seriously cute.

  2. James / Nov 10 2008 15:16

    Very interesting! Post more interesting blogs like this in future please. I quite like how clear they are and I assume you shot them in RAW – how long does it take to edit a set of RAW shots from a wedding? Any program recommendations?

    After the torrid time I had with ridiculous lighting at the WSOPE I’m going to shoot RAW at certain events. Gorgeous weird

  3. sev / Nov 11 2008 01:00

    haha. das palavicini.. prunkladen !

    witzige bilder.. man ist doch von der show der anderen abhängig damit die fotos was werden. nice light am anfang

  4. Slim / Nov 29 2008 17:09

    These are really, really good wedding shots, man. I’m jealous of how well the sparkler shots came out…I think maybe you used flash for a couple of those, but it looks so fucking natural.

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